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Best Kitchen Paint Colors

I suppose the kitchen paint turned out to play an important role in beautifying the kitchen? Not only that, choosing the right color combination can create the illusion of spacious space for a small kitchen.

In addition to the color of kitchen paint on the walls, every detail in the interior of the kitchen including the kitchen set affects the overall atmosphere of the room. As the heart of the house, the atmosphere of the kitchen needs to be ensured to feel comfortable for everyone who uses it.

Although the kitchen is quite small, try one of the following kitchen paint color combinations so the room feels much more spacious and comfortable.

White Application with Different Appearance

It’s no secret that the white color is relied upon to give a broad impression on a tiny room. As long as the kitchen paint is carefully applied, in fact the average neutral color that is soft in addition to white is also suitable for use in small kitchens.

To make the room seem aesthetic and spacious, apply white kitchen paint and take advantage of the appearance of glossy white ceramic tiles as a kitchen backsplash. Although the color white can make the kitchen look too monotonous, variations in application through white derivatives such as beige or ivory can give a different kitchen appearance without looking boring.

Elegant All-Black and White

The color combination of kitchen paint is arguably a classic, utilizing black on kitchen kitchen sets and kitchen utensils such as a cooking stove combined with white on the walls and countertops. With this combination, a small kitchen with a monochrome theme is created.

Although the kitchen is fairly small, an important point to consider when applying this kitchen paint color combination is adequate room lighting from the window and the lighting of the room itself. Thanks to the bright light in the kitchen at any time, the color of black kitchen paint on the kitchen set will not seem too dark so the room seems more spacious.

A Touch of Natural Green & Wood

Want to get closer to nature? This kitchen paint color combination can be an option. A small kitchen that applies natural concepts can be realized through the selection of materials and natural colors with a soothing coolness.

Simply combine a wooden kitchen set with a dark green kitchen paint color that is in harmony with the wood texture. Choose a kitchen backsplash with neutral colors like white and gray in order to bring the two kitchen elements together so as to create a room that feels more alive and far from the impression of tightness.

Retro Color Blend

Attractive kitchen paint color scheme lies in the selection of the right kitchen theme. Although white looks to dominate the kitchen as the main color, retro design accents in the choice of room color palette steal attention effectively.

Starting from the contrast of green to the impression of a warm vintage or shabby chic, antique accessories, to the border door with classic carvings, creative kitchen presentations with the right kitchen paint color scheme is the main key to making a small kitchen look attractive.

Turquoise and Red Domination

Small kitchen guaranteed to look cheerful when combining primary colors as the main focus of the room. Just an example of the above inspiration that combines blue green or turquoise in the kitchen set and kitchen cabinet with red orange kitchen paint on the walls and kitchen utensils.

Don’t forget, apply neutral colors as transitions between primary colors in other kitchen areas. That way, the overall paint color of the kitchen will look balanced and harmonious, you will be more passionate about cooking at home.

Combination of Warm & Cool Kitchen Paint

When it is difficult to determine the color of kitchen paint, try a combination of warm and cool hues. The contrast between the two hues can clarify the illusion of a wider space so that the kitchen does not feel tiny.

Choices of warm kitchen paint can be in the form of soft orange like on the wall above or other earth colors like terracotta, yellow, or red. Meanwhile, cool kitchen paint choices can be green, blue or purple. To balance the two types of colors, choose neutral colors like white or gray to tie them harmoniously.

Fashionable Small Kitchen with Soft Pastels

Soft pastel accents can be a mainstay when choosing small kitchen paint colors. In addition to pastel touches on the wall or window pane, matching kitchen paint colors are white domination on other furniture. as in bar stools, refrigerators, hanging lamps and sink areas.

Pastel color kitchen paint is an anti-mainstream choice compared to common colors like white or gray, but it is still easily integrated with young wood material for a more beautiful kitchen. In addition, the color of pastel kitchen paint is suitable for a small kitchen because it has a bright base so that the room seems more open.

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Inspiration to the Latest Dining Room Paint Color Options. Make the Room Look Beautiful And Attractive

Come on, look at some inspiring dining room paint colors below!

From calm colors like beige to bright colors like yellow you can apply to your dining room.

The right color can help add aesthetic value to a room.

Reporting from and, here are some choices of the latest dining room paint colors that you can inspire!

