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Beautiful Home Interior Inspiration with Basic Colors

Beautiful Home Interior Inspiration with Basic Colors
The choice of the color of the paint inside the house is indeed one of the important elements when you want to design the house. There are so many factors that need to be considered to turn on the colors in the house, such as the design and concept of the house as a whole, the impression you want highlighted, the mood or atmosphere you want to be formed, to the lighting techniques.

Therefore, so that you do not regret or have the trouble of repainting because you are not satisfied, the following Kania will inspire a charming home room with a base or primary color that you can emulate. Curious as to what? Come on, just take a peek below!

Yellow Basic Color that Brings Excitement

The basic color of yellow is identical to the bright sun and brings warmth in the room. This basic color can also give the impression of happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism in the room. In addition, this yellow base color can also give wide effect to a room, you know!

You can apply this bright basic color paint in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Thanks to its ability to give the illusion of a more spacious room, a room that uses this basic color will not feel crowded or stuffy.

dining room with basic color paint application

If you are afraid that the yellow base color is too flashy, you can combine it with a matching color, such as green, brown, or white to give a natural shade that is shady and comfortable. The supporting colors you can present through ornamental plants, wooden dining tables, lamp shades, or furry carpets.

Elegant and Soothing Blue Base Color

The basic color of blue is very identical with a calm and elegant impression. This basic color is believed to be able to reduce emotions and turmoil so as to make the mind more peaceful.

Usually, the basic blue color is widely applied to the bedroom. This is because the basic color of blue is able to create a comfortable feel so you can rest and sleep more soundly, both during the day or night.

In addition, this basic color is also suitable to be combined with natural colors. Rattan chairs, nightstand, floor lamps, to the brown headboard in this bedroom make the room not seem monotonous.

If you don’t like the natural color, you can replace it with other bright colors, such as salmon, pink, or yellow. You can present bright colors on the bed linen, pillows, rugs or wall hangings.

Basic Red Color Full of Energy

This red base color is perfect for those of you who want to liven up an atmosphere full of energy in the house. To make the basic colors in the interior of the terean home more dynamic, you can mix them with other colors, like dark green on the sofa.

dining room ideas with the red base color

This basic red color is believed to be very suitable to be applied to a room that is often used as a gathering place because it can effectively increase the occurrence of conversations between people who are there. Therefore, the basic red color is widely applied to the living room, dining room, or family room.

Mix of Basic Colors Blue and Yellow

Green is not a basic color, but green is a mixture of basic colors blue and yellow. Well, for those of you who don’t like basic colors, just try to apply paint from a mixture of basic colors, like this one inspiration.

The green color in the room has a natural and refreshing impression. In addition, the combination of the basic colors of blue and yellow is also able to create an atmosphere of harmony and calm atmosphere. Thus, your home always looks charming and pleasant.

Do not hesitate to apply green in the bedroom. You can also combine this basic color mix with functional furniture or other color bedroom decor accents, such as white to give the impression of minimalism or chocolate for a warmer impression.

Mixed Red and Yellow Basic Colors

Besides green, there is also orange which is a mixture of red and yellow basic colors. Although the orange color is rarely used because it seems too striking, but this color can give the impression of its own charming if you are right in applying it. The combination of red and yellow basic colors can bring a bright and youthful feel that makes the house more alive.

This compact orange color is suitable to be applied in the family room, dining room, or kitchen. The family room and dining room are a place to gather so it is very suitable to be given a touch of orange that can create warmth.

Meanwhile, the impression of enthusiasm and cheerfulness that is presented by a mixture of basic colors of red and yellow can also make you more excited when cooking. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting techniques in your room too!

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Elegant and Warm Scandinavian Design Ideas

Nursery or nursery room is the most coveted thing in housing, especially for those of you who will soon have a baby. Of course you want to create an atmosphere and environment that supports the growth of your little angel. Come on, discover the concept of nursery design that you can apply at home!

Elegant and elegant Scandinavian model
This design idea is suitable for your baby’s room, because it is a unique and elegant design. For those of you who like functionality, this design is the perfect choice for your baby! With large windows, sunlight can enter easily. Saving electricity but the room is still bright!

Multicolored Soft Ala Pastel
For those of you who like things that are trendy, this design can be a choice. In addition to the design that has a calm touch, this design also makes your baby’s room seem more colorful and cool! This soft color combination is suitable for boys and girls.

Mural design for your baby’s room is the right choice! This design is more varied when compared to using wallpapers with limited images. With murals, you can pour all your imagination on the walls of your baby’s room. Murals make the room more lively and cheerful with pictures of animals, plants, even cartoon characters. This style is worth entering your design list!

