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Creating Bohemian Style, Colorful Interiors Reflect the Soul!

This interior design is likely to continue to be a contemporary and warmly discussed design.

Bohemian style is often referred to as an interior design boho which is intended for people who want the house to feel very lively and unusual.

Boho is inspired by people who have unconventional lives such as writers, actors, or travelers.

If you are looking for an unusual interior design that can bring out your identity, maybe this interior design is suitable for you.

Important Elements in Bohemian Style Interiors
Basic Color Bohemian Style
bohemian style
This interior design requires simple basic colors for each room.
This simple base color is intended so that the interior walls of your house become a perfect canvas for later you create yourself.
Use the neutral base colors as best you can and keep the colors dim so you can later combine them with expressive colors and patterns.
Unlike the case with the use of bright colors, later you will certainly have difficulty integrating with other boho elements.

Touch of the Botanical Elements
bohemian style
Boho interior is intended to provide comfort by creating a relaxed atmosphere.
Well, the application of botanical touch is the right thing because it can create comfort in the room.
In addition, plants are also easily available and affordable prices.
Please be creative with a variety of plants, ranging from plants in vases to hanging plants.

Game Bohemian Style Pattern
The easiest way to create a boho interior is to combine the same pattern.
You can start by combining contrasted patterned carpets to colorful pillows.
An important point in Boho interiors is the touch of the colors.
Be creative with a variety of contrasting colors, patterns, and so on.
Choose a color combination that can blend with all elements; especially darker, more luxurious colors such as burgundy, dark purple or emerald green.

You can start by using a low backrest sofa coupled with a comfortable soft pillow.
You can also use floor seating, but you must be smart to integrate it with the carpet as the base.
To strengthen the boho character, use antique and unique furniture.

Don’t Approach Minimalist Style
There is no such thing as a blank wall in a boho dictionary. The interior must look festive with a variety of bright color touches.
With this you can be more free to create, give soul to each room in accordance with your reflection.

Touch of Metal and Glass
To make the room look brighter, brighter, and wider you can add a touch of metal and glass.
Here you can also be creative, for example making your own glass mosaic.

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The Best Multifunction Table For Minimalist Homes

Multifunctional desks are the choice of many people who live in small houses. Multifunctional furniture allows a furniture to be used for two needs at once.

The selection of multifunctional furniture makes the space in a minimalist home feel more spacious because of the few items visible to the eye.

One of the furniture for a minimalist home is a multifunctional table.

There are various types of tables that are commonly used at home, ranging from study desks, work desks, dining tables, and others.

Table and Hanging Cupboard
This one furniture can be used in your room or office.
When opened, the cupboard door can function as a base for you to work.
On the side of the table there is also a shelf that you can use to store various items.

Dining Tables At Once Kitchen Cabinets
If the kitchen is small, you can use this type of cupboard
This cabinet at a glance looks like an ordinary cupboard, a place to store dishes, glasses, and various kitchen needs.
However, the top can be stretched to spread the table.
This table you can use to eat with your friends or small family.

Different conditions when there are guests coming to simply visit or celebrate something.

Folding table
This type of table can function as a decorative table and dining table.
When alone at home, you can use this table to display or place various items.

Dining Table and Pool Table at the same time
This table is specifically for you who have a hobby of playing billiards.
The table top can be opened and become a billiard playing arena.

Tables that can be folded against the wall will make a smaller room feel more spacious, because there is no large table.
If you need a table to eat or work, you can unfold the table on the wall.

Work Desk and Bed
One more solution to choosing a desk in a narrow space is to unite the bed with a work desk.
You can choose bunk beds like this.

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Inspiration Lights For Home Terraces

But even though it’s outside the home, which often applies outdoor or semi-outdoor styles, you also need to pay attention to the lighting.With a variety of inspirational lights for the porch that can be used as a choice, the lamp applied can also beautify and make the house look more charming you know.

With a style of porch lights that are quite diverse, you will more easily choose according to your needs.

Inspiration Lights For Terraces That Stick To The Wall
Application of lights in the wall area, including one option that you can apply. With the lights mounted on the wall, the terrace of the house still looks bright and beautiful.

