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6 Inspiration for Sliding Doors at Home

Although not a top choice, it turns out the sliding door or better known as the sliding door has many functions. The sleek door that is often used to separate the room can be used as a smart investment thanks to the advantages of its design and function. The many unique, minimalist, and stylish designs make this sliding door suitable for whatever your home design. Having a slim physique, allows sliding doors to be installed anywhere in your home. Come on, get inspiration for the placement of sliding doors through this article!

Also when throwing a sliding door will give more space or a more intimate formal atmosphere with the door closed and make the room seem very spacious.

Therefore, sliding doors are perfect for those of you who have dirty and clean kitchens at home!

Gives an Elegant Impression to the Bathroom
No matter whether your bathroom is large or small, sliding doors will make it more practical and simple. The minimalist design of the sliding door will give an elegant impression. Most importantly, sliding doors will save space in your bathroom!

Sliding Doors that Beautify the Balcony
Source: Slim Line Glazing & Aluminum Systems
When used as a room divider between your home and balcony, sliding doors will give a sweet touch. Especially when choosing a transparent sliding door, in addition to adding natural lighting into the house, of course also will provide unlimited views outside the home.

Transition between rooms
Sliding doors can maximize the room of your house very well. In addition, sliding doors are perfect for homes that need more space, thanks to the mechanism of the sliding door when it opens compared to ordinary doors. Especially by using glass material, the transparency of the sliding door glass panel will give the impression of relief to the room!

Use sliding doors to add a contemporary touch to the interior of your room! That is because the sliding door is more modern compared to conventional cabinet doors and gives the impression of relief.

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How to Take Care of a Door to Stay Durable

Is the door to your house made of wood? If so, how to take care of the correct wooden door? When caring for a wooden door, you must take extra care so that the wooden door becomes durable and durable.

A durable door can make you feel safe because its strength is still invincible, so it can protect the contents of your home. Care for the wooden door of the house must be done at all times so that there are no serious problems such as damage to the wooden door.

How to Take Care of a Good Wooden Door
How to care for wooden doors is very easy if you understand what to do.

1. The door is weathered
How to treat weathered wooden doors can be dried. Usually this often happens in the rainy season, due to the nature of wood that will rot if exposed to water or humid air, therefore wooden doors are rarely used to be a bathroom door. As much as possible you dry the wooden door and clean it. You can provide lubricants that have water repellent properties. Apply the lubricant to all parts of the surface of your wooden door. Wait until it is dry and guaranteed that your wood is free from weathering.

2. Wooden doors must be lacquered to be free from damage
Do not leave ordinary wooden doors without varnish at all. This can make the door quickly damaged, one of which is eaten by termites. The solution is to do varnish on your wooden door. Besides, it’s also a good idea to do varnish on the door of the house, because it will look even better with the impression of natural fibers that are getting sharper.

3. Over the tenuous door

You can press the door or caulking it with additional material similar to the type of wood used.

Those are some ways to care for a good wooden door. Do not underestimate wooden doors because wooden doors require extra care. Take some care above if you experience these problems on wooden doors at home.

Things To Look For On How To Take Care Of Wooden Doors
Some things you should consider in caring for a wooden door that is need to check regularly. Pay attention to the paints and coatings that you use, such as the following tips for caring for wood door paints to last. You must ensure that all materials used to coat wood surfaces are waterproof. The goal is that wood is not easily weathered.

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8 Minimalist Window Models That Make Houses More Stylish

Confused determine the right window design for the house? Besides having a function that is vital for the comfort of a home, the window must also have an appropriate design so that the overall appearance of the house can look harmonious, one of which is a minimalist model.

The window is a determinant of air circulation and the amount of light entering. In addition, the shape and placement of the window will also affect the beauty of your home. Therefore, there are many models and choices of minimalist windows to choose from. Want to know the most suitable window model for your home? Preview the following window designs.

Transom Window Model

Transom window placed above the door frame or other window. This installation technique allows the window transom has a variety of shapes that match the window or home design. Therefore, the window is equipped with a rod and hinges that allow it to be opened from the bottom. Transom model is quite practical and flexible because it is suitable to be placed in various areas of the house.

Curved Window Model

Want to make the room look more elegant? This window model will be very fitting if applied to a house that has an elegant and luxurious classic interior theme. Model window with a square bottom and the top of a semicircular arch is able to provide a soft effect on the room. Classic curved windows can have a beautiful and sweet effect on a home. To add a luxurious and majestic feel, add curtains that suit your room’s taste and design theme.

This window model combines two glass windows in a frame so that it has a more dynamic appearance. To move this window, you can move it down or up. You can choose this window model to get a classic look at home.

Folding or Bi-fold Window Models

This one model is quite unique, because not only can it function as a window but you can also use it as a room divider. Folding or bi-fold windows can be folded with a bend side that can be directed to the middle or stacked to the side of the room. Usually, bi-fold windows are used on the side of the room near open areas such as parks or swimming pools. The use of this window will make the room seem more spacious, light and air circulation can enter more optimally, and make the room more open.

Picture Window Model

If you want to place this window, you can choose the side of the room that does not really need air ventilation, but has a beautiful outdoor view. Not only that, the use of this window can also reduce electricity usage at home because natural light can enter in large quantities.

Sliding Window Model

The sliding window model is very suitable for use in homes with limited area because of the practicality and the model of window openings that don’t take up much space. This one cook model is applied to the type of house with modern or contemporary interior design. This window can also be used as a door or room partition, you know.

Casement Window Model

Casement window has a vertical side that is longer than the horizontal side. Although impressed with the window in general, but the shutters on this model have additional features such as hinges that can hold the window in a certain position. This window model is suitable for use in rooms that really need fresh air like in the kitchen area.
Frosted Window Model

Slightly different from other windows, this one model gives the appearance of frosted glass and provides more privacy for you.