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6 Inspiration for Sliding Doors at Home

Although not a top choice, it turns out the sliding door or better known as the sliding door has many functions. The sleek door that is often used to separate the room can be used as a smart investment thanks to the advantages of its design and function. The many unique, minimalist, and stylish designs make this sliding door suitable for whatever your home design. Having a slim physique, allows sliding doors to be installed anywhere in your home. Come on, get inspiration for the placement of sliding doors through this article!

Also when throwing a sliding door will give more space or a more intimate formal atmosphere with the door closed and make the room seem very spacious.

Therefore, sliding doors are perfect for those of you who have dirty and clean kitchens at home!

Gives an Elegant Impression to the Bathroom
No matter whether your bathroom is large or small, sliding doors will make it more practical and simple. The minimalist design of the sliding door will give an elegant impression. Most importantly, sliding doors will save space in your bathroom!

Sliding Doors that Beautify the Balcony
Source: Slim Line Glazing & Aluminum Systems
When used as a room divider between your home and balcony, sliding doors will give a sweet touch. Especially when choosing a transparent sliding door, in addition to adding natural lighting into the house, of course also will provide unlimited views outside the home.

Transition between rooms
Sliding doors can maximize the room of your house very well. In addition, sliding doors are perfect for homes that need more space, thanks to the mechanism of the sliding door when it opens compared to ordinary doors. Especially by using glass material, the transparency of the sliding door glass panel will give the impression of relief to the room!

Use sliding doors to add a contemporary touch to the interior of your room! That is because the sliding door is more modern compared to conventional cabinet doors and gives the impression of relief.

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The Unique Model Of Stairs At Home

But this stair area, can also be a ornament or decorative element in your home. You have to design a unique staircase model! Well, what is the unique model of the stairs and how can you see a little inspiration in the following article!

The unique contemporary staircase model made from wood
The unique shape of the staircase model in this dwelling, the first one you can look at, my inspiration came from a wooden ladder.

This contemporary stair design model is indeed quite unique, because the design is floating with an iron pipe as its railing.  So it looks like, contemporary stair designs that also seem minimalist!

Uniquely a spiral staircase model that wanders like a snake
When talking about beauty, surely the design of the spiral staircase cannot be underestimated. And, the unique model of this spiral staircase is suitable to be applied as the main staircase or as a service ladder to go to the laundry-drying room which usually has a limited area like this!

The uniqueness of this residential staircase model, it has become a special attraction for the occupancy.

The stairs are complete with a slide, making the house more exciting
If the staircase model is designed next to a slide, the kind of inspiration below!

Definitely make your house really fun to play with the baby, as long as it is under your supervision as a parent, yeah !!

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Tips for Choosing the Right Lightweight Brick

When going to build a house, of course my friend wants to use the best material for satisfactory results right? Because the choice of material for the house will affect the strength of the building. So to make a sturdy house or building, you have to be good at choosing the right material.

Among the several materials that might be used to build houses, one of which is quite a lot of interest is lightweight brick. Not only is it more waterproof, lightweight bricks also have a pretty good resistance to earthquakes you know. So that there is no wrong choice, here are some tips on choosing the right lightweight brick for the building.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lightweight Brick:
1. Choose lightweight bricks that have good quality and are produced by companies that have a good reputation such as BLESSCON lightweight bricks from PT Superior Prima Sukses. Which is PT Superior Prima Sukses itself is the largest lightweight brick producer in Indonesia that creates high quality products. So that way you don’t need to worry and doubt anymore.

Considering there are several variations for the thickness of the light brick, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. With so many choices, my friend so it’s easier to choose according to your needs right?

Quality lightweight brick that is heat resistant / fire resistant and non-flammable. So that the house feels cooler and more comfortable.

Make sure the lightweight bricks are strong. Because despite its light weight, light brick as an important material to make a building must have good resistance or strength to vibrations, such as earthquakes.

Indonesia is a tropical country, so it’s good for you to choose the type of material that is also suitable for tropical housing.

So there is no difficulty in getting the desired lightweight brick, my friend can choose a lightweight brick from a manufacturer whose products are widespread. So it will be very easy to get it.

By following a few tips on choosing the lightweight brick, you will be even easier to realize the ideal home that has long been dreamed of.

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Creative, Office Supplies From Used Objects

So, to not be confused anymore, there is a little inspiration about some types of containers for office equipment that can take advantage of objects around us, even we can DIY! Wow, that’s great !!

Used office glass containers
Glass of jam or other food containers that have piled up at home, you can actually use it for your office supplies container, you know !!

