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Beautiful Home Interior Inspiration with Basic Colors

Beautiful Home Interior Inspiration with Basic Colors
The choice of the color of the paint inside the house is indeed one of the important elements when you want to design the house. There are so many factors that need to be considered to turn on the colors in the house, such as the design and concept of the house as a whole, the impression you want highlighted, the mood or atmosphere you want to be formed, to the lighting techniques.

Therefore, so that you do not regret or have the trouble of repainting because you are not satisfied, the following Kania will inspire a charming home room with a base or primary color that you can emulate. Curious as to what? Come on, just take a peek below!

Yellow Basic Color that Brings Excitement

The basic color of yellow is identical to the bright sun and brings warmth in the room. This basic color can also give the impression of happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism in the room. In addition, this yellow base color can also give wide effect to a room, you know!

You can apply this bright basic color paint in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Thanks to its ability to give the illusion of a more spacious room, a room that uses this basic color will not feel crowded or stuffy.

dining room with basic color paint application

If you are afraid that the yellow base color is too flashy, you can combine it with a matching color, such as green, brown, or white to give a natural shade that is shady and comfortable. The supporting colors you can present through ornamental plants, wooden dining tables, lamp shades, or furry carpets.

Elegant and Soothing Blue Base Color

The basic color of blue is very identical with a calm and elegant impression. This basic color is believed to be able to reduce emotions and turmoil so as to make the mind more peaceful.

Usually, the basic blue color is widely applied to the bedroom. This is because the basic color of blue is able to create a comfortable feel so you can rest and sleep more soundly, both during the day or night.

In addition, this basic color is also suitable to be combined with natural colors. Rattan chairs, nightstand, floor lamps, to the brown headboard in this bedroom make the room not seem monotonous.

If you don’t like the natural color, you can replace it with other bright colors, such as salmon, pink, or yellow. You can present bright colors on the bed linen, pillows, rugs or wall hangings.

Basic Red Color Full of Energy

This red base color is perfect for those of you who want to liven up an atmosphere full of energy in the house. To make the basic colors in the interior of the terean home more dynamic, you can mix them with other colors, like dark green on the sofa.

dining room ideas with the red base color

This basic red color is believed to be very suitable to be applied to a room that is often used as a gathering place because it can effectively increase the occurrence of conversations between people who are there. Therefore, the basic red color is widely applied to the living room, dining room, or family room.

Mix of Basic Colors Blue and Yellow

Green is not a basic color, but green is a mixture of basic colors blue and yellow. Well, for those of you who don’t like basic colors, just try to apply paint from a mixture of basic colors, like this one inspiration.

The green color in the room has a natural and refreshing impression. In addition, the combination of the basic colors of blue and yellow is also able to create an atmosphere of harmony and calm atmosphere. Thus, your home always looks charming and pleasant.

Do not hesitate to apply green in the bedroom. You can also combine this basic color mix with functional furniture or other color bedroom decor accents, such as white to give the impression of minimalism or chocolate for a warmer impression.

Mixed Red and Yellow Basic Colors

Besides green, there is also orange which is a mixture of red and yellow basic colors. Although the orange color is rarely used because it seems too striking, but this color can give the impression of its own charming if you are right in applying it. The combination of red and yellow basic colors can bring a bright and youthful feel that makes the house more alive.

This compact orange color is suitable to be applied in the family room, dining room, or kitchen. The family room and dining room are a place to gather so it is very suitable to be given a touch of orange that can create warmth.

Meanwhile, the impression of enthusiasm and cheerfulness that is presented by a mixture of basic colors of red and yellow can also make you more excited when cooking. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting techniques in your room too!

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Best House Fence Design Ideas

The choice of fence is an important factor in the components of the house. The design of the fence, size, and material must be adjusted so that the appearance of the house is not only attractive but also still maintains its function.

One of the functions of the fence is to provide privacy and security for residents of the house. Not only that the function of the fence other than as a barrier can also be a decoration that can beautify the environment.

In designing a unique home fence, there are some things you should pay attention to. One of them is adjusting the fence model with the architectural style of the house so that it feels united with the concept of building the house itself.

Unique aquarium fence

Mehmet changed the concept of a conventional fence to be unique. He replaced the metal fence surrounding the villa with an array of aquariums, totaling 50 meters in length.