Dining Room Color Paint Inspiration
Blue Gray
the color of the dining room paint
For dining rooms with modern or industrial nuances, you can use grayish blue in the room.
This color is suitable combined with wood furniture and cream carpet.
Give a touch of gold to add a splash of color to the dining room.
You can also combine gray blue with white to give a luxurious feel.

the color of the dining room paint
Pink can give an elegant feminine feel to the dining room.
Combine this color with black and white on furniture so that the room looks more charming.
You can also add gold decorations so the room looks adopt a contemporary feel.

Cheerful Yellow
the color of the dining room paint
Yellow can make the room look brighter and brighter.
This color is also said to increase our appetite, so it is suitable for use in the dining room.
The combination of yellow and white will make the room look homey and comfortable.
Add a metallic or gray touch to the room so the yellow color isn’t too flashy.

Neutral Cream
For those of you who want a neutral color to the dining room, you can use beige.
Beige is a flexible color and suitable to be applied in the dining room with any nuance.
To make the room not too monotonous, you can add bright colors like white, blue, or red to the furniture and room decor.

Classic Green
Classic design is not only dominated by white.
The proof, the green color can make the room look more elegant and luxurious.
Apply green with a unique texture in the dining room so the room looks different from other rooms.
Combine this color with wooden furniture, such as chairs, tables, and wooden cabinets.
The reason is that green is a fairly old color and sunlight can make this color brighter.

Purple Lavender
For you who want a contemporary and grand dining room, you can use lavender purple.
The famous purple can make any room look more expensive.
You can combine this color with white to add a graceful impression to the room.

Use dark furniture like black to make this room look more attractive.

This color is also a calm color that you can mix with any color.
To give the impression of the ocean, you can add wooden furniture to the room.

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Minimalist kitchen design inspiration, cool and not eat place

The kitchen is one element of the house that is very essential in everyday life. Especially if you have a hobby of cooking, the kitchen would be a special area that you really pay attention. But regardless of whether you like to cook or not, having a beautiful kitchen is a dream for everyone.

In the modern era, as now, minimalist kitchen design is still excellent for many circles.

Not only saves space, minimalist design also gives an aesthetic impression that is so pampering. Well for you who are looking for kitchen design inspiration, here are 10 minimalist kitchen inspiration.

Like this for example!

In addition to giving the impression of elegance, white color also conjures up a room so it looks more spacious.

Adding some greenery makes the kitchen view not monotonous. Very beautiful!

Cooking will definitely be more fun if the kitchen is cool, right?

Kitchen as well as dining table, really multifunctional.

Not just for cooking, having an Instagramable kitchen like this is also fun for making photo backgrounds.

For those who like wood elements in their homes, this one kitchen design can be an inspiration.

Colorful kitchen atmosphere can also make a good mood you know. Even cooking for hours is no problem.

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Kitchen Secrets that are Always Neat

There are some people who seem to have a kitchen that is neat and tidy all the time. Even the whole kitchen also looks sparkling and shiny.

Now to keep the kitchen always neat and clean, apparently they have the secret to make it happen you know! What are the secrets to making the kitchen look clean and always neat?

But always clean the kitchen after using it.

Wiping the kitchen table after cooking also cleans the kitchen backsplash. So that there are no food stains left behind so it is difficult to clean. Because compared to cleaning it with difficulty in once a week, cleaning the kitchen immediately after finishing cooking the results are much cleaner and neater you know.

Keep Sink Always Clean
Always wash tableware and cook as soon as possible after using it, sometimes it is quite tiring. Therefore, my friend may prefer to simply pile it in the sink and wash it after a while.

In addition to making the kitchen look messy, piling up the former tableware and cooking can also make germs and bacteria in the kitchen easy to multiply. So it is better to try to always wash the utensils and cook as soon as possible after use. Don’t forget to clean each side of the sink too!

So that the kitchen still looks clean and neat.

The Kitchen Is Always Neat Because Choosing The Goods That Are Really Needed. One of the mistakes that is often made to make the kitchen look cluttered is to buy things that are actually less needed.

Now for that, buddy needs to really choose well what items are really needed.

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Easy Way, Create a Kitchen Table at Home

Well, some people prefer to make their own kitchen table in accordance with their ideas and tastes. Providing some space for putting down equipment and storing food staples is one of the important functions of forming a table.

The room which is divided as storage can be called “Kitchen Island”. Because it can be united in one different place. From cooking preparation, casual dining to storage, this functional table is very beneficial for the kitchen and adds to the architectural value of the designs created.

in addition to giving a simple impression because it is made of wood, but the table can be covered with glass to make it easier to see items that you want to put or reuse. Do not forget, attach the small wheels at the foot of the table so that it is easy to move when cooking activities at home or outside the home.

