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6 Inspiration for Sliding Doors at Home

Although not a top choice, it turns out the sliding door or better known as the sliding door has many functions. The sleek door that is often used to separate the room can be used as a smart investment thanks to the advantages of its design and function. The many unique, minimalist, and stylish designs make this sliding door suitable for whatever your home design. Having a slim physique, allows sliding doors to be installed anywhere in your home. Come on, get inspiration for the placement of sliding doors through this article!

Also when throwing a sliding door will give more space or a more intimate formal atmosphere with the door closed and make the room seem very spacious.

Therefore, sliding doors are perfect for those of you who have dirty and clean kitchens at home!

Gives an Elegant Impression to the Bathroom
No matter whether your bathroom is large or small, sliding doors will make it more practical and simple. The minimalist design of the sliding door will give an elegant impression. Most importantly, sliding doors will save space in your bathroom!

Sliding Doors that Beautify the Balcony
Source: Slim Line Glazing & Aluminum Systems
When used as a room divider between your home and balcony, sliding doors will give a sweet touch. Especially when choosing a transparent sliding door, in addition to adding natural lighting into the house, of course also will provide unlimited views outside the home.

Transition between rooms
Sliding doors can maximize the room of your house very well. In addition, sliding doors are perfect for homes that need more space, thanks to the mechanism of the sliding door when it opens compared to ordinary doors. Especially by using glass material, the transparency of the sliding door glass panel will give the impression of relief to the room!

Use sliding doors to add a contemporary touch to the interior of your room! That is because the sliding door is more modern compared to conventional cabinet doors and gives the impression of relief.

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5 variations of unique wall paint techniques

The beauty of a house is not only seen from the building, but also from the interior design chosen. One of the walls of the house, becomes an important thing that is inevitable in assessing the success of your home interior. Of course, the results of a beautiful wall paint can not be separated from the technique of painting. Not just using brush and roller applicators, applicators for painting walls are very diverse. Therefore, this time will discuss 5 variations of unique wall paint techniques that will make a house even more instagramable!

You can immediately dip one of these applicators and apply it to the wall freely. In an instant your home will become super artistic and instagramable!

Motive Technique
If you like the beauty of patterned walls, you can apply them all to the walls of your house without using wallpaper. It’s really easy to do, one of which is by stamping the motif or by using a patterned roller brush and TADAA! The walls of your house immediately change to become more classy and instagramable!

Mural Technique
This technique is the most hits among young people. This technique allows you to express yourself and your personality even more! Using paint or spray gun, the mural technique produces a 2D work of art in your bedroom. Come on, channel your imagination and creativity through this one painting technique!

Ombre / Gradation Techniques
Gradation technique or better known as ombre is a subtle blend of old and young colors. The beauty of this blend is guaranteed to add aesthetic value to the walls of your home because of the strong artistic impression. Surely your home will look more perfect with a supportive interior arrangement!

Geometric Engineering
The beauty of art galleries can move to your home with geometric painting techniques! You can produce artsy and colorful touches on the walls using only paper or even masking tape. Especially if you are good at choosing color combinations, every guest who comes will definitely not be able to not praise your home!

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Choice of Bedroom Floor at Home

The bedroom floor is one of the important parts to create a comfortable bedroom. This means that the floor of the room must be comfortable to stand on, it is also beautiful to look at.

However, some people often underestimate the floor, so it is often the forgotten part when designing a bedroom. Display wooden floors can also make the bedroom interior look more beautiful and pleasant you know.

But it’s good if you want to use wood floors for the bedroom, you choose a strong type so it is more durable and durable. Care must also be taken so that the wooden floor always looks beautiful and good.

Easy to obtain, the price is quite affordable, ceramics also do not require complicated maintenance. Ceramics are also easy to clean and durable.

But during the daytime, ceramics might make the room feel more comfortable and cooler.

Keeping vinyl floor clean is quite easy. So if you use it for a child’s room floor, you will also find it easier to maintain cleanliness and clean it if it is exposed to dirt.

Vinyl can also be an option if you want to have a floor with wood motif in the bedroom, but want a more affordable price and easy maintenance.

Therefore, you can use it on the ceramic floor to reduce the effects of cold which may be quite surprising in the morning.