Barramundi fish, curries, mullets, eels, and octopuses are some of the Aegean sea species that live on Mehmet’s aquarium fence. According to some reports, there are now nearly 1,000 fish that live in the fence of that unique house.

Building a transparent aquarium structure as a fence is not difficult. The challenge is how to connect the aquarium fence with a 400 meter long underground pipeline connected to the Aegean Sea.

The function of the pipe is to facilitate the change of water and also maintain its cleanliness, so that the animals that live in this unique aquarium are not short of breath by stagnant dirt.

Unique colorful pencil fence

Bored with ordinary wooden fences? This one unique house fence can be your inspiration. The design of a fence made of wood is transformed into an interesting work with a touch of art. Who would have thought that applying the concept of color pencils to a fence design would evoke the interesting and unique side of a house? Different fence colors add to the creative and unique elements so you don’t get bored with the same fencing model. In addition, this unique fence is suitable for you who like the full color nuance.

Unique mirror house fence

This fence is made with materials that are quite unique. The appearance is so different because this unique home fence consists of acrylic, wood and aluminum. These materials make the mirror fence can reflect light and also the appearance of the surrounding environment. This unique house fence like invisible and gives the impression of being integrated with the surrounding environment.

The person who has the bright idea of ​​making this unique fence is Alyson Shotz, an artist from America. The artwork was created in 2003 with the title “Mirror Fence”. The unique fence is 42.06 m x 91.44 x 10.16 cm. Very unique and interesting right!

Unique fence of piano keys

Applying piano keys that are black and white also does not hurt you know for your unique house fence. The manufacturing process is also quite simple. Unique home fence made to resemble piano keys in black and white. This unique home fence can also reflect the character of the owner who likes music.

Used bicycle unique house fence

Recycling used goods has become a trend in recent years. If your house is filled with old bicycles that are not used, don’t rush to sell them.

These bikes can still be used for decorating your house. One of them is that it can be used as a unique fence. The trick is to cut each part of the bicycle and arrange it according to taste on the existing wooden frame. No need to be arranged neatly, you can make this unique fence with a random arrangement.

Unique wooden log fence

The main ingredient of this unique house fence is raw wood or commonly referred to as logs. To make this unique fence, you can combine it with lacquered wooden frames. Besides being able to accentuate the artistic value, this unique home fence you can also adjust its own thin thickness. You can also combine it with logs of various sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Plus, you can put natural wall hangings on your fence for additional decoration.

Unique US card house fence

This unique house fence has an attractive card style. Each wooden board is drawn with a US card pattern. Make your house look like it’s being protected by a giant US card in the front.

Fence of a unique used door house

For those of you who like to use second hand items, one of the unique fence designs can be made as inspiration. This unique house fence uses the used door as the main ingredient. To present a more attractive appearance you can color it with bright colors. In addition to giving a full color touch, this unique home fence also gives a vintage impression.

Unique acrylic house fence

But this unique fence has a special attraction. This unique house fence is made of acrylic. This unique home fence is proof that to make a fence you can use any material. Not merely iron or wood.

Unique glass mosaic house fence

Have enough used glass or mirrors? Eits, don’t throw it away yet. You can use it to make a unique fence, you know. You can start by breaking the glass in various shapes and sizes. After that, the pieces of glass you can arrange according to taste on a wooden fence to produce maximum uniqueness. Who would have thought the right mirror could be used as a fence decoration?

Unique fence decoration lamp house

So as not to be boring, you can be more creative playing with decorative lights or decorative lighting for lighting on your unique house fence. The small LED lights that are often wrapped around this Christmas tree do look simple. However, if it is propped up at the right location, it can display a unique home fence looking more beautiful. Moreover, these decorative lights are not too expensive. Guaranteed, your unique home fence will become Instagram-able with the touch of the led lights.

A unique old window fence

Bored with the fence of your house made of wood, but do not have more budget to dismantle it with a new one? You can renovate it by using a few used windows. Like the unique fence in Twisp, Washington following. The holes in the window actually add an artistic impression to the fence right!

A unique used bottle house fence

Recycling used bottles is not unusual at this time. With a little creativity, you can make your home look unique and different from the others. One of them is by utilizing used glass bottles. You can turn this used glass bottle into an attractive home accessory.

One of them is transformed into a unique fence. You can create it by hanging vertically using a rope. Artistic impression will be increasingly visible when you innovate with a variety of used bottles of various colors and shapes.

