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Scandinavian-style minimalist shelves with sturdy metal frames

When placed outside the home, not only is the design elegant and concise, the material made of metal and ceramics is clearly more sturdy and durable.

Bookshelves you can use for a collection of plants in the room

Not only for book enthusiasts, this versatile shelf can be used to organize plants in the house. Compact, neat, and pleasing to the eye. If you open it like this, you will definitely be triggered to arrange it well so that it is pleasing to the eye.

Like an ornamental plant shop
As a counterweight, the owner of this plant collection puts some cool lights in between these adorable plants. If there is such a cool spot at home, it seems like you don’t need to bother looking for cool backgrounds for photos or video conferencing.

If you want to put it outside the room, you should place it on a shady terrace to keep the shelf durable.

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Juggling the sink into a timeless plant rack
This stone sink can be transformed into a shelf for plants. No need to be painted, keep the original natural colors that are artsy. To avoid moss and fungus attacks, spray with special ingredients that you can make from vinegar or disinfectants.

Urban jungle really impressed
This kind of room design is actually not new, it is currently a trend and certainly has a lot to decorate your social media timeline. You do this by putting wood and rattan furniture, plus a rack containing a variety of living plants that create a cool atmosphere. The contrast of the color of wood with green leaves is indeed therapeutic, yes.

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Beautiful & Neat! Easy Ways to Arrange Wardrobe Drawers at Home

Cleaning and tidying the house is an essential thing that must be done to be comfortable to live. This method can help you to maximize space in every corner of your home.

Casa Indonesia has prepared this way to efficiently tidy up the drawers in your home:

After that, put accessories and items that are still often used to a place that is easy to grab.
You have to fight laziness and procrastination, it can also be used to tidy up the drawer at home.

Maximize the use of drawers at home
After grouping items, the arrangement of goods is also very important to maximize the space inside the drawer. You can start by folding clothes and storing them according to the model, to placing objects by categorizing according to the type.

Use an easy-to-go container
So that the drawer can look neat, you should prepare a place to store personal accessories, such as using an easy-to-go container. Many types of easy-to-go containers you can choose from, ranging from plastic boxes, made of cloth, wood, or even in other forms. The container can be placed at the top of the drawer.

Save in rolls
Clothing storage in rolls can be an option in saving space. This is done after grouping by type done before putting it in the drawer, it makes it easier for you to find the items needed later.

Label for reminders
The use of labels to be attached to the drawer can be very helpful for you to find out the contents without opening them one by one. This can help you save time searching for items or accessories needed.

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Want a Neat Kitchen? Try these 9 Minimalist Kitchen Rack Ideas

This sometimes complicated process needs to be overcome with kitchen shelves with effective layouts to match the space you have at home.

Let’s look at the following complete review for a minimalist kitchen rack solution which certainly makes the kitchen neater.

Hanging rack for favorite dishes
Your favorite glass and plate can be arranged neatly on a hanging rack, especially if you will use it often. Arrange shelves up to three levels so that they are still easy to reach. For small items put together in a box that can be placed on the top shelf.

Cabinet with door handles on the bottom side
Divide the storage area into the bottom and top of the table surface in the form of a cabinet.

Use glass on the cabinet door
Store your cutlery and arrange neatly in the upper cabinet. Neatly arranged plates and glasses can be an aesthetic element in the kitchen which is seen thanks to the use of glass.

Thus the movement becomes more flexible and shelves can be arranged in a neat horizontal line.

Camouflage cabinet in the pantry with sliding partition
The flexible element is a solution for those living in apartments or in residences with limited land. Apply the cabinet compactly in a one wall kitchen layout with a top shelf that also stores the exhaust.

Vertical lines on the cabinet door
The vertical element helps create the illusion of higher space.

Arrange the cabinet with layout = (2 rows)
For the kitchen which is located in the corner of the house, a row of cabinet which is divided into two can help the effectiveness when doing activities in the kitchen. When standing at one point, you can reach a variety of tools and ingredients in the cabinet located in front of and behind you.

The cabinet rack is located below
This solution will be appropriate for those who have apartments that are less than three meters high, square in shape, and have a layout that unites the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

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How to Easy Organize Your Minimalist House

The choice of color and arrangement of the location of furniture is also quite large in managing a small house.

For those of you who also have problems in arranging a small house, let’s take a peek at 9 tips to organize a small house so that it is always neat below. Guaranteed, you and your family will become more comfortable at home.

1. Store Goods in their Places

To prevent this, all items in your house must have a permanent storage area.

Besides being more presentable, you also won’t have trouble finding it when you need it. Provide a drawer or container, even a special cabinet in each room for easy things like keys, scissors, or change.