Because of the nature of carpets that easily make dust accumulate, make sure you don’t forget to clean them regularly. The application can also be used for the entire floor of a room or just a part, can be adjusted to the wishes of my friend.

It could be the appearance of the floor is the most important, but it can also be comfort when stepped on more. Think about it as well as possible, my friend.

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Best Minimalist Wood Stair Designs | Many Functions And Do Not Need Broad Space

Wooden stairs become one type of ladder that is used by many people at home. However, if you have a minimalist space, you must consider many things before choosing the design of wooden stairs.

Wooden stairs are widely used by people because it gives a warm impression at home.

In addition, materials from wood will also create a traditional feel to the interior of the house.

If you like wooden stairs, you need to take good care of them, because wood is easily damaged if exposed to water.

In addition to caring for it well, you also need to be selective in choosing a minimalist wooden staircase design.

Reporting from various sources, the following recommendations for the best wooden stair design that is suitable to be applied in your minimalist home.

Best Minimalist Wood Stair Design
Multifunctional Wooden Stairs
One of the things you can do in a narrow space is to maximize all available space, including stairs.
That little space can be used as a bookshelf or a place where you can store various things.
You can also use the stairs to be a drawer where you can store clothes and other items.

This type of stairs will create an empty space under the stairs.
You can also use under the stairs to put various items.

Super Vertical
So as not to take up a lot of space, you can narrow the width of the stairs to make the stairs.
You can make stairs with a size that is not too large.
You can add railings so that people who climb the stairs feel safe.
The risk of making this ladder is a rather steep angle, so you must be careful when going up and down stairs.

Ribbon Shaped Ladder
This one wooden stair design is for you who are bored of the usual staircase design.
Just like a super vertical ladder, you can make this ladder a bit steep.

Free up space under the stairs
You can also choose a standard wooden stair design.
The most important part in a minimalist room is the bottom of the stairs should be able to be used for other things, such as storing goods.

Turning Ladder
One type of stairs that can be used in a minimalist home is a rotary ladder.
In making a rotary ladder, you must consider the steepness of the ladder.

Made Like a Prism
This one stair design is for you who are bored with ordinary stair designs.

Folding ladder
Another alternative for your minimalist home is to use a folding ladder.
You can use a folding ladder when you need it.
When you don’t need it, you can fold the stairs easily.

Turning Ladder
So that the stairs in the house are not too steep, you can outsmart by adding landing.
Those are the nine best wooden stair designs that we recommend.

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Inspiration Model of Minimalist House Doors Of Wood And Iron

See some minimalist house door models that can certainly make the look of the house look even more cool!

Minimalist house needs a minimalist door too!
This door usually has a simple design but looks modern and trendy.
Surely if you use this door your house will look more fashionable, deh!

Inspiration of the Wooden Door Model
Minimalist Wooden House Door Models
model of house door

This wooden door has a simple look that makes the house look more contemporary.

Wooden panels mounted neatly on the door give a modern impression on the house.

There are unique door handles that are installed vertically from top to bottom of the door.

You can use this door as the front door and inside the house.

Checkered Wooden Doors
model of house door

However, this door will look beautiful when used as the front door of the house!

Modern Wooden Doors
model of house door

If you have a house with a monochrome feel, this door is suitable for use in your home.

The wood color is painted to black so that it adds an elegant impression to the door.

Besides the door, a window with an attractive design is added that adds to the beauty of this door.

Wooden Door Image of Owl

This door has a carved owl on the door.

The eyes of the owl are made into a window that makes the house look charming.

The use of this door at home can make the house look like it came from a fairyland!

Inspiration of the Iron Door Model
Model of a windowed iron house door
model of house door

There is a medium-sized window on the iron door that can make the room brighter.

The design is minimalist so it is suitable to be used in Scandinavian nuanced homes.

This door is suitable to be used as a door to an outdoor area, such as a front door or a door to a garden area.

Yellow makes this door look more striking and more charming.

This door is suitable to be used as the front door of the house.

Futuristic motifs on the door make this door look more modern.

The combination of copper and iron colors on the door gives a fashionable touch to the room.

This one door looks integrated with the surrounding wall.

Carved trees on the walls and doors add aesthetic value to this area.