This glass or glass jar can be a container of pencils, pens and markers scattered on your office desk, buddy! So, to be more beautiful, you can add washi tape to make the glass look more attractive!

If you have a smaller desk, compared to a desk organizer, it looks like you will need a wall organizer more. The wall organizer also functions to place various of your office supplies.

There are so many choices of materials that you can use to make office supplies on this one. The two best choices are wall organizers made of wood or leather. Both of these options are equally durable and strong to accommodate your various office supplies, friend.

Wooden office container, capable of performing artsy
The following office equipment containers look artsy!

So it is more organized right at the office desk, if you use a container to accommodate all office supplies.

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Easily Make Office Desks Attractive

A day in a busy office with lots of routines and work activities will definitely make your mind too busy. Therefore, sometimes many people say that office desks become something important to decorate. Here, give me tips and tricks!

How to make an attractive office desk by putting a flower vase
Perhaps many are not aware that putting plants on the desk helps us to feel more relaxed.

The addition of a flower vase is very good to place on the work table. Because the flower vase can provide a cool atmosphere for the room while cleaning air pollution in the room. So the more interesting, if your desk in the office there is a flower vase decoration!

Try it, use colored office equipment
Another way to make an attractive office desk is to try to use a variety of brightly colored office equipment.

This is intended to provide a bright color accent, on a neutral-colored office desk that is identical with a formal impression that makes it easy to get bored.

Give a display of motivational words
Making an attractive office desk must also be equipped with a display or attachment of motivational words, which can stimulate your morale when you’re feeling tired or bored.

The presence of motivational words can even be seen as a decorative element, which can complement the look of your neatly arranged work desk.

Also group important books and files on a different shelf, so it is easier to find when needed. So the office desk can look clean, neat and attractive!

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How To Make Earthquake Resistant House

Here are some considerations for building earthquake resistant houses, which need to be known.

Imagining about the potential risks posed to minimize damage and the emergence of fatalities due to the earthquake, would have made you afraid. So in order to reduce fear, panic and worry, there are 4 principles that must be known to build earthquake resistant houses.

Try to make symmetrical building plans and structures
A simple and symmetrical plan will make it easier for us to determine the location of the points of the columns and foundation that will be the main structure of our home. For example, reinforced concrete columns that are ideal for residences are usually 3-4 m away.

Simple and symmetrical house building structure, estimated to be able to withstand earthquake forces better than buildings with irregular shapes.

Material selection is something that cannot be forgotten to build earthquake resistant houses
The magnitude of the earthquake force that befalls a building, is directly proportional to the weight of the building itself. That is why, it is important to make buildings lighter by using lightweight building materials.

If you look at some traditional Japanese houses, almost all have wooden structures and are generally one level. Not surprisingly, Japan is a country with the best earthquake resistant home construction technology.

The use of wood and bamboo structures with roofs using thatch or palm fibers is proven to be able to withstand when there are earthquake shocks. A lot of material on the market today supports earthquake resistant home planning.

The use of aerated concrete walls or lightweight brick is also better than brick and brick. The use of gypsum or GRC partitions can also make building masses lighter.

For wood construction, for example, in addition to the need for additional crossing structures (bracing) must be equipped with a steel plate fastening at each meeting (joint) so as to ensure flexibility of motion.

Don’t forget the foundation structure
Not only the construction structure, the foundation is equally important in making earthquake resistant houses, friend. Because of that, it is better to be earthquake resistant, so that houses are built on land that has hard surfaces. The depth must also be considered well, friend. Because in order for the house to be safer and stronger, the foundation must be at a minimum of 60 – 75cm deep.

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Secondhand House From Building

The part of the roof of the house that in fact can be used as a garden house, it turns out you can meet in a house. This house in the New York area, apparently applies a unique home garden design in the attic area as a form of greening. Definitely want to know right, what kind of design this unique home garden design? Here, the explanation is for all of you, listen carefully.

The unique home garden design is a focal point in this former industrial building
Located in New York, precisely at Tribeca, Andrew Franz Architect designs a residential area of ​​approximately 280 square meters.

This residence is on the top floor of a caviar building in 1884. Of course, inside this residence there are various entertainment zones and it is also connected to its outdoor environment.

Well, the unique home garden design that is inside this building becomes an attractive focal point in residential.

The details of wooden decorations in the garden area make it interesting
Display a unique home garden design with the presence of a full wood material on the floor and floor.

Because it is located on the roof of the house and outside the room, the selection of the type of wood must be strong and durable from the onslaught of heat and rain. So the use of wood material can also be balanced with the use of synthetic grass and natural stone. And to beautify the shape of the unique home garden design, the addition of brightly colored flower plants.

