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Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques for Your Beloved House

Bright outdoor wall paint colors are dominated by forest green with a touch of orange

Indeed, when just thinking about it, green tends to have a dark and gloomy impression. But with the combination of the natural green color with orange color produced from wood elements like the picture above, the house looks more alive.

You can also create a bright outdoor wall paint with a combination of these two colors. Symbolizing cheerfulness and positivity, the color yellow is often the choice for bright outdoor wall paint. Also add lighting from yellow lights so that the house will feel more colorful and produce its own color statement for your house.

Gray with white and brick red to paint bright outside walls

One example of the selection of bright outdoor wall paint is in the bungalow house above which shows a warm impression wrapped in a palette of gray, white and a touch of brick red. The touch of the brick red color itself is useful so that the bright color of the outside wall of the house can be realized in a balanced way in your house so that the house does not seem too pale and monotonous.

Suburban-style house with bright outdoor wall paint colors

The color of suburban homes in the United States is usually dominated by white, gray, gold, rustic red, to forest wood for the color of the roof of the house. Well, the bright color of the outer walls of the suburban house itself will usually use light gray or light gray. The color of the roof of the house can adjust to the color of the wall. Like the house above, which uses a dark gray color for a Tudor-style roof with bright outdoor wall paint in a light gray color to compensate for the roof color.

Bright outdoor wall paint colors for a cottage house

If your house type is a cottage type house, then you can explore bright colors like sunny yellow or bright yellow, turquoise, or orange. These colors can give the impression of cheerful and homey to your home.

Like the house above which has bright outdoor wall paint colors, namely yellow wall paint, turquoise for the color of white doors and railings installed on the house.

Are you still confused about choosing bright outdoor wall paint colors now? Hopefully this article can help you choose the right paint color!

Home & Garden Home Improvement House Painting & Finishing

Tips and Tricks for Painting a Home’s Exterior

Who doesn’t want his house to look beautiful? Surely you are not included. Many ways you can do for this, one of them choosing the right house paint colors, including exterior colors. One option is to choose a bright outdoor wall paint color.

Why does it have to paint bright outside walls? For many people, the bright colors of outdoor wall paint are very popular because it symbolizes happiness and the luck symbol of its inhabitants. So, do not be surprised if you find a lot of houses with bright outdoor wall paint colors, especially in urban areas.

Because of its popularity, bright outdoor wall paint colors must also be chosen carefully. Don’t because you think it’s important to use bright outdoor wall paint colors, then you choose just any bright outdoor wall paint color without thinking about the color combination.

In choosing bright outdoor wall paint colors, you must be good at playing color combinations. You can combine bright outdoor wall paint colors with dark paint colors as a variation. This will make your house look more beautiful.

Well, what is the color of the bright outdoor wall paint Kania special choice for you? Come on, read more!

Bright outdoor wall paint colors with ivory, turquoise and white color schemes

The choice of a bright outdoor wall paint color scheme is suitable for homes with symmetrical shapes on both sides. From this house you can see the elegant side and also the romantic side of nostalgia. With the dominance of white, the color of outdoor wall paint gives a bright impression.

Ivory accents for stairs and turquoise on the door provide accents for the house, impressing the house is inhabited by happy families. Don’t you want that kind of impression to be at your house?

Selection of bright outdoor wall paint colors with a mustard, brown and white color scheme

The yellow mustard has recently become one of the favorite colors of designers both at home and abroad. It’s not just a matter of fashion, you know, but also in terms of choosing the color of house paint, both for interior and exterior.

This includes choosing a bright color combination of outdoor wall paint. In this inspiration, you can combine the yellow mustard for the walls with brown accents for the front door color for a contemporary impression.

Peach color for bright outdoor wall paint

Peach color selection like this one you can also apply in your home later. Peach color itself was popular in the 1980s as a bright outdoor wall paint color scheme, although it is currently less desirable. However, it never hurts to revive this soft pastel color. You can combine peach with gray, white and green.

Yellow and gray combination for a bright outdoor wall paint color scheme

Harmonization of canary yellow with soft gray can create a neutral atmosphere and make your house look more cheerful. Especially with a bright yellow color which is also a color statement for the bright color of the exterior walls of the house.

Bright yellow color balanced by soft gray color will give the impression of cheerful, but also warm to your home. Bright outdoor wall paint colors you can apply and are suitable for small and minimalist-sized homes.

The bright color combination of outdoor wall paint with a vintage concept

The touch of vintage is now a trend that can be tried. Including for the exterior of your home. You can use colors like beige, cream color, to navy blue or navy blue which can be tried to give its own color accents for your home.

The combination of bright outdoor wall paint colors can also be added with other colors such as orange rustic, forest green, ivory and many more. Dare to play the bright colors of outdoor wall paint like that will make your home look attractive!

