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So cool! Water Element in Home Garden

Still like confusion to design what kind of garden for your minimalist home? It looks like if you add the water element in your home garden, it will be even more interesting! Therefore, make a minimalist house look more beautiful, cool and cold with the presence of the water element! Approximately, what kind of inspiration the use of water elements in a minimalist home garden that can be tried?

The element of water in a minimalist home garden, making housing cooler
Usually the area of ​​land and minimalist house building is not large, so that all space functions are made with a smaller size.

With this very minimalist home land, it turns out that using the water element in the home garden like the inspiration above, can make the look of the backyard garden more beautiful, buddy! Cool air that rotates around the park will be increasingly soothing with the presence of water elements in the home garden.

Increasingly cool if made a mini fountain behind the house
The area behind the minimalist style garden is indeed not spacious, but it will only be fun and very interesting if you design a mini fountain there.

Simply take advantage of the existing land, then make sure the electric power, location, direction of water and the use of pumps to function properly so that the appearance of a mini waterfall can beautify the appearance around the home garden.

If you want to make a fish pond is also highly recommended
Efforts to make the water element in the home garden also does not rule out the possibility, Friend to make a fish pond as a complementary spot in the home garden area.

Because the fish pond can also be used as a stress reliever spot for a residence. Splashing sound of water and the agility of the movement of fish swimming in fish ponds, certainly makes you feel happier and happier. So one of the elements to relieve stress too you know!

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Ranging from Lanterns to Fountains, These 10 Best Garden Decoration to Beautify Houses

Park in front or back of the house can be a place to release stress or stress. If you add a unique garden decoration, of course this area makes you more comfortable enjoying leisure time.

To decorate a garden, you can first make a decoration concept.

You can decorate a Japanese pavilion-style garden, a bamboo garden, or the addition of a waterfall.

After making the decoration concept, the next step is to buy various garden decorations.

The garden decoration you buy must be adjusted to the area of ​​the park.

Reporting from various sources, the following garden decoration recommendations that you can choose.

Garden Decoration Recommendations
Ceramic Pot
For plant lovers, you can choose ceramic pots to decorate the sides of the garden.
There are many types of unique and funny pots that can enhance the appearance of your home garden.
It is recommended that you use several ceramic pots with bright uniform colors to display a fresh and modern feel.

Twinkling light
Twinkling lights can add a romantic impression in the home garden.
If you turn it on in the afternoon until the evening, of course this decoration will make the home garden look beautiful.
Twinkling lights also make the park comfortable to hang out with friends.

Hanging Pot
garden decoration
Garden decoration in the form of hanging pots are widely used in narrow home gardens.
Hanging pots on patio walls makes a small garden look fresher with the presence of plants.

In addition, you can also put white coral to decorate your home entrance.

Minimalist Bamboo Fountain
This one garden decoration is suitable to be placed in a narrow park.
Even though the garden at home is small, you can still feel the sound of water splashing that brings a rustic feel.
The sound of water splashing is also believed to be a natural stress reliever, you know.

You can use a small hedgerow in a home garden.
In addition to beautifying the garden, this fence also gives the impression that you are protecting plants in a home garden.

Garden lamp
Garden lights enhance the appearance of the park, especially in the afternoon until the evening.
The light from the lights will highlight the decoration of the garden and other plants that are in the park, so that it looks beautiful at night.
There are various sizes of garden lights.
To choose garden lights, you must adjust the needs and size of the park.
If the home garden is narrow, it is advisable to choose a small garden light.
Choose lights that do not consume too much electricity in your home.

Tables and chairs
Choose a small table and chairs as a place to relax in the garden.
If the garden is small, a set of tables with chairs made of stainless is enough as a place to relax with friends.

garden decoration
Another alternative to making the home garden more beautiful at night is to add lanterns to the park.
The light from the lantern will highlight the plants and other garden decorations at night.

Fountain Sculpture
To add a fresh impression to the park, you can put a fountain sculpture in the middle or side of the pond.