Unique cactus fence

Green plants can be used as unique ornaments to add to the aesthetics of the exterior appearance of the house. Cactus is one of them. This plant is a plant that is timeless or will never look old-fashioned whenever applied. In addition, maintenance is also relatively easy. Well, there’s no harm in starting to consider planting cactus or other ornamental plants as a fence for your unique house. This unique cactus fence will give the impression of being natural and close to nature.

Unique dragon house fence

This unique fence with the shape of a dragon makes anyone who sees it will be stunned. Metallic colors on this unique fence give a touch of manly but also luxurious. The dragon body is really designed with such detail. His sharp eyes seemed to hypnotize anyone who looked at him.

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Best Kitchen Paint Colors

I suppose the kitchen paint turned out to play an important role in beautifying the kitchen? Not only that, choosing the right color combination can create the illusion of spacious space for a small kitchen.

In addition to the color of kitchen paint on the walls, every detail in the interior of the kitchen including the kitchen set affects the overall atmosphere of the room. As the heart of the house, the atmosphere of the kitchen needs to be ensured to feel comfortable for everyone who uses it.

Although the kitchen is quite small, try one of the following kitchen paint color combinations so the room feels much more spacious and comfortable.

White Application with Different Appearance

It’s no secret that the white color is relied upon to give a broad impression on a tiny room. As long as the kitchen paint is carefully applied, in fact the average neutral color that is soft in addition to white is also suitable for use in small kitchens.

To make the room seem aesthetic and spacious, apply white kitchen paint and take advantage of the appearance of glossy white ceramic tiles as a kitchen backsplash. Although the color white can make the kitchen look too monotonous, variations in application through white derivatives such as beige or ivory can give a different kitchen appearance without looking boring.

Elegant All-Black and White

The color combination of kitchen paint is arguably a classic, utilizing black on kitchen kitchen sets and kitchen utensils such as a cooking stove combined with white on the walls and countertops. With this combination, a small kitchen with a monochrome theme is created.

Although the kitchen is fairly small, an important point to consider when applying this kitchen paint color combination is adequate room lighting from the window and the lighting of the room itself. Thanks to the bright light in the kitchen at any time, the color of black kitchen paint on the kitchen set will not seem too dark so the room seems more spacious.

A Touch of Natural Green & Wood

Want to get closer to nature? This kitchen paint color combination can be an option. A small kitchen that applies natural concepts can be realized through the selection of materials and natural colors with a soothing coolness.

Simply combine a wooden kitchen set with a dark green kitchen paint color that is in harmony with the wood texture. Choose a kitchen backsplash with neutral colors like white and gray in order to bring the two kitchen elements together so as to create a room that feels more alive and far from the impression of tightness.

Retro Color Blend

Attractive kitchen paint color scheme lies in the selection of the right kitchen theme. Although white looks to dominate the kitchen as the main color, retro design accents in the choice of room color palette steal attention effectively.

Starting from the contrast of green to the impression of a warm vintage or shabby chic, antique accessories, to the border door with classic carvings, creative kitchen presentations with the right kitchen paint color scheme is the main key to making a small kitchen look attractive.

Turquoise and Red Domination

Small kitchen guaranteed to look cheerful when combining primary colors as the main focus of the room. Just an example of the above inspiration that combines blue green or turquoise in the kitchen set and kitchen cabinet with red orange kitchen paint on the walls and kitchen utensils.

Don’t forget, apply neutral colors as transitions between primary colors in other kitchen areas. That way, the overall paint color of the kitchen will look balanced and harmonious, you will be more passionate about cooking at home.

Combination of Warm & Cool Kitchen Paint

When it is difficult to determine the color of kitchen paint, try a combination of warm and cool hues. The contrast between the two hues can clarify the illusion of a wider space so that the kitchen does not feel tiny.

Choices of warm kitchen paint can be in the form of soft orange like on the wall above or other earth colors like terracotta, yellow, or red. Meanwhile, cool kitchen paint choices can be green, blue or purple. To balance the two types of colors, choose neutral colors like white or gray to tie them harmoniously.

Fashionable Small Kitchen with Soft Pastels

Soft pastel accents can be a mainstay when choosing small kitchen paint colors. In addition to pastel touches on the wall or window pane, matching kitchen paint colors are white domination on other furniture. as in bar stools, refrigerators, hanging lamps and sink areas.

