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Creative Ways to Arrange Tiny Bathrooms to Stay Neat & Aesthetic

The tiny bathroom is not always cramped and claustrophobic, but it can look neat and aesthetic if the smart owner arranges it.

You don’t need to be confused about this. Come on, see the creative ways to organize a small bathroom to keep it neat and aesthetic below!

Mix white with ceramic motifs and wood accents

Use the glass door as a screen to make the room look spacious.

Using storage from wooden stairs placed on the toilet, can make the bathroom look neat as well as aesthetic

Combining white brick motif walls with floors and borders with black nuances, just right for a minimalist concept home

This can be a sweetener accent, but functional!

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Simple shades of black and white, the use of glass partitions, and the placement of mirrors, can also make the bathroom feel more spacious

Choosing a theme color for the bathroom and combining it with ceramic motifs, can make this area even more instagramable!

For a luxurious impression, you can combine white marble floors with gold shades and shower heads

Treat with the use of contrast colors so that the bathroom is not monotonous

Interested in adapting creative ways to arrange a small bathroom to keep it neat and aesthetic? Hope you can help and increase your inspiration, yes!

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How to Clean a Bathroom Sink

To make the bathroom look attractive and also efficient, it must be ensured that all the elements work well.

Cleaning the bathroom sink must be routine
So that the appearance in the bathroom is clean and comfortable, of course, one way to get it is to clean the bathroom sink regularly. Because you can’t, the condition of the bathroom is clean and comfortable, if you are lazy to clean it.

Especially in the bathroom there are so many elements of the product that must be cleaned, one of which is the sink.

How to clean a bathroom sink with telling
To clean the bathroom sink properly and accurately, Friend Rooang must also pay attention to the curve of the sink inside. Starting from the sink drain that can be cleaned using baking soda, you know!

Here, let me know, what are the tools and ingredients as well as how to clean it!

Tools and Materials :
First of all, clean the sink hole with hot water.

So that the bathroom sink can run well, smoothly and not clogged.

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Easy Bathroom Decoration Dry and small

However, because the design of a dry bathroom is easier to maintain, many are starting to like this concept. But how do you do it at home, friend, can only make a dry bathroom design with a small size?

Because of the importance of using this white color it can really outsmart the appearance of a small bathroom with a dry size in your house, to be able to look broad.

Even more spacious, you can also add a mirror in the bathroom.

Use ceramic materials on the same wall and floor
dry bathroom with small size
Another clever way to make a dry bathroom with a small size, look spacious and also attractive is to use the same ceramic material between the walls and floor.

This method is believed to be effective because it can give the illusion that, between the walls and floor of the bathroom together, so that the impression in the bathroom looks spacious.

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Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

Gender differences, different designs. The love of girls and boys is certainly different.

A pleasant space theme or character
Creating certain nuances such as thematic design can be the first step when designing rooms that are comfortable for children. Know the interests and tastes of children first so that the room can be a comfort zone when he is resting and learning and playing.

Children’s room design inspiration can be seen from the daily life of children. The character of the room can be obtained from themes that are liked by their children and applied to the maximum, for example Scandinavian or beach feel. In addition, it can also present graphics of your child’s favorite animals, for example the design of a cat-shaped headboard.

Also pay attention, are there any characters from the movies that he likes? It is recommended to apply in just one area or not too much, because at any time they will get bored or switch tastes.

The colors that make children sleep
It is true, under his conscious mind, children will be more attracted to bright colors and contrasts, such as blue, red, and yellow. However, bright colors that can stimulate this active feeling are more suitable for use in the playroom. Pastel colors can help children feel calm and relaxed to “deliver” their sleep. For pop or bright colors can be implemented in furniture, bedding, or decoration.

The color applied is very supportive of each theme and you can take it from the characters that have been applied. For example, your daughter likes a rainbow or a unicorn, then the wall can use several colors of paint. However, if your daughter is in grade 5, they will likely choose a more neutral color, such as blue, white, or cream.

The bed design for the siblings can be tricked by a multilevel system or loft. Choose the color of the bed to suit the tastes of brother and sister.

Beautiful dressing room to train to choose your own clothes
Rooms can also be multi-role with a desk and storage cupboard that is generally maximized for all the needs of girls until their children at least graduate from school. If you have a large enough room, provide a special dressing room for your daughter. Mirror is an important interior element for him to look in the mirror and choose his favorite clothes.

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Masculine Bathroom Design Inspiration

Now many consider the bathroom as a place of relaxation and need attention in terms of design. Bathroom design is now increasingly diverse, one of which is masculine.

Collection from Keramag can be used as inspiration for bathroom design.

