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How to Clean Painted Walls

You will be surprised by what happens to your wall when it is exposed to dirt or dust.

You may want to brighten the room or get rid of the stubborn wall stains, here’s what you need to know to get the painted walls like new again! The following methods are recommended for painted wall surfaces. Let’s instantly listen to the return!

Cleaning process:

  • Use your vacuum spraying brush to remove the dirt and the loose spider webs. Allow vacuum suction To remove the dirt from the wall.
  • Start from the top of the wall. You’ll want to clean it from side to side and from top to bottom in the section as you work around the room.
  • Dip the sponge into the water and excess water.
  • Clean the wall as described in step three, stop to wet and rinse the sponge frequently.

Tips to keep your home wall clean

1. Clean your walls with routine.

In most rooms, the easiest way to get rid of dust, dirt, and spider nests that shortens the age of your paint is to clean it using a microfiber dust cloth every few months.

Don’t forget the ceiling; Despite the gravity, some dust in the air collects there. You shouldn’t need more than 10 or 15 minutes to do the whole room. Suck with a soft brush too can, and so does Grandma’s solution: clean cloth and white wrapped around the head sweep.

2. Clean the kitchen and bathroom walls.

Eliminate the cooking residue and steam bath by washing the kitchen area and the bathroom walls are painted at least once each year. Do other rooms too, if they are regularly used by children or smokers or have a fireplace or a wood burning furnace. Start from the bottom.

3. Make your own wall wash soap.

A mixture of homemade soap does the job of cleaning the good painted walls. Both of these blends are not expensive, easy to make, and at least as good as the cleaners that are commercially available.

• Combine 1 cup of borax and 2 tablespoons of dishwasher fluid in 1 gallon of warm water. You will find borax in the hallway of cleaning products at the supermarket.

4. Test the painted wall before cleaning.

It’s safe to wash the shiny paint and semigloss, which is usually used in kitchens and baths and on wood. Most modern flat and satin paints are also washable, but always test them in incontrusive places.

5. Wash the most frequently used areas.

Even if you do not need to wash the whole room, the area around the switch and the thermostat may need to be washed occasionally. Dust and dirt also tend to accumulate on the wall behind the TV or other electronic equipment and radiators or heating equipment on it.

6. Seal in lead paint.

The most reliable way to test suspected paints is with laboratory tests. Send the cat chip to the lab for reports. If you have lead paint, double it with two layers of high quality paint. As long as the new paint remains audible, the lead is contained and there is no danger.

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Easy Ways to Clean a Family Room

Whose names are family rooms, of course, must need maintenance and regular cleaning events in maintenance. Well, so that the family room more comfortable, just master a few quick tricks in cleaning the following family room, let’s!

Cleaning the family room starts from arranging the power cables
In the living room area, of course there are lots of electrical appliances installed. Well, when will begin to clean the family room, try deh Buddy pay attention again about the installation of electrical equipment cables installed there.

You can do this by putting it on the back of the cabinet, nailing it to the wall so that it is clamped neatly. Guaranteed, this one time job will make the family room look neat without much having to be cleaned repeatedly.

Don’t forget to rearrange collection displays on walls and cabinets
When you have done the agenda to clean the family room, you should not forget to tidy up the collection of existing displays

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8 Easy Tips to Make Your Home Always Clean

8 Easy Tips to Make Your Home Always Clean

Relax, there are some secret tips to make the house always clean and neat to be comfortable to live in. Not only good to look at, a clean and neat house is also considered healthier because it does not allow bacteria or viruses to nest in your home.

So, how do you keep the house clean and tidy? In addition to cleaning it regularly, there are tips and tricks you can use to make your house clean and tidy at all times.

Clean Room or Goods After Using It

For that, clean the room or items shortly after you use it. If done immediately, then you do not need more time and energy than having to clean it at one time.

This habit will make the house more crowded because there are too many items stored in the house. Houses will tend to be easier to clean when there is not too much stuff because the room becomes more spacious.