Pastel color kitchen paint is an anti-mainstream choice compared to common colors like white or gray, but it is still easily integrated with young wood material for a more beautiful kitchen. In addition, the color of pastel kitchen paint is suitable for a small kitchen because it has a bright base so that the room seems more open.

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6 Inspiration for Sliding Doors at Home

Although not a top choice, it turns out the sliding door or better known as the sliding door has many functions. The sleek door that is often used to separate the room can be used as a smart investment thanks to the advantages of its design and function. The many unique, minimalist, and stylish designs make this sliding door suitable for whatever your home design. Having a slim physique, allows sliding doors to be installed anywhere in your home. Come on, get inspiration for the placement of sliding doors through this article!

Also when throwing a sliding door will give more space or a more intimate formal atmosphere with the door closed and make the room seem very spacious.

Therefore, sliding doors are perfect for those of you who have dirty and clean kitchens at home!

Gives an Elegant Impression to the Bathroom
No matter whether your bathroom is large or small, sliding doors will make it more practical and simple. The minimalist design of the sliding door will give an elegant impression. Most importantly, sliding doors will save space in your bathroom!

Sliding Doors that Beautify the Balcony
Source: Slim Line Glazing & Aluminum Systems
When used as a room divider between your home and balcony, sliding doors will give a sweet touch. Especially when choosing a transparent sliding door, in addition to adding natural lighting into the house, of course also will provide unlimited views outside the home.

Transition between rooms
Sliding doors can maximize the room of your house very well. In addition, sliding doors are perfect for homes that need more space, thanks to the mechanism of the sliding door when it opens compared to ordinary doors. Especially by using glass material, the transparency of the sliding door glass panel will give the impression of relief to the room!

Use sliding doors to add a contemporary touch to the interior of your room! That is because the sliding door is more modern compared to conventional cabinet doors and gives the impression of relief.

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5 variations of unique wall paint techniques

The beauty of a house is not only seen from the building, but also from the interior design chosen. One of the walls of the house, becomes an important thing that is inevitable in assessing the success of your home interior. Of course, the results of a beautiful wall paint can not be separated from the technique of painting. Not just using brush and roller applicators, applicators for painting walls are very diverse. Therefore, this time will discuss 5 variations of unique wall paint techniques that will make a house even more instagramable!

You can immediately dip one of these applicators and apply it to the wall freely. In an instant your home will become super artistic and instagramable!

Motive Technique
If you like the beauty of patterned walls, you can apply them all to the walls of your house without using wallpaper. It’s really easy to do, one of which is by stamping the motif or by using a patterned roller brush and TADAA! The walls of your house immediately change to become more classy and instagramable!

Mural Technique
This technique is the most hits among young people. This technique allows you to express yourself and your personality even more! Using paint or spray gun, the mural technique produces a 2D work of art in your bedroom. Come on, channel your imagination and creativity through this one painting technique!

Ombre / Gradation Techniques
Gradation technique or better known as ombre is a subtle blend of old and young colors. The beauty of this blend is guaranteed to add aesthetic value to the walls of your home because of the strong artistic impression. Surely your home will look more perfect with a supportive interior arrangement!

Geometric Engineering
The beauty of art galleries can move to your home with geometric painting techniques! You can produce artsy and colorful touches on the walls using only paper or even masking tape. Especially if you are good at choosing color combinations, every guest who comes will definitely not be able to not praise your home!

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Elegant and Warm Scandinavian Design Ideas

Nursery or nursery room is the most coveted thing in housing, especially for those of you who will soon have a baby. Of course you want to create an atmosphere and environment that supports the growth of your little angel. Come on, discover the concept of nursery design that you can apply at home!

Elegant and elegant Scandinavian model
This design idea is suitable for your baby’s room, because it is a unique and elegant design. For those of you who like functionality, this design is the perfect choice for your baby! With large windows, sunlight can enter easily. Saving electricity but the room is still bright!

Multicolored Soft Ala Pastel
For those of you who like things that are trendy, this design can be a choice. In addition to the design that has a calm touch, this design also makes your baby’s room seem more colorful and cool! This soft color combination is suitable for boys and girls.

