12 Things You Need to Know about Living in Orlando – Interior Home Design

Living in Orlando is an experience all its own. With Disney and SeaWorld parks, there is always something entertaining for your family and friends. But, Orlando is more than that. It also boasts its own ballet, opera, philharmonic, along with Bach and Shakespearean festivals.Visit the Beautiful Cultural Center

Moreover, lots of young technical professionals live in Orlando and they brought with them their new apps and tech startups. In fact, Scientific America and Wired named Orland as one of the top tech towns in the country.

The point is, there is much more to Orland than you might think! Here are 12 awesome reasons to live or visit and enjoy the extraordinary experiences Orlando has to offer.

Living in Orlando • What You Need to Know

1 • It’s a Party Town

If you like to let your hair down, there are plenty of opportunities to do so while living in Orlando. On the east side of Orlando, there’s the huge University of Central Florida. If you desire a young and vibrant atmosphere, you’ll fit right in with the college shenanigans and fun parties.

Party whle Living in Orlando

Down in Kissimmee, there are even more diverse choices for you to party. Enjoy anything from Caribbean and country music to everything in between. Furthermore, Universal Studios has Citywalk and there is also Downtown Disney. Not to mention, there are many bars and clubs throughout Orlando Proper to explore.

2 • Orlando’s Historic Neighborhoods

Lake Eola is wonderful

Drive around downtown, and you will see the beautiful older homes built around the turn-of-the-century. While you’re doing this, scout for a good place to park on the Fourth of July. The Lake Eola fireworks are impressive, so, pack up the picnic baskets, get there early and plan to stay all day.

3 • Hot Weather & Cooling Rain

Living in Orlando means hot weather

Yes, the weather is scorching and humid for nine months out of the year while living in Orlando. But that’s OK because there’s always a body of water nearby. By 3 o’clock every afternoon you’ll be asking, where are the rain showers to cool things down? Good thing it rains almost every day around that time!

4 • Prepare for Bugs

if you plan on living in Orland, you definitely need to purchase a supply of insect repellent and bug spray. Check out your local hardware store and get good advice on how to keep the pesky creepy crawlies off your body, out of your house and away from your lawn.

5 • Beaches All Around

Visit Cocoa Beach

Just a short drive and you’re going to run into a world-famous beach. Just so you know, Daytona Beach may be famous (especially with the bikers), but the Tampa area has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country — especially Caladesi Cove. Or, you can go to the closest beach on the coastline: Cocoa Beach.

6 • Is I-4 Really East to West?

The main highway is confusing. I-4 runs north to south, but locals tend to say go east on I-4 when you’re going to Daytona and west on I-4 to go to Tampa.

7 • Get Ready to Commute

Living in Orlando involves commuting

Consider moving to a place in Orlando that is close to your job, because traffic can sometimes be a bear with all the tourists. Note that it does rain a lot in Orlando, so make sure your tires and brakes are up to standard and all your car lights are functioning properly. In case you get stuck in traffic, it’s a good idea to bring some Audible books to entertain yourself until traffic starts moving again.

8 • Keep the Guest Room Ready

While Living in Orlando visit the Gators

Now that you live in beautiful Orlando, everyone will want to visit you. Two fun places to plan to take visitors is Gatorland and Legoland. Gatorland the best place to see alligators and crocodiles while staying safe! Please note that it’s a great place for the family but is probably better suited for the older kids.

On the other hand, Legoland is an excellent place to take children of all ages. Let your imagination go wild with all those Legoland characters.

9 • Diversity is Welcome

LGBTQ+ Pride in Orlando

If you’re LGBTQ+, you are more than welcome here in Orlando. You’ll fit right in and have a wonderful community to support you. This city is very liberal when it comes to gay pride, and there are revelries and celebration’s galore.

10 • Get Ready for the Move

As you’re doing your search for Orlando household movers, remember that movers are trained in how to get all your precious possessions into your home with maximum care, and minimum stress. The movers will also know how to protect your items from humidity and rain so that they stay in pristine condition.

11 • Higher Education Choices

The two leading universities, Rollins College and the University of Central Florida, are supplemented by excellent community colleges and HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). If you are looking to obtain a higher education degree, Orlando has ample opportunity to do so.

12 • Golf is a Huge Pastime

Luxury Golfing in Orlando

Orlando has the most golf courses of any city in America. So, bring your best driver and plaid pants, because it’s always tee-time! There are also several tournaments held in and around Orlando throughout the year, so be on the lookout for tickets and info!

If you live in Orlando or are thinking about moving there, what are some other highlights you would like to do or see? Let us know in the comments below! Additionally, we’ve included some other interesting links below for your further enjoyment and information.

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Entertainment Systems that Enhance Your Interior Design – Interior Home Design

If your family enjoys entertainment systems, you will be pleased to know that many audio and TV companies are stepping up their game to design truly eye-pleasing electronics. That’s good news for interior design because you don’t have to sacrifice looks for excellent components.

Some companies design retro or futuristic twists into their entertainment systems which gives the consumer aesthetics that were not available before. These systems don’t just deliver top-of-the-line performance – they also enhance your home’s interior design. Here are some of the newest pieces of technology that can add flair to your home.

Top-performing Entertainment Systems with Design in Mind

Audio McIntosh

McIntosh creates powerful amplifiers for home audio systems – and they have been doing it for 75 years! These machines are stunningly beautiful. Most of their equipment is analog, using vacuum tubes in their amplifiers. The vacuum tubes are sometimes exposed, making them look futuristic and slightly alien-like. This is the perfect company music lover with an eye for design.

Entertainment Systems Mcintosh Amplifier and Speakers Modern Design

Image Source

McIntosh also makes receivers, speakers, and turntables. Additionally, they create record players for a vintage sound that look like they are out of a time machine. You are sure to stand out with any piece of audio equipment from this company.

TV  Samsung

Samsung is on a role with some breathtaking TVs and monitors. Not only do they create some of the most advanced picture quality, but the actual design of the screens are also beautiful. The picture uses new 5k technology and has the widest color gradient on the market.

Entertainment Systems Samsung Smart TV Curved Screen Happy Family Watching

Image Source

Samsung creates curved screens to make an even more compelling viewing experience. When you watch a movie on a curved Samsung screen, it makes you feel like you are a part of the movie! They also have some of thinnest displays on the market and have started to develop screens with virtually no border. This makes the TV look like a mere sheet of glass which makes a Samsung TV is a must for the contemporary interior design.

Speakers  Klipsch

Klipsch not only makes some of the highest quality sound equipment on the market, but they also have designs that can fit any theme. They have systems that are more futuristic, as well as timeless classic models made of wood.

Entertainment Systems Klipsch Speakers

Image Source

Almost all of their standing speakers come in a variety of colors. Klipsch has a match whether you are going for contemporary, minimalistic, or loud eye-popping designs. This is indeed a brand that does not sacrifice design for quality products. For the musician or music aficionado, Klipsch is a trusted brand and creates speakers of every size. This is definitely a brand to check out.

Home Automation  Control4

To put the cherry on top, look into Control4 automation. Control4 can turn your home into a smart home and allows you to control all of your entertainment equipment from one remote or even from your phone. This will certainly impress your family and guests. Also, according to one Ohio new home developer, when you add smart integration to your home design, it makes your home more valuable.

Entertainment Systems Home Automation Control4

Image Source

Home automation can allow you to even control your garage, lights, appliances, and security systems. You can also control them all from your voice device like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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