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Good Grass Selection in The Park

Grass is one of the important elements in a dwelling, especially if you have a home garden. Given the beautiful garden is usually not separated from the role of well-maintained green grass. As a consideration, friend, you know about synthetic grass and natural grass that need to be known.

Considering ArtGrass artificial turf is even produced with high quality European materials and machines that are guaranteed with certificates from several international institutions of the world.

Easier maintenance system than natural grass. So you just have to clean it regularly every day with a vacuum cleaner.

Does not require sunlight, therefore synthetic grass can be applied indoors or indoor areas. So if you want to have a dry garden inside the house, you can make synthetic grass as an option for the garden floor.

Therefore synthetic grass is also widely used as a decoration to beautify dwellings.

More environmentally friendly because it saves water, motor fuel, pesticides and other chemicals. So that maintenance costs are also more efficient than natural grass.

So it’s more efficient right? Moreover, there is a warranty card and customer service that will help you consult friendly and easy.

Available in several types, so it will be easier for you to choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Natural Grass
Because natural grass is a native plant, so applying natural grass to a home garden can provide additional oxygen.

Natural grass can minimize the heat, so parks that use natural grass will seem more fresh.

Requires water, fertilizer or pesticides in the maintenance process to keep it alive and growing in good condition.

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This beautiful backyard garden inspiration

In fact, the land behind the house can be used as a useful back garden as a place to relax. No need to be discouraged if the available land is limited or narrow. With a little creativity, the narrow land behind the house can be transformed into a beautiful garden and of course cozy.

In the back garden, you can calm down after doing the busy work that makes the mind tired without having to leave the house.

A small garden with a table and a few circular chairs could be the best choice.
Not only tables and chairs, you can put a hammock in the backyard garden to relax.
A swimming pool can also be an option to simply play water to eliminate fatigue. The pool doesn’t need to be spacious.

You don’t have to always use paving blocks, you can use white rocks.
In addition, the base in the form of wood is also not wrong to try.
Beautiful atmosphere will be felt with the number of green plants that you put in the back garden.

Rotating long chairs are suitable for casual chatting with relatives and family.
The presence of a fountain can make the mind more calm.
So as not to overheat, prepare the cover on the table and chairs.
For a more romantic atmosphere at night, you can decorate with lights.

By using paving blocks, your backyard will look neater and more organized.

Or you can use asymmetrical rocks for the back garden floor of the house.
A small pool for bathing with an alloy fountain is worth trying to relax.
With the gazebo, your back garden will be more cozy.
For those of you who like gardening, filling a back garden with plants is a good idea.

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Make a Beautiful Garden in a Tiny House

Having a beautiful and comfortable home is the dream of many people. Especially if the house also has a beautiful garden that is suitable for relaxing. But what about houses that are limited in size or small and minimalist? Eits … don’t worry. Because it turns out that how can you realize the desire to have a small house with a beautiful garden.

Now create and decorate a beautiful home garden is realized, there are several things that need attention.

Synthetic Grass So The Garden’s Atmosphere Is Greener
One of the most important elements to create a beautiful garden is to apply grass accents to the garden area.

However, because natural grass requires fairly complicated care, you can use synthetic grass with good quality. Given the artificial turf made of plastic, so it does not require complicated care. You can clean it regularly every day with a vacuum cleaner.

Produced with high quality European materials and machines that are guaranteed with certificates from several international institutions of the world, making ArtGrass synthetic grass has a quality that is of course also good.

On the back it is also equipped with webbing. In addition, synthetic grass with good quality is quite waterproof so it is not easily damaged.

So for maximum results and safe to use, make sure to always choose synthetic grass with the best quality, friend
Arrange Flowers Or Ornamental Plants With Neat And Beautiful
There’s no way you don’t make a garden, but there aren’t any flowers or plants? Therefore you need to choose the right flowers or tropical plants to beautify the garden. No need to look for flowers or large plants, as long as the arrangement is fitting your little garden will look beautiful.

To make it look neat, my friend can use beautiful pots that are arranged well. If you want to be neater, you can also use a plant or ladder rack that has been designed for the placement of the pots.