Install this door as the front door of the house, so that guests who visit your residence will be enchanted by your home!

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How to Take Care of a Door to Stay Durable

Is the door to your house made of wood? If so, how to take care of the correct wooden door? When caring for a wooden door, you must take extra care so that the wooden door becomes durable and durable.

A durable door can make you feel safe because its strength is still invincible, so it can protect the contents of your home. Care for the wooden door of the house must be done at all times so that there are no serious problems such as damage to the wooden door.

How to Take Care of a Good Wooden Door
How to care for wooden doors is very easy if you understand what to do.

1. The door is weathered
How to treat weathered wooden doors can be dried. Usually this often happens in the rainy season, due to the nature of wood that will rot if exposed to water or humid air, therefore wooden doors are rarely used to be a bathroom door. As much as possible you dry the wooden door and clean it. You can provide lubricants that have water repellent properties. Apply the lubricant to all parts of the surface of your wooden door. Wait until it is dry and guaranteed that your wood is free from weathering.

2. Wooden doors must be lacquered to be free from damage
Do not leave ordinary wooden doors without varnish at all. This can make the door quickly damaged, one of which is eaten by termites. The solution is to do varnish on your wooden door. Besides, it’s also a good idea to do varnish on the door of the house, because it will look even better with the impression of natural fibers that are getting sharper.

3. Over the tenuous door

You can press the door or caulking it with additional material similar to the type of wood used.

Those are some ways to care for a good wooden door. Do not underestimate wooden doors because wooden doors require extra care. Take some care above if you experience these problems on wooden doors at home.

Things To Look For On How To Take Care Of Wooden Doors
Some things you should consider in caring for a wooden door that is need to check regularly. Pay attention to the paints and coatings that you use, such as the following tips for caring for wood door paints to last. You must ensure that all materials used to coat wood surfaces are waterproof. The goal is that wood is not easily weathered.

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8 Minimalist Window Models That Make Houses More Stylish

Confused determine the right window design for the house? Besides having a function that is vital for the comfort of a home, the window must also have an appropriate design so that the overall appearance of the house can look harmonious, one of which is a minimalist model.

The window is a determinant of air circulation and the amount of light entering. In addition, the shape and placement of the window will also affect the beauty of your home. Therefore, there are many models and choices of minimalist windows to choose from. Want to know the most suitable window model for your home? Preview the following window designs.

Transom Window Model

Transom window placed above the door frame or other window. This installation technique allows the window transom has a variety of shapes that match the window or home design. Therefore, the window is equipped with a rod and hinges that allow it to be opened from the bottom. Transom model is quite practical and flexible because it is suitable to be placed in various areas of the house.

Curved Window Model

Want to make the room look more elegant? This window model will be very fitting if applied to a house that has an elegant and luxurious classic interior theme. Model window with a square bottom and the top of a semicircular arch is able to provide a soft effect on the room. Classic curved windows can have a beautiful and sweet effect on a home. To add a luxurious and majestic feel, add curtains that suit your room’s taste and design theme.

This window model combines two glass windows in a frame so that it has a more dynamic appearance. To move this window, you can move it down or up. You can choose this window model to get a classic look at home.

Folding or Bi-fold Window Models

This one model is quite unique, because not only can it function as a window but you can also use it as a room divider. Folding or bi-fold windows can be folded with a bend side that can be directed to the middle or stacked to the side of the room. Usually, bi-fold windows are used on the side of the room near open areas such as parks or swimming pools. The use of this window will make the room seem more spacious, light and air circulation can enter more optimally, and make the room more open.

Picture Window Model

If you want to place this window, you can choose the side of the room that does not really need air ventilation, but has a beautiful outdoor view. Not only that, the use of this window can also reduce electricity usage at home because natural light can enter in large quantities.

Sliding Window Model

The sliding window model is very suitable for use in homes with limited area because of the practicality and the model of window openings that don’t take up much space. This one cook model is applied to the type of house with modern or contemporary interior design. This window can also be used as a door or room partition, you know.

Casement Window Model

Casement window has a vertical side that is longer than the horizontal side. Although impressed with the window in general, but the shutters on this model have additional features such as hinges that can hold the window in a certain position. This window model is suitable for use in rooms that really need fresh air like in the kitchen area.
Frosted Window Model

Slightly different from other windows, this one model gives the appearance of frosted glass and provides more privacy for you.