Mural design for your baby’s room is the right choice! This design is more varied when compared to using wallpapers with limited images. With murals, you can pour all your imagination on the walls of your baby’s room. Murals make the room more lively and cheerful with pictures of animals, plants, even cartoon characters. This style is worth entering your design list!

Nice Rooms with Antique Decorations
Vintage design is better known for something about antiques that have good and good quality. Identical to the bed which uses a mosquito net makes this style suitable for your baby’s room! Babies can sleep soundly without mosquito interference. The antique element is further strengthened by a sturdy metal bed frame that will keep your baby safe while sleeping.

Present Luxury with a Classic Model
Classic design is a design that will never die. Because the classic design does not change or keep up with the times but this design always attracts the attention of many people. Classic gives the impression of luxury, elegance and strength. Using neutral colors is perfect for your baby’s room and of course this style can be passed on to your other baby!

Modern Minimalism that is Always Dynamic
This design style emphasizes the minimalism and functionality of an interior. Modern also follows the path of the times. For those of you who like things that are trendy, this design should be applied to your baby’s room!

Rustic Model Bring Outdoor Atmosphere in the Room
The concept of rustic is increasingly popular lately. This design gives a very thick traditional touch. However, this traditional concept is still interesting when combined with a modern touch.

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10 Tips for Maximizing Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are increasingly popular to live in because of the various facilities offered, security guarantees, strategic locations, and so on. Sejasa have tips for maximizing studio apartments (also applies to other types of dwellings) to feel spacious and comfortable. Find out more here!

Large table is useful when working or eating with family. Large sofas that can accommodate several guests will make them comfortable. Large mattresses provide a better resting experience, right? Adjust the condition of your apartment so that the occupancy does not feel cramped.

Welcome the Sunlight with Window and Mirror
Make sure your occupancy has a strategic window location so that sunlight can enter. To The mirror also functions to create the illusion of a wider space.

Installation of curtains is also useful as a door for open cabinets without making the room more narrow.

Smart Storage Free Space from Messy
The key to a comfortable little shelter is the correct storage placement. Happy creating other smart storage!

Hanging Plants for Flora Lovers
For plant lovers who don’t have a garden or a balcony for planting, pot hangers are the right solution. You can plant medicine, herbal leaves, and even small vegetables that can be picked at any time. Place it near the kitchen window so that the plants get enough sunshine nutrition.

If your couch is not designed for storage, you can add a basket, container box, or small cupboard. This effectively maintains neatness in confined spaces. Come on, apply this method!

Floating Shelves
Every corner of the room as storage is indeed not dead, including on the wall. Above the door, corner of the room, even on other furniture. You can put trinkets, collections, and so on while saving space. There are a few tips for those of you who will use a floating shelf so it doesn’t look monotonous. You can use plants and items with different heights to get a more varied texture and attract attention.

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Simple Modern Bathroom Designs Ideas

In addition to tips on applying a simple, minimalist bathroom design that you can find at the end of the article, we have collected a portfolio of minimalist bathroom designs, from our service providers, to be your reference!

A layer of ceramic walls and matte textured floors, in this bathroom design, will also make your bathroom look more classy.

Bathroom with white mosaic tile is the right choice for a monochrome minimalist white bathroom. To make your bathroom more stylish, install abstract artwork with black trim. Also place a flower vase next to your sink to sweeten the room.

Monochrome minimalist bathroom, with the use of white floors and ceilings and black walls. The lighting around the sink mirror gives its own elegant value. Do not forget, the existence of a window in the bathroom provides natural lighting in the bathroom that carries a dark color like black.

Now, black bathrooms are becoming popular because of the luxurious minimalist impression that is given. Install white lights and windows to provide natural lighting.

The use of simple wall and floor materials, as well as variations of bathroom mosaic tiles on one side of the wall, effectively gives this bathroom a minimalist style.

Black in white, the exact black color composition in the white bathroom makes the bathroom look perfect. Differentiate the color of the floor tiles in the dry area and the shower area and vary the model of wall tiles on different sides. Square or square shaped mirrors are also now popular in use.

Scandinavian-style main bathroom, making your bathroom is not inferior to other room designs. The key Use a waterproof layer of white brick patterned on the walls of the most vulnerable to wet and install the wallpaper of your choice on the side of the wall of the dry area. Give also a little artistic touch by displaying figures. Fur rugs are also a must decoration for Scandinavian design styles.