Keep Every Surface Clean

Never ignore any surface, be it the floor, the surface of the table, the surface of the window glass, cabinets, and so on. So, overcome this problem by always cleaning every surface in the house. One trick you can copy to keep every surface in the house clean is to keep all the equipment that easily falls in a drawer to keep it safe and don’t keep it on the table.

Prepare a Set of Clean-Up Tools

Complete the needs of your home with a complete collection of cleaning tools. Bring all the necessary and necessary tools such as brushes, cleaning liquids, washcloths, air freshener, and so on. With complete cleaning tools for the house, there won’t be dust or dirt that is too long because you already have a powerful cleaning tool to get rid of it.

Save Paper Neatly

Usually, stacks of paper are the objects that most often disturb the view at home. Take the time to really sort out all the paper you have and start storing it in neat files. In addition, you can also switch to the paperless method by using a scanner and save documents in the form of files that can be accessed on a computer. Not only makes the house more presentable, this method is also more environmentally friendly you know.

Make a Routine Schedule for House Cleaning

Usually, clean and neat homeowners have a routine to tidy it up, you know. They do not wait until the house is messy or dirty, so the time to clean it is shorter. For example, you set a day to vacuum or wipe a window, so that dust and dirt are not left alone. Because a clean house requires hard work and discipline from the owner.

Provide plenty of storage

To support the house to stay clean and neat, then you need a drawer or cabinet that can be adequate storage. Put a variety of equipment that you have in accordance with the category to make it easier to find when needed. In addition to drawers or cabinets, you can also use a basket that can be a decorative element in the room. But don’t forget, you also need to clean this storage periodically.

Trim objects from large to small

Even small things like piles of clothes, toys scattered about, books piled up, or plates lying in the sink will eliminate the beauty of the house. Always cleaning small items like this will give the impression the house is always clean at all times. So, never ignore the small details in each room.

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How to Easy Clean Wood Flooring

How to Clean Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors must be cleaned regularly to avoid scratches or even warp, but using a rough cleaning cloth can make lines on the wood floor or even damage the wood. General cleaning is by using a dry mop that has to be done regularly, but it is better to clean it using hangar water or a soft cleaning cloth. Here are some of the best ways to clean wood floors.

Sweep the floor regularly. Clean the dust by using a dry mop on the surface of the floor every day to remove dirt.

However, scratches will not appear if the wooden floor is cleaned regularly.

In addition to using a dry mop, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush connection.

Sweep in the direction of the wooden floor. Sweeping in the direction of the wooden floor will allow you to lift any dirt that enters between the grooves of the wooden floor pieces.

Clean up the spilled liquid immediately. Use a cloth or sponge to clean up liquid spilled on the wooden floor.

Fill a bucket with hot water. The water does not need to boil, but the water must be more than warm.

Hot water is arguably the best way to clean wood floors, because if done correctly it won’t leave a scratch. This method will not damage the coating on the wooden floor, because water is a mild and delicate cleaner.

Clean the floor thoroughly.
Don’t spray the entire floor with vinegar at once. You must immediately clean the solution from the floor, and spraying the entire floor at the same time will prevent you from cleaning the vinegar on all layers of wood.

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How to Clean & Maintain Solid Wood Flooring & Parquet Wood

Using wood floors does give the impression of cool, natural, and beautiful. But, know that cleaning wood floors is certainly different from granite or ceramic floors. Caring for wood floors is a bit more difficult compared to floors in general.

Hardwood floors have moist properties and are easier to absorb water so that dust and dirt are harder to clean. Things that cause damaged wooden floors include weather, activities carried out, cleaning and caring for the wrong floor, etc.

Caring for Hardwood Floors

Even though parquet only functions as a coating, the treatment must also be as intensive as actual hardwood floors. Required accuracy and proper handling in cleaning wood floors to keep it clean and durable, including anticipating it from termite pests.

There are two different ways to clean solid wood flooring with parquet flooring. Therefore, make sure you know for sure what the floor of your apartment is made of.

The following is how to properly clean a wooden floor:

Because it is easier to absorb water and dirt, be sure to sweep the parquet floor regularly so that dust and dirt do not stick too long and eventually accumulate on your wooden floor. Use a broom with soft bristles or use a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner)

Floor mop

If the wood floor has a waterproof coating, mix the wood floor cleaner with warm water. Choose cleaners that have good quality. Mop the floor in a circular motion, then dry with a clean cloth.