Porch Lights With Bulb
One of the choices of lights that can be used for the porch is a light bulb type. Indeed this lamp is far from luxurious. But if you can apply it properly, your porch can look beautiful with this lamp. Moreover, the type of light bulb currently available are also several models that can be used as an attractive choice.

The light bulbs hanging on the porch can make the atmosphere feel like an outdoor party terrace.

Model Ball Lights For Terrace Floors
Lighting source and direction can be from anywhere.

With a concept like this, even more diffuse lighting. The impression of the terrace decoration was more creative and far from monotonous. But it’s good to pay attention to its placement so it doesn’t interfere with your steps or activities.

Porch Lights With A Simple Model …
Sticky lamps with a simple model that is placed on the roof of the terrace, including one of the terrace lighting ideas that you can choose. Especially at this time the lamp models are increasingly diverse with various sizes. Can be adjusted to the style of decoration easily.

For this one, it’s a classic lamp model
The classic teplok lamp model, it also can be used as an inspiration for the porch lights, you put it by hanging on a nail on the side of the porch wall. Easy, practical but fun and feels like going back to the past a few years ago right?

Now, from some of the inspirational lights for the terrace, which one makes you most interested?

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Dining Room Design For a Small House

The problem is that the dining room is very important for the whole family to eat.

So even though the available area is small, the dining room must still exist.
Choose the size of furniture that is round, which can make the design of a more spacious dining room because the shape of the round furniture is believed to be able to save space in a tiny-sized room.

The design of the dining room near the window makes the atmosphere more interesting. The lighting element is very important for small-sized dwellings.

So many windows in the dining room area are not a problem because besides being the main element of sunlight entering the house, near this window area, my friend can put tables and chairs to eat to optimize space space.

Proven right, if the small dwelling is no longer an obstacle to applying the design of a comfortable and beautiful dining room.

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Tips for Organizing a Minimalist Stylish Small House

Many people choose a small-sized house with a minimalist style for various reasons. Could be due to a limited budget or land, tastes, and so that it’s easy to clean.

Well, here are some tips on arranging a minimalist style small house to make it look roomy and comfortable.

Pay attention to lighting, do not just white
Many people assume that by applying white paint on the walls of the house will make the house look cool and spacious. Even though many interior designers say that white paint makes the room look more cramped if its use is inappropriate.

If the lighting in your house is dim and the walls are white, then there will be a shadow that causes your room to look gloomy and dirty.

Add a mirror
It is inevitable if a mirror in the room will be able to provide a visual effect on a room to make it look bigger. Mirrors can also be used as reflectors of light so that the house looks brighter.

Not only do these objects reflect objects and light, they can also make your room look lighter and more beautiful.

Large furniture placement
Large furniture but a few will be better for a modern minimalist home than a lot of small furniture. You can choose a set of furniture built in to give the impression of a spacious and simple room.

A large carpet, a large chandelier and even with a large mirror will make the room in your house look more spacious than furniture and accents are small.

Because the less furniture that is in your house will further highlight the modern impression of your home. In addition, by choosing furniture that is large but has little you do not need to bother to clean and maintain your furniture.

Large drawing
To make the impression that a simple minimalist house looks spacious can be done by making the focal point on one object that is quite prominent. You can put large paintings with unique drawings or drawings that have a certain philosophy.

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How to Make a Relaxing Reading Room

The existence of a lounge in the house can be realized for a variety of uses. One of them is to function as a comfortable reading room and gives the impression of being relaxed when in it.

Want to feel the warm and bright reading room, or want to make the reading room a little dark, everything can be started from the room color selection.

For a bright reading room selection, the wall color chosen is usually white or beige. Now, so that the room seems more attractive, choose a sofa with striking colors, to create a beautiful and attractive impression!

So that a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere can appear, try to consider the selection of a sofa or reading chair.

Try to choose a reading chair that has a backrest and a long leg, so that the reading position obtained can be more comfortable.

Don’t choose a reading light that is too bright
Furthermore, how to create a comfortable and memorable relaxing reading room can also be determined from the selection of reading lights.

We recommend that you choose a standing lamp model like the one above, so that when reading you can focus and concentrate more. And can create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the reading room.