Bathroom design in the bedroom, is a small version of the main Scandinavian style bathroom above. The use of partitions is also important to avoid muddy rooms when bathing.

Spacious and minimalist bathroom. If you have a large remaining room at home, what’s wrong with having a spacious bathroom? Bathroom that is comfortable and relieved can restore your energy and mood when bathing, you know. In this one minimalist bathroom, the existence of a wide table and soft floral motifs are the main stars! Want?

Small but luxurious, your small bathroom can be designed in such a way as to make it look “expensive” and elegant. The use of a combination of white and light gray displays a luxurious simplicity. The existence of a small chandelier on the bathroom wall to add a classy impression.

This is also supported by a unique ceiling design and insulation. Figura with a thin black frame is also popular for use in modern minimalist homes, including bathrooms.

A touch of wood and stone tiles in the bathroom gives a natural touch of its own. Use wood as a coating in a dry area, this way you do not need to provide intense care to prevent weathering caused by direct water exposure.

Simple bathroom model, with a combination of soft colors and ash. The use of mirrors without trim gives the right minimalist impression. And the placement of greenery enlivens the overall atmosphere of the bathroom.

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Small Bathroom Interior Design

The atmosphere of a comfortable and clean bathroom will certainly affect the mood. Hence, bathroom design has a very big role!

No need to be too big, even a small bathroom can be comfortable if you arrange it properly. For reference to small bathroom designs, you can check below!

Use Bright Colors

Bright colors like white can indeed make a small room look more spacious. Therefore, if you feel the bathroom in your house is rather small, use light colors! Optimizing the use of windows can also help, you know.

Touch of Marble Wall for a Luxurious Impression

Want to make your small bathroom look luxurious? Certainly can! You can decorate a wall area with marble motifs like this. So as not to seem excessive, you can add wood motifs on several sides.

Monochrome style

Black and white monochrome colors are increasingly being liked. The design of your small bathroom can look more attractive with patterned ceramics like this for the floor. You can display the impression of ‘vintage’ in the middle of a modern monochrome atmosphere!

Take advantage of the Blank Wall

Because of its size which is not large, you have to make the best use of all parts of this bathroom. On the top wall of an empty WC, you can make shelves like this for use as a storage area.

Put together with the Laundry Wash Area? Can!

If you are also like this, you can put the washing machine under the sink. Storage area beside the washing machine can be used to store dirty clothes or new towels.

Beautify with Greenery

The presence of green plants makes the atmosphere feel more comfortable and fresh. If you mind taking the time to care for it, you can just use fake plants! You can place plants in the sink area or storage area.

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Modern Bathroom Designs Ideas for Home

The narrow bathroom can still feel comfortable and pleasant, Bun. With a minimalist style, the bathroom will look attractive and look more spacious.

Yes, a minimalist approach does need to be implemented if you want to make a minimalist bathroom. Typically, this style will carry the background with a touch of architecture and a minimalist but still elegant design.

“The simplicity of life is the basis of perfection,” said William Morris, Arts & Crafts visionary.

In the application of minimalist nuances in the bathroom, this concept can be realized by placing equipment in the bathroom that is simple but still looks luxurious.

In addition to choosing calm and neutral colors like white, beige, and gray and black-blue color, the selection of trinkets in the bathroom with a minimalist background is also the key.

For that, choose products such as washbasins, dressers, taps, bathtubs and showers that are right so that the minimalist bathroom looks attractive, as quoted from Kohler’s website.

You need to know, minimalism bathroom fixtures means simple architectural forms, such as geometric shapes, sculptured lines, fine lines and so on. Therefore, the tub and shower must also look visually appealing so they are comfortable to use.

Then, look for a sink mounted on the wall and make the bathroom look sleek. Then, look for accessories that are minimal ornament with a modern feel to make the bathroom look spacious.

Oh yes, Bun, it’s a good idea to choose a closed cabinet to help hide the necessary accessories. And, also consider choosing beautiful materials and accents from candles, shelves, mirrors, and other accessories that enhance the look of the bathroom.

Launch Lakeshoweringspaces, also create the illusion of light and space using a minimal palette of lighting to strengthen the minimalist look. Then, also complete a minimalist bathroom with a shower cover that makes the bathroom look elegant and attractive.

Also, add an inconspicuous glass panel with elegant edges to thicken the minimalist feel that remains elegant. I hope this helps.