The former industrial buildings look very attractive
This residence is designed by relocating a sun-exposed mezzanine area inside with an open and closed glass roof that is connected to the roof garden above.

The roof made of glass let natural lighting into the house. At night the outdoor area on the roof becomes a source of natural lighting which illuminates the attic below.

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Creating a Healthy Office Environment

Working in a healthy environment is certainly everyone’s dream. Especially in a day can be 8-9 hours in the office, so creating a healthy office environment is important, friend! Here, what can you do to create a healthy office environment, anything?

To create a healthy office environment, try to make a schedule
The first thing to do is try to schedule an agenda for cleaning. Buddy can ask for help with cleaning staff in the office really, to help clean the office room agenda can be carried out regularly.

Routinely clean the work table from dust
If cleaning the floor can be done at least once a week, if it is a matter of cleaning the desk, you should, you can do it every day.

It’s easy, just after each working hour, rearrange your friend’s desk. So that there is no pile of dust piled up, so a healthy working atmosphere can be felt.

Creating a healthy work environment can be started by putting plants on the work table
A work desk design model using ornamental plants on it, can also be a tip for creating a healthy office environment.

Office desks in the office would also be much prettier, if there are ornamental plants around the work desk area. Besides being able to beautify your desk, the presence of plants can also make you more enthusiastic about working!

Try to use the window in your room
The presence of air vents inside the office is very important. So it is fortunate if you have a window inside your office, whose function is very important for regulating air circulation.

In fact, it makes drowsiness more and more intense, so it is very important to regularly open the windows in the office room so that a good flow of air circulation occurs.

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Easy Ways to Make a House Facade

Especially if your friend’s location is in a similarly designed housing, the unique appearance of the facade of the house becomes an identity that must be highlighted. Now, so that the appearance of the facade of the house looks attractive, the use of inexpensive and environmentally friendly materials is gaining in popularity among the property world. Then roughly, what kind of material is suitable for designing low-cost housing facades?

Wood material suitable for natural but luxurious impression
Because they want to get materials to design low-cost housing facades, the use of wood elements may be an option. And because of the many types of wood, you have to choose the type of wood material that is suitable for use in outdoor areas.

Examples of wood elements suitable for use in the exterior area are bengkirai wood, oak, pine and cedar. But do not forget to provide termite paint on the facade material of this wood, when it is already the finishing process.

This stone can be arranged using a certain pattern so that the house look more elegant and natural. The use of andesite is indeed widely used, because how to clean it tends to be easy and simple.

A classic facade look with the use of exposed bricks
Exposed brick is indeed used to display the natural impression on the outside walls of the house.

Cheap house facade material is aci plaster with paint finishing
This material is one of the most preferred materials for designing low-cost housing facades, friend.

In addition, TAKA Paints Armor also has a comprehensive protection against the surface of the exterior walls of the house from the attack of mold and mildew, for a period of 5 years, friend!

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Ornamental Plants to Reduce Stress

Especially if we have to do every day activities on the desk just like that.

Though maintaining the mood to remain productive at work is very important. Therefore we must try to maintain the mood so as not to get bored easily and work productivity can be maintained. Quite often, to get rid of boredom we need to put something on the work table that can be uplifting.

In addition to being a decoration to beautify your desk, ornamental plants on your desk can also clean the air. Not only that, the presence of ornamental plants on your desk can also increase your happiness.

Not only do these ornamental plants not require complicated care, but they can also be grown indoors. So that the work table is more beautiful and does not look monotonous, here are some ornamental plants that you can put on your desk.

Peace Lily As An Ornamental Plant For A Workbench
Peace lily is a flower that has a beautiful visual shape with fairly wide and ripe leaves. So it makes the work table look more beautiful and more colorful because the peace lily plant does not only look green.

So it makes the air around healthier too right?

You Can Also Put the Philodendron on the Workbench
Whether your desk is located in an area that gets a lot of sunlight or in a corner of a sun-less room, the Philodendron plant can always be an option to decorate your desk. The shiny green color of the leaves gives a cheerful impression on the work table.

Maintenance is quite easy, by watering it twice a week. So my friend can better maintain productivity which tends to decrease due to decreased concentration.

Therefore, this plant is one of the plants that is suitable to be placed on a desk.

This plant is also commonly grown in Indonesia, so you can get it easily.

For example by choosing plants that are easily treated like Spider Plant. So this plant can be one of the choices of plants to decorate your desk.

So some ornamental plants for this work table can be used as a choice for you to decorate your work desk. More fun, fresh, mood awake and work productivity did not decrease.