2. Routinely Cleaning the House

What is the most effective way to organize your house so it is always neat? Make a regular schedule and turn with other family members to clean the house thoroughly. Clean the house, especially from dirt and dust at least once a week.

Cleaning the house is not only sweeping and mopping, but also emptying the laundry basket, scrubbing the bathroom, using chemical cleaning agents or cleaning the house naturally, and wiping furniture. If done routinely, this will feel light.

If you live alone, try to clean the house in the morning on weekends. This can make you free to do other activities for the rest of the day.

3. Choose Furniture Wisely

Having a lot of furniture in a small house is tantamount to adding work when arranging a home. Then you have to wisely choose whatever furniture is really needed in order to organize the house to be more effective.

Choose furniture and multifunctional furniture, although large. Choose a cupboard with lots of space so all your stuff can come in and not scattered outside the cupboard.

Align the color of furniture with the walls of the room.

4. Arranging Indoor Furniture
Organizing the house firmly also means putting the furniture in the best position, so that the room remains neat while feeling roomy. There are a few tips you can do the following:

Arranging Furniture House in

Choose an elongated glass table in front of the sofa so that the use of space is more efficient. Put close together and elongate, can be occupied by more people and space efficiency.

5. Minimize Bulkhead

Blocking the room in arranging the house might make the function of the room clearer. But this can make the room more narrow because they have to allocate space for the barrier.

When arranging a house, just let the rooms appear to flow so that the view becomes more spacious. You can remove the bulk of the family room and dining room for example, or the dining room and kitchen.

In arranging the house, to distinguish the two rooms without insulation you can use different colors of the floor or carpet. This can simply be interpreted as a barrier. You can also freely organize your home and mix and match concepts between rooms so that, overall, your house seems to have a complete and clear concept.

6. Install Wallpaper

No doubt the wall is one of the important elements in managing the house. Wall colors can affect the concept and beauty of the room when arranging a house.

In arranging a small house, choose neutral or bright colors like white, blue, green, or yellow so that the room looks more spacious.

It is better to adjust the color of the paint with the color of the furniture in the room. This is because it is easier to find the color of wall paint than the color of furniture.

7. Organize the House by Creating a Multifunctional Room
Arranging a small house with little space can be tricked by making a room has several functions. Of course arranging a house like this will save space and make the house feel more spacious.

Arranging Houses by Creating Multifunctional Rooms

For example, you can combine the kitchen and dining room in one room, or combine the living room and family room. Arranging a house like this also makes it easy for you to clean your furniture. Another benefit of this unification is that you can avoid stumbling on furniture. The use of furniture has become more optimal.

8. Air Circulation Arranging Small Houses

Even if you arrange the house neatly and beautifully, of course it is not perfect if the house still feels moist. In managing the house, air circulation is one of the main things.

Open the window every morning so that sunlight and air changes can enter the house smoothly. In arranging a small house, you should install large doors and windows, not a few small windows plus a small window model that fits so that the house feels more free.

Sliding windows and doors made of glass can be applied to organize a small house. In addition to the natural lighting freely breaking into the house, you also get a wide outside view.

9. Choosing Ornaments in Organizing Small Houses

In arranging the house so that it is neat and pleasing to the eye, it seems there is something missing if it does not involve the ornamentation of the room. Just so you know the trick, installing ornaments in arranging the house will actually make the room look eye-catching.

Choose ornaments that are not too big nor too much. Use enough ornaments to accent the room. Choose ornament colors that contrast with the walls of the room so that its presence can stand out.

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What is the Best Thing to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Large colonial heritage houses, as well as the kitchen. Time passes and the size of the kitchen shrinks as the land becomes narrower. Open plan interiors or LDK (living room, dining room, kitchen) can make a house look more spacious than it really is. However, the cleanliness and neatness of the kitchen needs to be maintained because guests will see this area when entering our house. We need to do deep cleaning regularly.

Here are tips on cleaning the kitchen that will not drain your energy.

1. Clean the stove

Both the electric stove or gas stove, everything must be cleaned.

2. Clean the refrigerator

In order not to smell, the inside of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned regularly. Pour hot water in a basin, then mix the dishwashing liquid and soak the drawers and refrigerator shelves in it.

3. Clean the sink

Although exposed to water continuously, the sink can also be stained.

4. Clean the kitchen rags

Wipe your kitchen will get rid of stains faster if you mix a little bleach in the solution.

5. Clean the trash

Of course the smell of ‘fantastic’ will make guests frown if the living room is adjacent to the kitchen right?

6. Clean the floor

In addition to baking soda, there are some natural ingredients that are powerful enough to clean the kitchen and furniture.