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Create a Comfortable Workspace With Fengshui!

Workspaces are creative and productive areas, so the energy in the room must be really good to support performance.

Well, because Fengshui science is also a science based on positive energy, then making Fengshui-style workspaces seem to be able to increase work productivity?
esigning fengshui-style workspaces begins with determining the right location

Indeed, ideally if you decide to make a workspace at home, you should put this workspace area somewhat separate from the other rooms.

If possible you should never make a workspace that integrates with the bedroom area!

Or place a workspace area in a house that has high ceilings, with a view to accelerating the growth of your business productivity.
So for the choice of a desk model, according to fengshui science choose a table with a straight model.

The workspace must always be neat
And according to fengshui science, the messy workspace can affect the movement of positive energy, so it must really be diligent in cleaning the workspace.

Because the quadrant can help prosperity and prosperity in a career.

Well, so that at least it helps productivity work, try hanging crystal chandeliers, crystal bowls, or plants that stick out in the workspace.

Besides being good to help strengthen positive energy in the workspace, the presence of plants and also crystal chandeliers can also make a room’s interior look beautiful!

Color selection in fengshui style workspaces is very important In the selection of colors for fengshui style workspace design style it must be really well thought out, buddy!

Feng Shui experts also suggest the color yellow because it can turn on the enthusiasm for the workspace.

Yellow can also spur creativity, focus, and discipline.

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How to Clean Vinyl Coating on a Kitchen Table!

And from various types of kitchen table materials that are commonly used, vinyl is one type of material that is widely used.

So how to clean the vinyl layer, it is important to know.

How to clean the vinyl layer on the kitchen table With a variety of motifs, colors and designs, vinyl coating is easily adapted to the theme and concept of the kitchen interior.

So, it takes several ways to clean the vinyl layer that is applied to the following kitchen table: Clean the kitchen table and the entire kitchen area every time after cooking.

If you get liquid or food spills, don’t wait long to clean it.

Clean it right away so that it doesn’t leave stains and it’s harder to clean.

Use a cloth to clean the dirt by rubbing it gently.

Do it several times until the kitchen table is completely clean.

In addition to using dishwashing liquid to clean the kitchen table, you can also use vinegar or baking soda.

The mixture of water with dishwashing soap, vinegar or baking soda is also useful for killing germs and bacteria so that the kitchen table is more hygienic.

After rubbing the liquid on the kitchen table slowly for several times to clean, do not forget to dry the kitchen table using another dry cloth that is clean.

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How to Decor a Living Room!

When you have free time at home like this, don’t be lazy in your room, friend!

So, when the holidays have arrived like this it is time to change the decoration of the living room at the same time clean up, so that the living room can look excellent!

Here it is tips and explanations for friends.

Change the decoration of the living room by giving decorative accents Sometimes in the living room, friends and friends or relatives who come to visit like to linger in the living room.

Now, so that chatting activities become more comfortable, provide decorative accents made from thick comfortable, for example by presenting a faux-fur blanket in the room.

Even though the corner of the room also needs to be decorated so that the overall appearance of the living room becomes attractive!

So when deciding to change the decoration of the living room, don’t forget to give a decorative touch in the corners of the room.

Buddy can give a medium sized plant pot accompanied by a console rack, complete with macrame decoration like the inspiration above.

Change sofa cushion with a new one The most important thing in a living room decoration is comfort.

Let the living room look fresh and attractive, you know!

It is also important to routinely replace sofa cushion in the living room.

Move a little, and add a little decorative ornament, it has become a new living room atmosphere.

For example the following inspiration.

With a little make-over, the living room look more attractive.

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Best Bedroom Paint Ideas Make Your House Perfect

HChoosing the perfect paint color for the bedroom seems like it is rather difficult. Fortunately, you can make it easier by considering the environment you want to be created in the room, then choosing the colors that produce these shades. For example, you can choose blue if you want a comfortable and quiet room, or yellow to create a brighter atmosphere. Start by looking for inspiration, then continue by choosing family and color shading. You can also try various painting techniques to brighten the room!

Look for pictures in magazines or on the internet to help you set the style you want. If the overwhelming choice of colors starts to overwhelm you, create an inspiration board. You can search for images in design magazines and post them on a white board or paste board, or use an online site like Pinterest to save images you like while browsing. After you have collected 10-15 of your likes, choose the color that is most often seen to facilitate decision making.

Many times, you realize that you will be attracted to similar images over and over again. If you like to combine various inspirations, you should choose a neutral paint color, then hunt in a flea shop, thrift shop, and home decor shop to find unique and interesting art and decoration that can be hung on the wall.

Benchmark furniture color schemes to obtain a cohesive look. Unless you are going to fill your bedroom from scratch, you should consider the furniture, bedding, and decorations you have when choosing your room color. For example, if you have a painting in the bedroom that you really like, choose a color that complements the picture as inspiration. You can also use colors from other objects in the room such as carpets, chairs or bed sheets to choose a matching color.

Usually, it’s easier to match the color of paint with items that are already in the room, instead of buying new items just to match the color of the paint.

If you want to wear a completely new color and don’t match the furniture in the room, the room can look cramped or chaotic. The color of the wall doesn’t need to be one hundred percent harmonious with the room, but it still looks right.

For example, if you have white furniture, choose muted colors such as light blue or lavender to provide a sense of peace. For brown furniture, consider the color of the beige walls.

Choose neutral colors if you want to focus on furniture and decoration. Neutral colors are colors like white, gray, and brown, although they also include very bright colors like green, yellow, pink, and blue. Neutral colors tend to fade into the background so it’s good to produce a faint feel. You can use it for furniture, sheets, and decorations to accentuate the colors in the room.

For example, if you have furniture made of dark wood, paint the walls with light beige paint, then mix it with flower-patterned sheets that you really like. Then, you can add thick carpets, curtains, and decorations that reflect the comfortable and cheerful feel in the room.

If you want a more modern bedroom, choose a classy gray color, then decorate the room with furniture and decorations nuanced industrial, but striking. However, you can also use colors like teal, lavender and yellow to make the room brighter and more comfortable.

You can use soft white sheets and natural shades to turn white walls more attractive and romantic, or use white as a backdrop for bold art and patterned sheets.

Avoid using colors that are too old for the bedroom. Primary colors and other striking colors can be too busy the bedroom. We recommend using a slightly softened color, such as red combined with gray or blue which is harmonized with a little white. Then, you can use a brighter color combination in other designs such as sheets or wall hangers.

For example, instead of using a red crayon for a room, choose a ruby ​​color that is somewhat darker and gives it a more classy feel.