Vertical Decoration for a More Cool Beautiful Garden
Because the area of ​​the house and garden is limited, my friend must be very clever in arranging and managing the park.

The greener the garden area of ​​the house, the more fresh and pleasant look right?

Comfortable Chair For Relaxing
The existence of a garden area at home, not just to make the house look greener. But you also have a place to relax more fun.

Well, so that the small garden area still feels comfortable to relax, my friend can put a comfortable chair on one side of the park. It must be fun, sit relaxed in the garden area while I time. In this way, it is proven that even though the house is small, you can still have a beautiful garden which is also fun.

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Designing Roof House Into Garden

Besides being able to be used for relaxing, this area can be used as a garden. Plus having a green roof can have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Well, so you can make the roof of the house an attractive and beautiful garden, follow the following tips and tricks ?!

Designing the roof of a house into a garden begins with choosing the floor material
In the process of turning the roof of a house into a garden, you must first ascertain the matter of using the floor material.

Or do you want to create a cool garden atmosphere using synthetic grass, like this?

Create a different leveling floor design
Even though it’s in the highest part of a house, the concept of a beautiful home garden must still be maintained! For example, to design different levels of flooring, so you can make the garden area of ​​the house appear more private!

Leveling differences will indirectly be a barrier between areas within the home garden.

Choose various types of plants so the home garden becomes attractive
In making the roof of a house into a garden, the most important thing is choosing the type of plant!

Designing the roof of the house so the garden must have a diversity of plant sizes in it. Some plants must be bigger, bush-type plants must be there.

In addition to adding beautiful garden on your roof and limit it to other parts outside the park, friend.

To be more comfortable, do not forget the existence of tables and chairs
If in a regular garden design there are always tables and chairs, as a relaxing lounging area, then in the garden section on the roof of the house there must also be a dong, an element of the presence of these tables and chairs!

Present the pergola roof element
Because the roof of the house is hot, let’s present the roof of the pergola in your roof garden.

So that when it’s hot, you still feel comfortable to relax in this garden area.

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Ornamental Plants that Cook the Home of the Fortune Carrier

Arranging a house can be done in many ways, one of them by decorating it using ornamental plants in front of the house.

In addition to the inside of the house, there are still many people who forget how important it is to organize the outside of the house.

For this reason, it is very important to arrange this area with a variety of decorations, one of which is the ornamental plants in front of the house.

Immediately listened to the review of it!

Ornamental Plants in front of Hockey Bearer Houses
Elephant Ear Leaves
ornamental plants in front of the house

Plants that are also known as anthurium crystallium are well known among the lovers of ornamental plants.

If planted in a garden area or yard, elephant ear is said to bring fortune and abundant material wealth.

Paper Flower Plant (Bougainvillea)
ornamental plants in front of the house
This one plant can grow as high as 10 meters if planted in a tropical yard, you know.

Besides having a charming appearance, this plant can also bring shade in the front yard of the house.

Moreover, planting these plants is said to make the family always lasting and full of love.

ornamental plants in front of the house

Roses are known as flowers that are synonymous with symbols of affection and a symbol of romance.

Investigate a calibaration, this one flower can give you abundant fortune if planted in the yard.

Not only sustenance that is material, you will also be blessed with happiness and luck in life.

From the name alone you would have thought that this plant must have something to do with luck.

Like Lou Han’s fish, the clearer the color of the leaves, the more luck you will get!

Just beautify with lotus flowers!

Surely, you already know how beautiful lotus flowers are when they bloom?

In addition to beautifying the pond, this flower is also believed to be able to bring prosperity, happiness, and a harmonious atmosphere in domestic life.

Besides being believed to bring good luck because it has a positive aura, this plant can also make the house more fragrant and spread positive energy to guests.

Money Tree or Pachira
ornamental plants in front of the house

You only need to water regularly, like treating cactus and succulents.

So that the house was visited by luck, you can save this plant in the yard or corner of a room.