Nice Rooms with Antique Decorations
Vintage design is better known for something about antiques that have good and good quality. Identical to the bed which uses a mosquito net makes this style suitable for your baby’s room! Babies can sleep soundly without mosquito interference. The antique element is further strengthened by a sturdy metal bed frame that will keep your baby safe while sleeping.

Present Luxury with a Classic Model
Classic design is a design that will never die. Because the classic design does not change or keep up with the times but this design always attracts the attention of many people. Classic gives the impression of luxury, elegance and strength. Using neutral colors is perfect for your baby’s room and of course this style can be passed on to your other baby!

Modern Minimalism that is Always Dynamic
This design style emphasizes the minimalism and functionality of an interior. Modern also follows the path of the times. For those of you who like things that are trendy, this design should be applied to your baby’s room!

Rustic Model Bring Outdoor Atmosphere in the Room
The concept of rustic is increasingly popular lately. This design gives a very thick traditional touch. However, this traditional concept is still interesting when combined with a modern touch.

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How to Decorate a Bedroom Window

Of course, about designing the bedroom, my friend also must pay attention to the window area. The thing is, windows are an important part of architecture for creating a healthy and bright bedroom atmosphere. It makes it also important, to decorate the bedroom window so that it can look attractive. Like how to decorate a bedroom window that is easily applied?

The easiest way to decorate a bedroom window by using curtains
The most can be directly applied as a step or way to decorate a bedroom window is to, apply curtains.

And the use of curtains in the bedroom window, there are also many types. Buddy can be free to choose anyway, what type of curtain you want to use.

Or is it a type of lightweight curtain that can bring a relaxed atmosphere into the bedroom?

Want to make it as a relaxing area, add a mattress and pillows to make it comfortable
The trend to make a window as one of the corners of relaxing in a residence, can be an interesting idea. But to work around this first, make sure you have a ‘overdraft’ window design that you can use to sit and relax.

How to decorate a bedroom window like this, really suitable for my friend who likes reading while looking at the view in the yard. To make it more comfortable, put some cute decorative pillows to make the window seat attractive!

It makes it to work out how to decorate a small bedroom window, just put the decorative plant pots placed on the shelves.

With plants placed near this window, the interior appearance of the bedroom can be more cool and attractive.

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Creating Bohemian Style, Colorful Interiors Reflect the Soul!

This interior design is likely to continue to be a contemporary and warmly discussed design.

Bohemian style is often referred to as an interior design boho which is intended for people who want the house to feel very lively and unusual.

Boho is inspired by people who have unconventional lives such as writers, actors, or travelers.

If you are looking for an unusual interior design that can bring out your identity, maybe this interior design is suitable for you.

Important Elements in Bohemian Style Interiors
Basic Color Bohemian Style
bohemian style
This interior design requires simple basic colors for each room.
This simple base color is intended so that the interior walls of your house become a perfect canvas for later you create yourself.
Use the neutral base colors as best you can and keep the colors dim so you can later combine them with expressive colors and patterns.
Unlike the case with the use of bright colors, later you will certainly have difficulty integrating with other boho elements.

Touch of the Botanical Elements
bohemian style
Boho interior is intended to provide comfort by creating a relaxed atmosphere.
Well, the application of botanical touch is the right thing because it can create comfort in the room.
In addition, plants are also easily available and affordable prices.
Please be creative with a variety of plants, ranging from plants in vases to hanging plants.

Game Bohemian Style Pattern
The easiest way to create a boho interior is to combine the same pattern.
You can start by combining contrasted patterned carpets to colorful pillows.
An important point in Boho interiors is the touch of the colors.
Be creative with a variety of contrasting colors, patterns, and so on.
Choose a color combination that can blend with all elements; especially darker, more luxurious colors such as burgundy, dark purple or emerald green.

You can start by using a low backrest sofa coupled with a comfortable soft pillow.
You can also use floor seating, but you must be smart to integrate it with the carpet as the base.
To strengthen the boho character, use antique and unique furniture.

Don’t Approach Minimalist Style
There is no such thing as a blank wall in a boho dictionary. The interior must look festive with a variety of bright color touches.
With this you can be more free to create, give soul to each room in accordance with your reflection.

Touch of Metal and Glass
To make the room look brighter, brighter, and wider you can add a touch of metal and glass.
Here you can also be creative, for example making your own glass mosaic.

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Inspiration to the Latest Dining Room Paint Color Options. Make the Room Look Beautiful And Attractive

Come on, look at some inspiring dining room paint colors below!

From calm colors like beige to bright colors like yellow you can apply to your dining room.

The right color can help add aesthetic value to a room.

Reporting from and, here are some choices of the latest dining room paint colors that you can inspire!