Choose a mop with the right material
To maintain the durability of wood floors, choose a mop that uses cotton with good quality.

Mop twice
After using a mop that is damp or slightly wet, use a mop with a clean dry cloth. Choose a mop from cotton that has good quality. It is better if mopping is done twice, the first in a mop using a damp or slightly wet cloth, and the second in a mop using a clean dry cloth.

Meanwhile, the correct way to clean and maintain parquet floors is:

Sweep or use a vacuum cleaner

Parquet wood floors only need to be cleaned with a broom with soft bristles or a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) because the water from the mop can get into the layers of plywood, so it makes the wood become weathered quickly.

After that, clean with a clean cloth.

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4 benefits of cleaning the house!

Conversely, a clean home will only make us happier and healthier. Not only those two, there are still many other benefits that you can get by cleaning the house.

1. More Quality Sleep

Mattresses and comfortable and neat rooms are proven to increase the comfort of relaxation. The body more easily releases serotonin, a hormone that makes feelings happy and calm. This hormone helps sleep soundly.

2. Reduced Stress and Depression

3. Motivation for Productive Appears

Did you know that room conditions also affect our productivity? In a neat room, we can more easily focus on working. You can start by throwing unused items on the desk and arranging them again to make them look neat.

4. The Body Becomes Healthy

A clean home environment is the main key to happiness and health. Therefore, house cleaning needs to be one of the priorities. But what if we don’t have enough time to clean it?

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3 Effective Tools for House Cleaning

For every homeowner must have a complete collection of cleaning tools that are more complete and far more adequate. Starting from the brush, multifunctional cloth, to a special cleaning fluid for the most stubborn stains, it helps you create the most complete cleaning tools, aka weapons.

You will of course also be proud to have professional cleaning equipment!

Naturally, microfiber cloth has positive electrical power that will draw negative power from dust, dirt, lice, mites and even clean objects at the micro level such as bacteria. Thus, in addition to saving energy and time when cleaning the house, the use of chemicals can be reduced or no longer needed.

Here are 3 Effective Weapons for House Cleaning from Microfiber Fabrics that You Must Have:

1. Microfiber Dust Cleaning Wipe.

If we look at the side effects of dust, of course, very influential on the level of durability of the electronics you use. With this microfiber dust cleaning wipe certainly helps you to minimize the dust that enters the most important components of these electronic goods.

It’s really nice when you try to clean it with this cloth, its fur is smooth and thin, but it is very effective to attract dust that sticks to each of your things.

2. Microfiber Glass Cleaner Wipe.

This microfiber glass cleaner wipe has the same advantages, namely high-tech that is able to clean various glass surfaces, such as window glass. By using this microfiber glass cloth your work will feel lighter and not make you difficult in cleaning it.

3. Flat Mop Microfiber Floor Cleaner.

When carrying out activities to clean the floor of your home. So try using a dry and wet mop of a microfiber type, what’s the difference?

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How Important is Public Space?

A good city is a comfortable place for all its inhabitants.

Therefore, the need for fresh air and public space is of course also highly needed by all city dwellers.

So that its citizens can move quietly, regularly and comfortably, a city must provide public space.

The first is due to beauty reasons.

Yep, the affairs of the city’s beauty are also determined by the presence of a public space.

Order of flowers and trees in the city park, will make the atmosphere of public spaces in the city will be more beautiful.

Moreover, the existence of this green belt or public space, it is also important to make the air inside the city healthier.

Certain plants in-law of the tongue-in-law, Spider Plant or Boston fern become several types of plants that are often used to decorate city parks, because of the benefits that can be a cleaner pollutants that pollute the city.

Because the citizens of a city need lots of public places in the public that can provide them the facilities to exercise, play and channel hobbies.

So it is very important for a city to provide public space, as a form of city concern for its citizens to be able to get a good and decent life.