Jade is a type of succulent plant that is believed to have positive energy related to the wealth and welfare of its owner.

If kept stored in the yard of the house, this plant seems to welcome success for its owner.

Orchid is commonly associated as a plant that symbolizes love.

luck in romance
peace of mind for those who see it
strengthen relationships between family members.
Besides being known in Feng Shui, ancient traditions from Greece also believe that orchids have something to do with fertility.

In other words, this plant is very suitable for newly married couples.

In-law Tongue
ornamental plants in front of the house

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Minimalist Fish Pond Design With A Beautiful Garden

For fish lovers, there is nothing more relaxing than seeing this one animal swimming around in a favorite fish pond. The fish that live in the back ponds of the house must definitely have a livable “house” that is visually good for garden design too. Minimalist fish pond is the best design that can be chosen to “dress up” a fish pond to make it look more aesthetic.

To make it happen, of course it takes some inspiration that can trigger the imagination to design the best minimalist pool.

Minimalist fish pond design that can give a reference.

Interested to see it?

Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration at Home
Minimalist Swimming Garden as a Liaison House
minimalist fish pond

Using a fish pond as access to the back garden is a very brilliant idea.

However, be careful not to splash when you enter at night, Friend.

Calm Your Mind with Natural Accents Around You
minimalist fish pond

This fish pond design is very integrated with the surrounding park.

Minimalist Fish Pond with “Waterfall”
minimalist fish pond

If you are bored with modern minimalist pools that are just like that, adding a “waterfall” can be an interesting solution.

In addition to beautifying the back garden as a whole, this minimalist pool waterfall also serves to maintain cleanliness in it.

Tetris Block in the Back Garden
minimalist fish pond

This unique pool shape will remind you of one of the blocks in the Tetrtis game that you often played as a child.

In addition, the minimalist design offered by this pool will give a modern look to the garden behind the house.

Zen at Wabi House
minimalist fish pond

Designed by Sebastian Mariscal asritek, Wabi House in Southern Californian creates a calming element in the house by making koi ponds between the walls of Shou Sugi Ban.

“Tiered” Pool for Maximum Visual Experience
minimalist fish pond

If you like a pool with a unique design, it never hurts to try this one design.

separate ponds whose water moves from one pond to another certainly offers an experience of enjoying a different fish pond.

Back to nature
minimalist fish pond

Fish pond with natural design like the picture above can actually make the garden feel more natural.

If you want natural elements behind the house, you can choose the design of this pond.

Concrete Pool that Calms the Heart
minimalist fish pond

Who would have thought that a simple pond in the middle of the park could complement the park perfectly?

Minimalist Fish Pond for Koi Equipped with Foothold
minimalist fish pond

This minimalist fish pond design does look soothing.

The combination of plants and lights will make you want to linger over the little paradise behind this house.

Simple Design that Looks Smart
minimalist fish pond

This L-shaped pond does indeed seem very simple.

However, this pool model can bring up the modern side of a house.

Fish Ponds as a Complementary Back Garden
minimalist fish pond

This minimalist fish pond is just a small part of the whole beautiful garden behind the house.

However, the existence of this pool can be a differentiator to bring balance in the park.

Luxurious Minimalist Fish Pond
The proof, this simple pool design can compensate for the luxurious look of this minimalist house.

Welcoming Guests in a Different Way
Not only behind the house, you can also bring a fish pond in the front of the house.

The minimalist fish pond model in front of this one house will surely impress the first guests.

Take the Lounge to the Next Level
Relax is no longer the same if you successfully apply this one inspiration.

Minimalist Fish Pond in the House with a Simple “Garden” Design
Bored with the design of fish ponds in the back garden?

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Minimalist Garden Inspiration In Various Angles Of The House

Did you know that June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day?

Don’t be confused!

Actually we can celebrate the commemoration from home.

Wow, it turns out the easy way!

By having plants at home, then you have helped celebrate.

You will also agree that a garden is important at home.

Yes, with a garden, the house will feel cool and able to make the residents feel comfortable.

However …

No need to worry!

You who have a minimalist home can also have a garden.