The Citterio and Xeno2 sinks in the Le Chateau showroom in the Barito area, South Jakarta have masculine and elegant colored cabinets.

This German brand designs complete bathroom needs, starting from bathtub, shower tray, sink, to bathroom furniture.

The advantage of all Keramag products is the KeraTect ceramic material which can protect the product from bacteria and is not easily damaged when interacting with hard-made cleaners.

The Citterio sink is the work of an Italian designer and architect, Antonio Citterio, who comes with complementary furniture.

Intended for two users, Xeno2 combines architectural forms with natural forces.

Keramag supposes it is like a natural stone that has been carved by water for centuries.

The sink design by Robin Platt, a British designer, is also suitable for natural bathrooms.

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Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspirations

Many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands treat the bathroom as the ultimate place of relaxation, even more than the living room.

Here are 12 minimalist bathroom designs that can be an inspiration for your home:Maximize spectacular natural scenery by using wide glass doors.

This is one of Viega’s bathroom design inspirations that features a flush plate product called Visign for More Sensitive.Bathroom works by RT + Q Architects.
In this house, the child’s bathroom is adjacent to the living room and stairs to the room.
Using a sunroof can provide pleasant natural lighting.

Very flexible and can adjust to the bathroom layout.Xeno2 by Antonio Citterio from Keramag. The under-basin cabinet is coated with a dark colored glass plate designed to match the side shelf.
This design is suitable for masculine-style bathrooms.

The 16-square-meter master bathroom represents the concept of the lifestyle of today’s modern people who spend more time in the bathroom.

Bathing while watching videos or reading news feels relaxed. Shower box in the form of a mirror can provide a roomy effect for a small bathroom.

Neutral colors like brown, white, and gray can add a sense of relax in the bathroom.

Mix fresh colors to accompany the surrounding natural scenery

To give a dramatic impression and a bright atmosphere in the bathroom, provide a ceiling grille to provide natural lighting. Using transparent bathroom products and accessories can make a bathroom look spacious.

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8 Simple yet Elegant Bathroom Design Inspirations

CASA Indonesia provides 8 inspiring simple bathroom designs but still look elegant. Indeed, simple words are relative, depending on the perception of each person.

The simple design of all 8 bathroom designs uses minimal motif material, dominated by white color, and is suitable for all home design styles. Minimalist bathroom with views of the small garden
Bathing activity is a good time to relax and the presence of a small garden can improve the atmosphere. Use a large window as a divider between the bathroom and garden. To get privacy, make sure the outside garden walls have a minimum height of 2.5-3 meters.

Elegant 3D textured wall tiles
If the bathroom in your house is small, maximize lighting by adding skylights to the ceiling. Apply a blend of white tiles, natural stone walls, and light brown wood to brighten the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Clean and spacious impression can also be created by the use of white color with a touch of black lines and soft cream-colored wood finishing in the bathroom interior.

Unique sink design and be like a work of art
Wood and stones are the right elements to make your bathroom look natural. You can play with a variety of rock and wood textures. As a sink surface, stone material that has minimal pores tends to be easier to clean. But avoid using high pH soap when cleaning the sink so as not to damage the stone surface.

As an accent, you can also use a circular wall mirror for a chic impression.Simple but memorable wall accents
Black and white bathroom with a little touch of gold and a different masculine feel to the bathroom look. Installation of large windows in the bathroom not only helps the sunlight in, presents a sensation of relaxation when cleaning yourself.Modern Japanese style bathroom design
Ofuro is a traditional Japanese bathtub that uses wood materials. . Ofuro you can also mix and match with more modern elements, such as shower devices, or exposed walls for a natural impression.

Ornamental plants as decoration that makes the bathroom feel fresh and elegant
Adding ornamental plants in the bathroom can help keep the air moist and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Shades of green in a relaxing bathroom
Tosca colors are known as colors that can provide a sense of calm and relaxation. So as not to be boring, you can arrange zigzag ceramics with motifs and combine them with other colors on the other side of the wall.

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Choosing a Bathroom Sink

The existence of a sink in the bathroom may seem trivial to. But the sink also had an important influence on the bathroom interior, you know. Not only to beautify the beauty of the bathroom, but also can be used for various needs such as washing your face or washing your hands. Therefore, choosing the right sink is quite important.

So that it’s not wrong to choose a sink for the bathroom, there are a few tips you can apply.

There are many bathroom designs and models that can be selected.

In addition to choosing based on needs and usability, it’s good for you to also consider the installation area. So that the existence of a sink is more optimal and efficient.