Dining Room Color Paint Inspiration
Blue Gray
the color of the dining room paint
For dining rooms with modern or industrial nuances, you can use grayish blue in the room.
This color is suitable combined with wood furniture and cream carpet.
Give a touch of gold to add a splash of color to the dining room.
You can also combine gray blue with white to give a luxurious feel.

the color of the dining room paint
Pink can give an elegant feminine feel to the dining room.
Combine this color with black and white on furniture so that the room looks more charming.
You can also add gold decorations so the room looks adopt a contemporary feel.

Cheerful Yellow
the color of the dining room paint
Yellow can make the room look brighter and brighter.
This color is also said to increase our appetite, so it is suitable for use in the dining room.
The combination of yellow and white will make the room look homey and comfortable.
Add a metallic or gray touch to the room so the yellow color isn’t too flashy.

Neutral Cream
For those of you who want a neutral color to the dining room, you can use beige.
Beige is a flexible color and suitable to be applied in the dining room with any nuance.
To make the room not too monotonous, you can add bright colors like white, blue, or red to the furniture and room decor.

Classic Green
Classic design is not only dominated by white.
The proof, the green color can make the room look more elegant and luxurious.
Apply green with a unique texture in the dining room so the room looks different from other rooms.
Combine this color with wooden furniture, such as chairs, tables, and wooden cabinets.
The reason is that green is a fairly old color and sunlight can make this color brighter.

Purple Lavender
For you who want a contemporary and grand dining room, you can use lavender purple.
The famous purple can make any room look more expensive.
You can combine this color with white to add a graceful impression to the room.

Use dark furniture like black to make this room look more attractive.

This color is also a calm color that you can mix with any color.
To give the impression of the ocean, you can add wooden furniture to the room.

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Classic Home Design Inspiration!

Often see the artist’s house that looks magnificent like a palace? It is one of the houses that uses a classic themed design. Come on, see the inspiration of classic home design in this review!

Classic design is one of the popular designs in Indonesia.

Typically, this design is applied to large houses, such as mansions or villas.

Classic houses are also synonymous with the dwelling of successful people, because it takes expensive costs to build buildings like this.

Come on, see the classic home design inspiration below!

Classic Home Design Inspiration
Modern Classic Home Design

Modern classic home design you can apply to your home if you don’t like too much decoration.

This design has the same characteristics as the classic design, such as the presence of poles and large windows.

However, the pillars and windows are made simple without additional carvings so the house looks more contemporary.

Full of Pole Decorations
One characteristic of classical design in Indonesia is the presence of large and tall poles on the exterior of the building.

Poles are made like poles in a palace or temple in Europe in ancient times.

Usually, there are unique carvings on the top and bottom of the pillars that make the house more unique.

White Color Domination
Houses that use this design are usually painted with white dominance on the outside appearance of the building.
A clean white color can make a house look more luxurious.
The exterior must always be maintained so that the white color does not quickly get dirty and fade.

The existence of a Large Tall Window
Another distinctive feature of a classic home is the large window and door size.

Unique Wall Decoration
Usually, there are carvings or wall decorations that are patterned and uniquely shaped in homes that use this design.
It takes experts to make beautiful patterns and shapes on the walls.

Minimalist Classic Home Design
Nowadays, classic designs are starting to be combined with other contemporary designs to create a look that is different from other houses.
One of them is a combination of classic and minimalist home designs.
This house still has some of the characteristics of a classic house such as the dominant white wall paint, carvings on the walls of the house, and the presence of large doors and windows.

Like the Ancient Greek Temple
Classic buildings inspired by the design of ancient Greek temples that use sloping roofs and many poles.
Although inspired by ancient designs, classic houses still look charming used for the latest homes.

Because the carvings on poles and walls make the house look very striking.

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Tips for Decorating a Child’s Room Easily and Trendy in 2020

The bedroom becomes an important room for your attention. Here it is tips on decorating a child’s room that you can apply.

Having a child who feels at home and is also smart is certainly every parent’s dream.

Related to this, there are some decorations and tips that must be considered in arranging the bedroom, study room, and the child’s playroom.

Don’t be confused!

Start planning and making room designs for your future children.

Here are some tips on decorating a child’s room that you can apply.

Decorating tips for children’s rooms that you can apply at home

What if we now make children’s bedrooms more attractive?

Well, one way to use a unique shape LED lights.

If you have trouble finding it, you can also use small colorful lights that can be shaped as desired.

You can also make a child’s room look more attractive.

Decorate a Child’s Room as Fun as Possible

A child is usually synonymous with a cheerful impression.

Therefore, make the bedroom look cheerful with a variety of things.

Like, using bright base paint, decorating a child’s room with patterns or wallpaper on the wall.