Know the various angles of garden placement at home.
Have a minimalist garden in the house.
Having a house with a unique garden.

In the middle of the article there will be an explanation of garden inspirations in the house.

Garden Outside the House Will Make Your Home Look Look More Beautiful

However …

Therefore, you certainly see a lot of minimalist houses that still make a garden in his house even though the park is small.

Here’s what you will get if you make a garden in front of the house:

Everyone who passes by will see your house looks very beautiful and cool.

If you make a garden behind your house you will also:

Can enjoy a beautiful house and plants will not be affected by road dust.

However, the disadvantages:

Choose Dwarf Plants But Shady
The existence of a tree can indeed make the house feel more calm and cool.

Here are some small plants to choose from:

Rambutan mini
Mini Manga
Mini longan
You can also use this to make the park more beautiful …

Yes, this plant does have a very unique and beautiful shape.

Therefore, bonsai will be very suitable when applied to all types of gardens.

To make it more interesting, you can plant some bonsai in your garden.

What is the best grass?

This type of grass does have the best quality when compared to other types of grass.

However …

You can also choose other types of grass that:

In accordance with your wishes and tastes.

However …

The existence of rocks can make the park look more natural.

Many types of stones can be chosen to decorate the park. Instead, choose a few rocks with different colors so that the park looks more unique.

You also must be clever in arranging it in the area around the park.


You can create an array of stones in your garden. With good creativity, the decoration on the garden will look very beautiful.

Other types of parks will also make the house look more unique, you know.

You only need to leave a little space in the house.

Garden In The House Makes A More Beautiful And Cool Look

Simply put, just imagine there is a small garden inside your house.

This park is considered practical to be applied and can make the house look more attractive.

To make it, you must:

Special room in the house to be used as a garden area

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The Idea of ​​Using a Narrow Garden Backyard So Beautiful & Cool

Having a narrow or minimalist backyard garden can be utilized as a variety of functional areas. Take a peek at 11 cool ideas to take advantage of this area!

With creativity, there are actually many cool ideas that can be applied to the back garden to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Here are design ideas you can try!

11 Ideas for Using a Narrow Garden Backyard
Narrow Garden Back House Becomes Tiny Relaxing Area
narrow back garden

Have a mini lounge area in a narrow house by juggling the back garden.

You can also plant grass to make this area more comfortable.

Don’t forget to add bean bags or beach chairs in the area.

Besides creating a relaxing area, you can also bring a hammock in the back garden.

Just bring a hammock there, then you can have a simple relaxing area.

If possible, you can also add a small table to place drinks.

  1. Make a Swing

The backyard of a small house can also be used as a garden with a swing.

Choose one that suits the theme of your home and your desires.

As a complement, you can also use synthetic grass and ornamental plants to enhance the atmosphere.

In this place, you can make a minimalist washing and drying area.

Creating a Minimalist Garden
narrow back garden
source: Archdaily

The remaining land behind the house can also be made into a beautiful mini garden.

Minimalist chairs and tables will also provide maximum comfort in the garden area.

To give a unique impression, present exposed brick on one wall as an attraction of the park.

Open concept mini kitchen can also be one of the ideas for backyard garden.

Despite its small size, the open concept will provide freshness.

In addition to the air that is freely felt, this concept also provides easy access to incoming sunlight.

Beautify the back of the house with a minimalist fish pond.

Also add natural stones and ornamental plants for an integrated impression to nature.

Fish ponds, rocks and plants will give a cool and fresh impression to the house.

Children’s Play Area

Small dwellings can also have a pleasant play area.

You do this by juggling the remaining land in the backyard into a comfortable playing area.

Use synthetic grass so your little one is comfortable and safe playing in the area.

Also add colorful pillows to make the atmosphere brighter.

Mini Dining Room

If the location of the kitchen in the house is behind the house, the remaining land in the back can be utilized as a mini dining room.

So the location of the kitchen and dining room are close together without having to use the area in the house.

To give the impression of spacious and airy, choose wood-colored furniture.