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The Right Way to Clean the House You Need to Apply

The right way to clean the house can make you healthier
Cleaning the house needs to be done routinely
Not only is it pleasing to the eye, a clean home can also make the occupants healthier and stress free. So that the house is always neat, cleaning of course must be a routine activity. But do you know how to clean a house that is good and effective?

washing machines also need to be cleaned
Where to start? Maybe it’s a question that often descends on you when you want to clean up the house.

Cleaning the house is not just sweeping and mopping. Some of the following things you need to understand and do so that your residence is truly free from germs:

If so, clean it immediately before the germs spread further!

Automatic, washing machines can become a den of germs. Therefore, the engine must be cleaned regularly.

If there is a temperature setting on the washing machine, use a high temperature so that the germs are completely gone.

Pay attention to the bedroom area
The bedroom area is an important part of a good way to clean the house.

You need to change the sheets more often if you often sleep with pets and snack on the mattress.

Although the cover can help to protect you from germs, both of these items still need to be cleaned regularly.

Fix the living room
The family room includes a favorite hangout for germs at home. In this area, your family members usually eat, play, and do other activities, so that the buildup of germs can potentially occur if not cleaned often.

If you want an effective way to clean your house, pay attention to objects in the family room that are often held by many people. Ranging from telephones, television remotes, desks, and more. Why?

These objects must contain various germs. Clean everything at least once a week with disinfectant wipes so it doesn’t become a nest of microbes.

Do not forget, always clean food crumbs or spilled drinks scattered on the floor or furniture with a broom.

clean the washing machine
Door handles need to be cleaned because they are often held by many people
Don’t forget the door handles and banisters
Door handles and banisters are often missed in cleaning the house. In fact, both are also often touched by many people, so that the fastest spread of germs.

Clean the door handles and banisters once a week with a cleaner that contains a disinfectant. If there are members of your family who are sick or your house is having a lot of guests, clean it more often.

Get rid of germs in the kitchen
A good way to clean the house must not forget the kitchen.

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Household Cleaning Tips & Tricks Everyone Can Use

Tips for a clean house without a maid
Without helpers, your shrewdness in managing your time and resources is the key to successfully managing your home.

Prepare a daily and weekly schedule – and stick to it
Determine priorities

How to clean the house quickly and neatly can not be started without a realistic schedule. Prepare a daily and weekly cleaning schedule according to your empty hours, and be disciplined. There will be times when you feel reluctant, but by continuing to stick to it, this schedule will become a habit.

Our advice, schedule a big cleaning activity every weekend, and clean up the small things every day, for example:

Weekly cleaning: mopping and scouring the floor with special products such as Superpell, vacuuming on the couch, cleaning the window glass, cleaning the bathroom and toilet with a crust remover like Vixal, changing sheets and pillowcases in each room.

Daily cleaning: sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen after every cooking, and washing dishes after every meal.
Two to three times a week: washing and ironing clothes.
Of course, there are various other cleaning activities that you have to do besides those listed above, for example changing sofa pillowcases and drying / cleaning the mattress. Determine your priorities in setting a schedule for these activities so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Bathroom mats get dirty faster than curtains so you need priority.

Involve all family members

Cleaning the house with the family is not only a quick way to clean the house, but also a way to apply good habits in children. Children will learn to be responsible. Write also the name of the family member in charge of doing each cleaning activity in your schedule (see point number 1) so that they are also disciplined in obeying it.

Avoid piling up items

Items that you have not used for a long time and take up space in your home are a waste of your time and energy to clean and maintain them. In fact, time and energy are valuable assets in caring for homes without helpers.

Decide where to store each item

Houses with scattered objects are certainly not unsightly and can disturb the comfort of the residents. Also teach children to arrange things in their place. Besides making the house always look neat, this will also help you to clean the house quickly without helpers.

Thus some tips on caring for the house without a maid. Managing a home without a maid does not mean losing time enjoying life, taking time to go for coffee with friends or doing hobbies. If you are relaxed, how to care for the house without helpers will not look too heavy.

Change your perspective and see the positive values ​​of caring for a home without a helper – save money and teach responsibilities to children Make cleaning a habit a habit not to feel too heavy Obey your schedule, but provide relief if there are things not unexpectedly delayed schedule.