Utilizing the Stone as a Stool on the Kitchen Table
If you think that bricks are only the foundation of a building, creative ideas can turn them into neat tables even if they are irregular in shape, if they are arranged properly they will support the table well. A little polish on the stone arranged, can give a unique impression of the table.

Be this table that has more high efficiency in your kitchen.

Using Weathered Patterns
Simple but efficient. The use of the concept of weathered wood is now popular because of its unique model and can be blackish gray.

Conceptualizing Scandinavian Rural Atmosphere
The kitchen is equipped with poles and solid wood beams, wooden tables, and eclectic seating.

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Why Minimalist Kitchen Shelves

Since minimalist home style is still popular among homeowners, it’s no wonder that many people are looking for minimalist style kitchen shelves.

Including when designing residential kitchen interiors, certainly highlighting the impression of a beautiful minimalist can by applying the following minimalist kitchen rack styles!

Simply put a wooden shelves shelves on a small kitchen table so it can accommodate a lot of goods deh, like inspiration on that. The shape is simple, so it is suitable for filling minimalist kitchen style with minimal space.

White minimalist kitchen shelves are always a favorite
Because the area is limited, the selection of white kitchen shelves is usually a favorite of homeowners. The problem is that it can make a small, minimalist, tiny kitchen sweeter.

Minimalist style kitchen rack model is very beautiful with wood material
Already so many , homeowners who fall in love with minimalist style kitchen rack models with wood materials like this.

The warm and clean impression that emanates, makes you a beautiful and attractive kitchen!

Minimalist design, making the shelf function more leverage
Minimalist style kitchen shelves are more often found in the form of closed cabinets and open shelves.

Can be filled with kitchen utensils that are patterned cute or brightly colored, can even be decorated with green plants like this.

Kitchen shelves as high as a room become a minimalist style kitchen solution

Because most forms of minimalist kitchen racks are geometrical and follow the breadth of the kitchen area, then there are kitchen cabinets or storage cabinets that are designed as tall as a kitchen room, here! So that it can be a solution for small kitchens that still want to function optimally, to store a lot of things.

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Easy Way to Arrange The Herbs

A beautiful and attractive kitchen is a kitchen that is neatly designed and arranged. Especially in the kitchen to save a lot of ingredients and cooking tools.

What is certain is in the kitchen, of course, herbs. Therefore, you need to know the tips and tricks for arranging herbs in the kitchen properly.

Tricks to arrange spices in the kitchen using containers and storage racks
One trick of arranging herbs in the right kitchen is to use special containers or storage racks.

Separate herbs from kitchen utensils
If you want to arrange spices in the kitchen properly and are not disturbed by other things, then separate the seasoning container in the kitchen with kitchen utensils. To be easy when needed, and not confused when you want to clean it.

Arrange spices in the kitchen according to their use
Arranging herbs in the kitchen can also be done by friends, set it according to the intensity of its use.

Place the spices used most often on the front, and place the least used spices on the back of the kitchen spice sequence. With this arrangement, you will certainly be easier to reach the spices that are needed most.

Separate the types of spices according to their characteristics
Some spices can be stored in an open container, but some must be stored in a closed container. So also prepare different types of spice containers.

So my friend must also see the difference in these characteristics, before arranging herbs in the kitchen.

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This Item Must Be in Your Kitchen!

Durable and affordable, this object must be in the kitchen for housewives that is durable and affordable is a favorite. Objects with materials from glass, wood and thick food wrapping objects that can be stored are not easy to rot and are durable.

Cook spices and cooking utensils also keep in mind. The place used to store the spices must be of good quality because the storage also influences the flavor of the cooking spices.

Don’t forget, use a wooden lid or natural-smelling ingredients so that the aroma and flavor remain original and distinctive. The use of glass jars makes it easy to find out the differences between the jars around.

Durable with a Grounded Special Drawer
Use a drawing board or cloth liner without slip and anchor in place with double-sided tape. Good too, if kept away and hidden from

Steamer Storage
Bamboo is great for storing onions, garlic and onions, which require ventilation.

Cupcake wrappers are a good choice. Use two sheets for extra protection and then tie with yarn.

You can use a muffin pan to store all your kitchen items by forming groups according to their types to make things neater and more organized.