The Design And Model Affects The Beauty Of The Bathroom
As you know, the beauty of the bathroom is not only influenced by the interior design but also from the various choices of bathroom elements that are applied. Therefore the existence of a sink can also affect the beauty of the bathroom.

The large variety of sink models and designs that can be chosen, will make it easier for you to choose one that suits the interior style of the bathroom. For example with the choice of a newfangled unique sink like the leaves of AER Sanitary. The unique design and modern impression, can make the bathroom interior look more charming.

In a minimalist bathroom, the selection of bathroom elements must also be adjusted to the minimalist concept applied. So that the minimalist bathroom doesn’t seem to be full, you can use the sink with a minimalist model from this AER Sanitary.

With length x width x height: 66 cm x 48 cm x 21 cm and the installation model is slightly out of the table, of course it would be suitable for a minimalist bathroom, friend. The design is unique, minimalist, dynamic and more efficient, does not make the bathroom look stiff.

Choosing a Sink That Must Choose the Right Material
Choosing a sink that models and designs in accordance with the interior style of the bathroom is important. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the material selection factor you know!

The reason is with the right material, the use of the sink becomes more comfortable, durable and durable. AER Sanitary as a leading sanitary company, always provides the highest quality products. Therefore AER Sanitary products, are always durable, durable and have high after-sales service.

Besides being strong and durable, ceramics are also quite easy to clean.

Ceramics are also quite popular because they give the impression of an elegant and luxurious bathroom interior. Therefore, choosing the highest quality sink material, including one of the wise ways to choose the right sink for the bathroom at home.

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Tips for Choosing Ceramic or Porcelain Tile for Bathroom

Ways and Tips for Choosing Bathroom Ceramics

1. Adjust the size of ceramics with the room

For large bathrooms, minimize the use of ceramics that are too small. If the Toppers like a small ceramic pattern, use it in only a few places as a decorative element. For small bathrooms, the use of ceramic size can be more exploratory.

2. Play Safe with One Tone Color

Playing with colors is fun. However, for the bathroom impressed elegant, use ceramic colors that are still matching even though different. If you want to provide contrasting colors, use neutral colors like white and black as a pair to neutralize the atmosphere.

3. Pay attention to Ceramic Textures

The size is not too big also helps provide a rough effect on ceramic tile floors.


4. Understand Different Floor and Wall Ceramics

Although it has to be coarse-textured, this only applies to tile floors. On wall tiles, Toppers can explore with more texture play. Starting from the slippery to dove.

Of course, if there is a wave of mounting this furniture will not be perfect.


5. Exploration of the Selection of Form and Installation of Ceramics

Although ceramics are generally square, Toppers can explore with other shapes such as rectangles or rectangles. The installation can be intermittent.

This will provide a better variation of ceramic joints and ultimately give a less slippery floor texture.

6. Take advantage of Small Ceramics for Curved Fields or Patterns

If the toppers have a curved wall section or want a curved pattern, take advantage of small tiles.

This will give a neater cut of the pattern than if the Toppers cut directly from large ceramic.

7. Make the Choice of More Contrasting Ceramics a Wall Statement

Usually in choosing a bathroom tile, in contrast to other rooms, Toppers certainly have many choices.

From the choices of bathroom ceramics, choose a bathroom tile that has the most contrasting color to make a statement wall while other softer colors can be the dominant color in the bathroom.

This will help the proportion in choosing bathroom ceramics, so that bathroom ceramics still look comfortable even though using more than one type of ceramics.

8. Always Consider Treatment

When choosing bathroom tiles, always consider the treatment. If you want clean white ceramics, place the area that is not exposed to dirt. Ceramics that are too small will also make a lot of grout connections.

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How to Clean the Bedroom

A pleasant and comfortable bedroom is not only determined by the beauty of the interior design!

But also seen from the aspect of cleanliness and neatness.

Therefore, an effective way to clean the bedroom must be done.

Because it should not be careless and careless, this way to clean the most effective bedroom!

Cleaning the bedroom starts from the bed area Steps to clean the bedroom can begin, after you separate the unused items in the room.

Make it a habit to make your bed and fold the blanket every morning when you wake up.

So that when you return to your activities and your room is neat, it will certainly make you feel happy, right ?!

By replacing and washing them regularly, these habits will have a good impact on the health of your respiration and skin.

So try to always clean the bedroom window regularly.

Use cleaning fluid to get maximum results.

Clean the floor of the room not to miss Take a broom or cleaning tool.

Clean the entire bedroom floor, the top of the cupboard, table and dry trash in the room.

It is better if you use a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner as a way to clean the bedroom for carpets, sofas and beds in the room.