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7 Effective Ways to Clean Wood Flooring at Home

7 Effective Ways to Clean Wood Flooring at Home

Modern society is increasingly creative in integrating flooring materials with home interiors. One that is increasingly preferred is the use of wooden floors. Because this one material makes the house seem more comfortable and attractive.

Sweeping the floor cleanly

Just like the floor made of ceramic, wood floors must also be swept every day. Because sweeping wooden floors is important to get rid of large amounts of dirt. You should use a broom or a plastic broom with a smooth texture so it is not prone to cause scratches on the surface of the wood.

In addition to sweeping, mopping the wooden floor is equally important. Because a wet mop must be effective at removing dust and dirt from the wood surface. However, you must squeeze the mop properly before you start to mop the wooden floor.

Wood materials for floors are indeed sensitive to excessive water content. If exposed to a lot of water for a long time, the wooden floor will swell and the adhesive material can be easily released. Even worse, the water content also makes the wooden floor become brittle and moldy.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Materials

You can use a scented floor cleaning fluid to clean the wood floor thoroughly. However, you should be more careful about choosing other cleaning products because the texture of wood floors is very susceptible to certain chemicals.  This is so the texture and color of the wooden floor remains as natural as when newly installed.

Clean Wood Floors with a Vacuum Cleaner

Do not neglect the benefits of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning wooden floors. Parts between wooden floors are usually prone to become nests of dust and dirt.

It would be better if you clean it with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. Make sure that the wooden floor is thoroughly cleaned and does not leave any dirt. Clean wood floors will maintain quality for years.

Sharp objects certainly make the wooden floor vulnerable to scratches.

Polish the floor with special lubricant products

Today there are special lubricant products that can maximize the natural luster of wood floors. You can use the product every few months to restore the natural color of wood floors. Read the product usage instructions carefully before using it. Usually you have to prepare a long time lag when using these lubricant products so that the wooden floor is clean and comfortable to step on.

Use Vinegar Solution to Remove Stains

You must use a solution with a mixture of vinegar to clean it optimally. Mix 60 ml of vinegar in a liter of water. Next, start mopping the wooden floor with the vinegar solution.

Don’t forget to do the second mop process with clean water to remove the remnants of vinegar on the surface of the wooden floor. This simple method proved effective in removing stubborn dirt in the form of soil or mud.

Do not hesitate to choose wood flooring material to beautify the interior of your home. If you already know the right way to clean wood floors, of course you can do it easily.

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More Attractive Stair Design

Custom home stairs also have high artistic value to make it look more charming you know. Beautiful wood floors, carpets, can beautify every room to house furniture, built-in, and other home decor items. If you have a multi-level house, it can also function as a number of attractive options for flooring and modifying stairs.

Visualizing the uniqueness of the stairs for the house, as for the design approach that can be taken for the construction and installation of stairs. If you already know exactly what you want, the details of the dream ladder to be reimagined to be more charming.

From grand staircases and warm traditional styles to contemporary and industrial. The most important thing to remember is that customizing isn’t just a link between various areas of the house. Stairs also play an important role in regulating the look and feel of your home. A well-designed staircase can give a touch of contemporary living room back to the Victorian era or create a warm welcome at the entrance.

So, when you focus on functional parts, don’t forget the decoration and aesthetics. Well, here are some stairs design ideas to make your ladder more colorful during your days at home. Learn how to use fences, carpets, lighting, and colors to create unique styles.

Custom Stairs On The Floor Area
Taking the largest surface area, the stairs floor set the appearance of the stairs. There are various style choices depending on your budget, the level of maintenance you are looking for and your friend’s decorating preferences on the staircase floor and change it to start custom.

Custom With Carpet Installation
Gives a ladder with a feeling of warmth and comfort. This can also help reduce noise when people go up and down.

Two main carpet ideas to choose from: full carpet or a long stretch of stairs. Ideal carpet with a laying in the middle will not close the impression of a beautiful staircase.

The carpet will add some warmth without hiding the floor is also easier and cheaper to install. If you are familiar with home improvement projects, you can even remodel your own carpet.