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10 Tricks to Arrange a Simple But Elegant Home

Arranging a simple but elegant home interior is sometimes not easy, especially if you only have limited funds. However, realizing a simple but elegant home model is not impossible and can even be achieved with perfect totality.

Many interior designers reveal the secrets of arranging a simple but elegant home, from adding certain decorations to painting strategic points in the house. Kania will be various simple but elegant house tricks that will definitely benefit you!

Clean House = Luxury Home

Want the last trick that is not only easy, inexpensive but also important for the health of all family members in a simple but elegant home? Yes, the key is to diligently have a routine arrangement and cleaning system for simple but elegant homes.

Cleaning dust and wiping household appliances is routine maintenance that must be done at least once a week or two weeks. Make sure you also clean the windows, the ceiling, to the corner of the room without leaving the slightest gap.

House Paint Holds an Important Role

Determining the right color for house paint is probably one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner must make. But for those of you who want to have a simple but elegant home, try a combination of “bold and dramatic” or “soft and completely calm”.

By choosing one of the two options above, you can create a simple but elegant house with character.

Do not forget, choose black for the door of the house because black can give the impression of luxury. Balance also with some other room decor that is black.

Using a soft pillow

Pillows of various sizes are one easy way to create a simple but elegant home. The key is to carefully choose the motive, size and material of the pillows themselves.

Pillows that are too large will not make your house look elegant, on the contrary, it will make your house look full. If you have a house that tends to be small in size, choose decorative pillows that are simple and small in size.

Care for the Window Home Carefully

Want a simple but elegant home easily? Do not ignore the appearance of the home window. Always choose high-quality and high-quality window material, so that a simple but elegant home window will look sturdy and secure.

By diligently cleaning the shutters, including providing new oil paint is a way to present a simple but elegant home without spending a lot of money.

Adding Curtains Made from Soft

Still about the appearance of the window which is often the focus of a simple but elegant home. Add soft curtains in your room.

Materials such as silk, linen and cotton can usually be an effective alternative to window curtains for simple but elegant homes. If you don’t like fabrics, you can also choose good quality bamboo or wood curtains.

Don’t Forget the Right Lighting

Choosing the right lamp will give a touch of elegance to your simple but elegant home. Kania recommends that you do not hesitate to experiment with a variety of decorative lamps, both hanging lamps and floor lamps. It may feel trivial, but the right lighting can create a warm and cozy home atmosphere.

Wood Floor VS Carpet

It is undeniable that a house with a carpet is always synonymous with luxurious appearance. Especially for simple but elegant houses, Kania recommends that you choose classic, elegant and more affordable hardwood floors compared to end to end carpet installation.

Installing wooden floors in a simple house can be the most profitable property investment in the long run. Many choices ranging from solid wood floors, laminate, to other variations of wood floors that you can adjust to your budget.

Accessories and Decorations Add an Elegant Impression

Lots of homeowners don’t realize the important role of accessories for their home. Arranging a simple but elegant house can be realized with the right accessories.

Simple and elegant home decoration at

There are so many affordable ways you can try, for example by choosing certain themes such as sparkling gold or silver. Metal elements can add an immediate luxury effect if appended appropriately.

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Use Corner Sofas in the Living Room


Family gathering to spend quality time together is very important. Because of its importance, it must be supported by the selection of a comfortable sofa model! In order to make gathering in the family room more comfortable, try to choose a corner sofa model that is said to be flexible to be placed indoors.

Let’s see what inspiration inspires the placement of the corner sofa model in the living room?

And if this happens to your family room, don’t worry because with the corner sofa model of the asymmetric part of the family room it will still feel comfortable!

The use of this corner sofa model with velvet material has divided this asymmetrical family room into two different areas. The existence of ornamental potted plants also provides its own freshness between two different areas.

This corner sofa model is suitable for those who like simplicity
Because of its simple but aesthetic shape, the shape of this corner sofa is very suitable for you who apply a minimalist or scandi-look interior style.

Just need a decorative game on the sofa cushion course, it has become a comfortable and beautiful seat in the family room.

Place a corner sofa that is bounded by two walls
If the area of ​​your family room is located within an area bounded by two walls, then placing a corner sofa in it like this is the right solution.