The use of bright colors for children’s bedrooms may have been done a lot, however, what about the use of patterns?

You can add a few stickers to the wall, such as polka-dotted patterns, squares, rounds, or other characters.

Well, if you have a daughter, then you should use girly colors like, easy red or a choice of pastel colors.

Also add accessories or decorations that match the child’s gender.

Decorating a Children’s Room with a Swing
What if bringing a swing in the child’s room?

It will be very exciting!

One thing to note in presenting a swing is to ensure that the swing is safe.

Also make sure that the swing is strong in supporting the child’s body weight.

To be safer, complete decorating a child’s bedroom at the bottom of the swing with a thick furry carpet.

If a child falls, surely it will be safer right?

In decorating a child’s room, you can bring a small table and chairs into a place for children to hone their creativity.

He can play educational games in this area, such as drawing, coloring, making origami, or making other handicrafts.

Also choose bright colors to attract children’s interest.

Complete with Mini Tents
Tent play is also one of the favorites of every child.

Decorating a child’s room in the form of a mini tent can make you have your own world when given facilities like this in his room.

The existence of a mini tent in the bedroom will also train the creativity of the child to imagine.

Make a comfortable tent by lining the bottom using a thick carpet and adding some pillows.

Color in the Playroom
decorating a child’s room

Starting from the color of the walls, the selection of floors, to the selection of accessories inside.

Sometimes we are confused choosing the right color for the child’s play area.

However, bright colors can support a child’s brain development.

Especially if you use more than one color, of course this will also train the sensitivity of the child’s eyes.

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Minimalist Balcony Decoration that

Well, because the area of ​​the balcony area is sometimes minimalist and limited, sometimes it makes confused

Minimalist balcony decor with a set of benches and tables
The way to decorate a minimalist balcony that is limited in size can still be designed fun and cool for residents and visitors. Like the following inspiration, buddy! Try to put a bench and a small table with striking colors, complete with cute cushions.

The addition of a carpet with a motif that is similar to the color of the bench and table, can also be a unified form of how to decorate a simple but attractive balcony.

Relaxing minimalist balcony decor with recliner chairs
The use of recliner chairs in the minimalist balcony area is also very good for efficiency problems. Because in addition to being able to sit, this easy chair can also be used as a place to rest while sleeping.

In addition to being more populist and making a more intimate atmosphere, the nuances of Lesbian on the balcony can be a form of decorating the balcony area that is easy and not complicated.

Let me add to the excitement while relaxing in the balcony area.

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Timeless, Living Room Decoration Like This

Unless you arrange and decorate it as beautiful as possible so it always feels comfortable to live in. So that it’s not easy to get bored, buddy can really make timeless living room decor so it always feels fun all the time.

With this concept of timeless living room decor, your living room decor will also last a long time. So no need to fear the concept of living room decoration at home will be out of date.

Timeless Living Room Decoration With White Color
Keep the walls and floors of the house completely white to make the room look bright. Like a large white canvas, you can use the area to attach a variety of interesting decor accents. The neutral white color and natural feel are always suitable for all kinds of styles from time to time.

Friend can choose curtains with colors that match the color of the wall. Besides the curtains with motifs that are not too crowded, will be more suitable for a variety of interior style living room.

Short Legged Chairs Success Becomes a Dream
Sofa including an important element in the living room that must be there. So that the existence of a sofa can beautify the decoration of the living room, a sofa with short legs can be an option to further complement the decoration of the living room.

Sofa Pillows Are Always Suitable For Various Decorating Styles
So that the living room sofa looks more comfortable, you can add a pillow on the sofa. The more complete the decoration, the sofa cushions can also be a focal point in the interior decoration of the room you know. Or if you want to be more interesting, my friend can choose a pillow that has an interesting picture.

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The concept of Smart Living in the Living Room

Hearing about the concept of smart living for a residence, it might feel too ‘heavy’ for my friends who are accustomed to a simple lifestyle.

In fact, the understanding of the concept of smart living actually makes you a simpler and less complicated life. Then do you know if, in the style of a minimalist living room can also apply the concept of smart living? Is it easy to apply in everyday life?

The application of the concept of smart living in the living room requires color harmony
The minimalist interior style living room is indeed still popular among homeowners.

Bright colors can indeed give a minimalist look to the interior of the room.  The presence of wood elements in a minimalist home interior design can create textures to balance the bright color blend.

The use of open-space in the minimalist living room area
Minimalist style that is applied to the living room, you can also collaborate with the use of the concept of open-space which is a solution to maximize the limited area of ​​the living room.

The lack of a dividing wall makes the room look more spacious than its original size.

Placing a mirror on the sofa like in a minimalist home interior design above, is believed to expand the distance of the wall facing each other, you know !!