Find a unique pattern that blends in with the surrounding decoration but still draws the eye toward the stairs. You can also choose a carpet without a neutral pattern if you want the usual minimalist style. This is also where you can add some interest to the texture.

Wood with a certain beauty that many homeowners like. One of the advantages of wooden stairs is the ease of maintenance. You don’t need to worry about trapped stains or odors.

Choose a good pattern that gives a bold impression on your stairs.

Painted Stair Surface
If you don’t want to cover the weight but don’t want to leave it, try touching your hands with illusions. With some creativity and help a person can turn a plain ladder into whatever you want and conceptualize.

One popular trick is creating a good trailing illusion. You can also be artsy and make films or natural scenes on the stairs. This can be very useful for long stairs because this art provides a diversion from a long journey to the top.

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Modern Front Door Designs, Interior Design Ideas

Inspiration of Anti Mainstream House Door Design
Model door is one of the elements of the house that needs to be considered carefully. First, the material for the door model of the house must be strong and have a key that is not easily broken. Second, consideration of the aesthetic value of the door model of the house itself.

Most residential owners prefer the minimalist door model because it is more simple and suitable for any home concept. However, it never hurts to also choose a unique model of home door.

A unique door model will make your house look different and anti-mainstream so that all the neighbors will gape. Interested in using it? C’mon, take a peek at the six unique door models from Kania below!

Model of House Door that Rotates 180 °

So far, the spinning door model is only found in luxury malls. In fact, in fact the concept can also be applied to the door model of the house, as in the inspiration above. However, the rotation is only 180 °, yes!

To open it, you only need to push the door model of this house like a door in general. It’s just that this door model is designed without using hinges, but instead uses a shaft in the middle so it can rotate.

The use of wood material on this door model is in line with the wall next to it so it can create a camouflage effect. Thus, this door model looks like a normal wall when closed. Very unique, huh?

Model of Curved House Door

The model of the door to the house with an arch at the top is more identical for a classic style house. However, with the right paint and material selection, this door model can also look minimalist, you know! Like the inspiration above, this door model is framed using pink paint and around it there is a lounger to relax, a wall lamp, and some lanterns that are hung on the wall.

This door model looks unique because the opening is divided in a ratio of 1: 3, not 1: 1 like a door in general. Part of the door using wood material painted white. Meanwhile, the rest use glass material which also functions as a window. As a complement, there is a minimalist canopy roof that follows the shape of this curved door model.

Model Door of the House of Fiction

For those of you fans of fictional stories, surely you will imagine a model of the door of a house full of engraving like this. More precisely, a wooden door with carved pictures of animals. The nuances of the door model of this house feels mystical, especially the part of the frame is made of iron poles that are formed like roots of vines. In addition, the roof terrace near the door model of this house is also supported by iron that resembles tree trunks and branches. Dare to use this door model house?

Model of House Doors with Attractive Colors

At first glance, this one door model does look ordinary. The shape is rectangular with two openings. However, the selection of a bright yellow color that makes this house door model look unique and is guaranteed to make your neighbors gawk.

This door model uses black hinges. In addition, the appearance of this door model is even more striking because it is flanked by gray walls. It is certain that this door model will continue to be reflected in the memories of those who pass through it.

Model Door House with Tree Shadow

Forget for a moment the function of the curtain to keep the sun out through the door model of the house that uses glass material. You can replace the curtains with tree shadow images, as in the inspiration above.

The shadow is made of boards which are cut and carved into tree shapes. After finishing making it, you can stick it on the front side of the glass door model. In addition to dispelling sunlight, neighbors who pass in front of your house can enjoy its beauty and uniqueness. With this door model, it feels like being in the middle of a forest.

A Model of a Small Size House Door

Want to have a model of a magnificent door, but the difficulty to open and close it because it is too big? Then, this one door model is perfect for you. The door model of this house is about the size of a standard door, but it looks very majestic and big thanks to the deceptive doors on both sides.

Meanwhile, at the top of the door model, there is a small window. Not only that which makes it look unique and magnificent, the frame on the door model of this house was made using cement so that it looks more perfect.

Now, of the six door models that Kania has shared above, which one is your favorite? Whatever your choice, do not forget to prioritize safety, yes! Congratulations decorate your home with a unique model of the house door!