The problem is besides saving space, the corner sofa can also accommodate a lot of seating capacity.

And to make it look more attractive, add a patterned patterned carpet to beautify the room.

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Scandinavian-style minimalist shelves with sturdy metal frames

When placed outside the home, not only is the design elegant and concise, the material made of metal and ceramics is clearly more sturdy and durable.

Bookshelves you can use for a collection of plants in the room

Not only for book enthusiasts, this versatile shelf can be used to organize plants in the house. Compact, neat, and pleasing to the eye. If you open it like this, you will definitely be triggered to arrange it well so that it is pleasing to the eye.

Like an ornamental plant shop
As a counterweight, the owner of this plant collection puts some cool lights in between these adorable plants. If there is such a cool spot at home, it seems like you don’t need to bother looking for cool backgrounds for photos or video conferencing.

If you want to put it outside the room, you should place it on a shady terrace to keep the shelf durable.

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Juggling the sink into a timeless plant rack
This stone sink can be transformed into a shelf for plants. No need to be painted, keep the original natural colors that are artsy. To avoid moss and fungus attacks, spray with special ingredients that you can make from vinegar or disinfectants.

Urban jungle really impressed
This kind of room design is actually not new, it is currently a trend and certainly has a lot to decorate your social media timeline. You do this by putting wood and rattan furniture, plus a rack containing a variety of living plants that create a cool atmosphere. The contrast of the color of wood with green leaves is indeed therapeutic, yes.

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Types of Window Curtains to Beautify the Home

Are you aware that the window is an important part because it can make the room feel warmer, more comfortable and more beautiful? Well, you can make the window more beautiful by adding curtains that fit the size of the room.

A simple curtain can beautify the appearance of a room you know. For those of you who are still looking for the right window curtain design or idea to be installed in the dwelling, here are inspiring curtain ideas that can make the room more comfortable.

You can use minimalist window curtains that are only one layer and thin.  But to be durable, you need to choose curtains with quality materials and look beautiful even if installed without a combination with other curtains.

Oriental bamboo curtains

You can create a natural atmosphere that is completely natural by using curtains from bamboo material. In addition to easy and practical maintenance, curtains made from bamboo are also very easy to mix and match with other furniture in the room. This curtain can provide enough privacy for residents. So, you don’t need to worry if bamboo curtains will damage the appearance of the room in your home. Oriental accents will make the room look more fresh and unique for a minimalist or modern home.

Monochrome Curtains

For a minimalist or masculine home style, you can use monochrome curtains that are soft and comfortable. Beige, gray or white color palette can be your choice. You can also use bolder colors like black or dark ash. The impression of luxury at home you can definitely get without having to sacrifice the bright atmosphere in the room. Monochrome curtains can also decorate the room attractively and stylishly without too much impression. For the ingredients, you can choose soft material with a rather heavy weight to create an impression of luxury.

Neutral and white combination curtains

These two color combinations are the safest choice of curtains that are a perfect match for all residential design styles. Neutral colors for curtains are very reliable to display bright space and look wider. This one curtain can be imitated for those of you who don’t want too many accents or decor, but can still get the maximum benefit from the beautiful curtains. The neutral beige color with the combination of white curtains is also suitable for all types of furniture of various colors, including furniture from wood.

Fitted Curtains

For those who like a neat style and not complicated, you can try to inspire a small long curtains with a certain model fitted this one. You can also custom these curtains according to the width and height of the house window which is then fitted snugly to the plane. As a result, the room will look more presentable with long curtains and fitted like this. Yummy again, curtains like this can also be tied at the waist as a place of entry of light from outside.

Two Color Curtains

Want to give a unique impression to the room? You can use two different colors and patterns for the left and right sides of the window. This unique and unusual equivalent will instead provide its own freshness and uniqueness to the room, as well as being far from boring. The appearance of windows with different color curtains is also suitable for women’s rooms or living rooms.

Gradation Curtains

With the right color and curtain motifs, the room can look more lively and cheerful. Not only that, the thickness of the curtain can also determine the intensity of the light entering the room. Well, try to choose gradation curtains like this one. In addition to remaining unique, this one curtain also can still make the room stay cool and seem spacious.