Forget about the distractions of looking for a lid to prevent dismantling of the kitchen space, installation of shelves on the back of the cabinet door will facilitate the lid to be neater and easier to find.

Put it in a basket to make it easier to find, also keep gloves or cleaning cloths.

Therefore, using a clip on spoon will make it easier to open the coffee wrapper easily and directly according to the size of the spoon. This job is very good if you do it in a hurry.

Makes it easier to find and crevice more functional hangers.

Twine Rope
Keeping pots and pans on high can be dangerous. Waxed threads, because they are inseparable from porcelain or glass, are very helpful in making it more close and more tight if there are shocks or bumps.

Decorative Stopper
If you have funny and unique used glass bottles, you can really use them to be used again as oil bottles or liquid ingredients in the kitchen.

Tea-Tin Vase
Used cans such as food cans, milk cakes are reused in the kitchen to have good and correct functional value. One of them, used as a rare and attractive flower vase on the kitchen table or around the kitchen room.

Storage Jar Jars
Storing food is indeed better and avoid rusty containers.

Food Wrappers
Storing food ingredients or fruits with this plastic bag has a good effect with less air released.

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Want a Neat Kitchen? Try these 9 Minimalist Kitchen Rack Ideas

This sometimes complicated process needs to be overcome with kitchen shelves with effective layouts to match the space you have at home.

Let’s look at the following complete review for a minimalist kitchen rack solution which certainly makes the kitchen neater.

Hanging rack for favorite dishes
Your favorite glass and plate can be arranged neatly on a hanging rack, especially if you will use it often. Arrange shelves up to three levels so that they are still easy to reach. For small items put together in a box that can be placed on the top shelf.

Cabinet with door handles on the bottom side
Divide the storage area into the bottom and top of the table surface in the form of a cabinet.

Use glass on the cabinet door
Store your cutlery and arrange neatly in the upper cabinet. Neatly arranged plates and glasses can be an aesthetic element in the kitchen which is seen thanks to the use of glass.

Thus the movement becomes more flexible and shelves can be arranged in a neat horizontal line.

Camouflage cabinet in the pantry with sliding partition
The flexible element is a solution for those living in apartments or in residences with limited land. Apply the cabinet compactly in a one wall kitchen layout with a top shelf that also stores the exhaust.

Vertical lines on the cabinet door
The vertical element helps create the illusion of higher space.

Arrange the cabinet with layout = (2 rows)
For the kitchen which is located in the corner of the house, a row of cabinet which is divided into two can help the effectiveness when doing activities in the kitchen. When standing at one point, you can reach a variety of tools and ingredients in the cabinet located in front of and behind you.

The cabinet rack is located below
This solution will be appropriate for those who have apartments that are less than three meters high, square in shape, and have a layout that unites the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

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Small House Solutions: Design Dining Room & Kitchen So 1

The following provides 10 inspirational dining room and kitchen designs in order to maximize the area.

The dining table is a box which coincides with the kitchen top table
Even though you are in the apartment, your kitchen and dining room can still look magnificent. Use a green color that looks fresh and friendly to welcome guests. To maximize the area in the apartment, the dining table can be designed together with the island table, even with the connecting table leg design.

Use a mirror as a wall treatment, because this material is able to create the illusion of a space that looks bigger. And one of the important keys to apartment kitchen is lighting. Bright space will make the atmosphere feel spacious.

The use of exposed bricks
Using bricks as wall decorations can be applied with several kinds.

In terms of installation and maintenance, exposed brick and ceramic are the most efficient.

What is the standard size of a small kitchen to keep it comfortable?
This is a comfortable minimum size for cooking, taking groceries, and walking. Easy to place, takes up no area, and is efficient if you need a larger dining room.

Design an efficient 36 square meter house
Make your kitchen set design able to adjust your daily needs, be it a regular activity, just a gathering, or a big celebration. Design an island table whose size can be adjusted to your needs. When the event with a large family, this island table can be extended to merge with the bay window, so the dining room can have a capacity of up to 6-7 people.

With more space, this helps to accommodate the lifestyle of modern home dwellers who increasingly enjoy gathering with family and colleagues in more informal gatherings.

But for some residents, the warehouse is still considered necessary, so maximize the slightest space or furniture for storage.

Built-in cabinet for a neater and structured space
Applying built-in cabinets to kitchen appliances can provide an efficient layout for kitchens with limited area. Kitchen island which is useful as a place to prepare for cooking can also be converted into a place for casual dining