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Tips for Decorating a Child’s Room Easily and Trendy in 2020

The bedroom becomes an important room for your attention. Here it is tips on decorating a child’s room that you can apply.

Having a child who feels at home and is also smart is certainly every parent’s dream.

Related to this, there are some decorations and tips that must be considered in arranging the bedroom, study room, and the child’s playroom.

Don’t be confused!

Start planning and making room designs for your future children.

Here are some tips on decorating a child’s room that you can apply.

Decorating tips for children’s rooms that you can apply at home

What if we now make children’s bedrooms more attractive?

Well, one way to use a unique shape LED lights.

If you have trouble finding it, you can also use small colorful lights that can be shaped as desired.

You can also make a child’s room look more attractive.

Decorate a Child’s Room as Fun as Possible

A child is usually synonymous with a cheerful impression.

Therefore, make the bedroom look cheerful with a variety of things.

Like, using bright base paint, decorating a child’s room with patterns or wallpaper on the wall.

The use of bright colors for children’s bedrooms may have been done a lot, however, what about the use of patterns?

You can add a few stickers to the wall, such as polka-dotted patterns, squares, rounds, or other characters.

Well, if you have a daughter, then you should use girly colors like, easy red or a choice of pastel colors.

Also add accessories or decorations that match the child’s gender.

Decorating a Children’s Room with a Swing
What if bringing a swing in the child’s room?

It will be very exciting!

One thing to note in presenting a swing is to ensure that the swing is safe.

Also make sure that the swing is strong in supporting the child’s body weight.

To be safer, complete decorating a child’s bedroom at the bottom of the swing with a thick furry carpet.

If a child falls, surely it will be safer right?

In decorating a child’s room, you can bring a small table and chairs into a place for children to hone their creativity.

He can play educational games in this area, such as drawing, coloring, making origami, or making other handicrafts.

Also choose bright colors to attract children’s interest.

Complete with Mini Tents
Tent play is also one of the favorites of every child.

Decorating a child’s room in the form of a mini tent can make you have your own world when given facilities like this in his room.

The existence of a mini tent in the bedroom will also train the creativity of the child to imagine.

Make a comfortable tent by lining the bottom using a thick carpet and adding some pillows.

Color in the Playroom
decorating a child’s room

Starting from the color of the walls, the selection of floors, to the selection of accessories inside.

Sometimes we are confused choosing the right color for the child’s play area.

However, bright colors can support a child’s brain development.

Especially if you use more than one color, of course this will also train the sensitivity of the child’s eyes.