Bright outdoor wall paint color scheme is dominated by turquoise

This turquoise color can be an inspiration for you. Dominated by turqoise color and white color harmonization make the house look alive. The bright color of the outer wall paint of the house can provide its own cheer for the residents of the house.

Home & Garden Home Improvement House Painting & Finishing

Best Quality Paint for Interior Walls

How to Choose Elegant, Quality Paint

A good home design can not be separated from the choice of color, type, and quality of paint used to create an atmosphere that supports the function and design goals. A good quality paint will determine the success of the atmosphere you want displayed in a room or the overall appearance of the building. A good quality paint must also be able to last a long time and not dull easily so that the quality of the space is maintained. In addition, high-quality paint will provide economic benefits and comfort for the residents because they do not need to repaint too often.

Many paint brands on the market claim to be of good quality, but how to choose the best from those who claim to be the best? How do you determine whether a paint brand is high quality? How do you choose quality paint that is elegant and that suits your needs? Find the answers in this article along with inspiring colors for the interior and exterior of your home.

1. Characteristics of Quality Paint

High-quality paint has better covering power so that the surface is smoother and there are no hair cracks. Good quality paint provides better protection against weather changes whether hot or rainy, dry or even humid. In addition, good quality paint lasts longer and color quality lasts longer. The application is even easier, so saving on construction costs. No less important, quality paint brands always consistently develop their products according to the needs and desires of consumers with the best raw material innovation along with technological developments. Quality paint brands are also able to compete not only with national standards, but also pass international quality testing.

2. Choice of Quality Paint Colors

There are many color choices available on the market. The providers have also provided guidance on the combination of harmonious and contrast colors that can make it easy for customers to make their choices. However, there are several color choices that have to go through the ‘tinting’ process or mixing colors by machine. High quality paint when mixed will be replicated repeatedly accurately and consistently.

3. Choice of Quality Paint Types

As technology develops, various innovations continue to be developed to improve the quality of paint as needed, both interior and exterior. Each type of paint is different for different types of applications. For example, the ‘Weathercoat’ paint type means exterior wall paints that use high-quality special formulations to provide long-lasting color protection and beauty. Type ‘Emulsion’ and ‘Emulsion VIP’ are interior wall paints that are able to cover the surface perfectly and provide a touch of brilliant colors for all spaces.

For spaces that are easily soiled, such as classrooms, warehouses, and minimalist kitchens, there is a choice of ‘Silky Finish Interior Paint’ which is emulsion based with a half-gloss appearance so that the paint layer is smooth, smooth, and easy to clean. There are still many choices of paint types available on the market. ‘Premium Roof Paint’ for tile, ‘Premium Gloss Paint’ for wood, metal, and gypsum, ‘Precoat Wall Sealer’ as a base paint, ‘Precoat Waterproofing Sealer’ for moist walls, and many other types.

To get elegant quality paint, it must go through a good process, starting from determining the atmosphere you want to display, the type and function of the room, the humidity of the room, as well as the type of material and surface to be painted. A good process for creating elegant high quality must be accompanied by a commitment to the use of high quality standards, and to be consistent in using high quality materials. Get the final results with perfect quality and long lasting.

Home & Garden Home Improvement House Painting & Finishing

20 Best Wall Paint Recommendations

There are many things that must be considered, such as color selection, location of the room to be painted, the quality of paint, to adjustments to the color of furniture. For that you must be very observant in choosing wall paint.

At present, there are many types of paint to choose from such as Nippon Paint, Jotun, Dulux Catylax, and others. So that you are not confused in choosing, we will provide recommendations for the best wall paint and its advantages. Before that, we also shared tips on what things to consider in choosing wall paint.

Best Wall Paint Recommendations

There are various paint brands that you can buy easily in the marketplace.

Soft colors that are elegant, to get a calm atmosphere

These colors provide a cool, soothing atmosphere, and can relieve stress and balance emotions. The house with the dominance of this color will also seem spacious and modern. You who are introverted, reserved, serious, and calm will be suitable to use this color paint.

Natural color, to bring a warm atmosphere

For those of you who have a warm, vibrant, simple and friendly personality, natural colors like red, brown, yellow, orange, and terracotta are the right colors. The color is able to reflect your personality. Houses with natural colors will also be impressed warm, comfortable, harmonious, and familiar.

Cheerful colors, to create an atmosphere that is fresh and full of vitality

Do you want to create a house with fresh, lively and full of vitality? Try choosing paints with cheerful colors like bluish white, light yellow, lemon yellow, lime green, apple green, sea blue, or pink. Colors that take inspiration from nature are suitable for those of you who are open, happy to interact with nature, and love to try new things.

Bright and bold colors, to highlight bold characters

Rows of bright and firm colors like dark green, dark blue, bright yellow, bright red, dark pink, and dongker blue will create a bold home character. These colors can cause feelings of freedom, self-confidence, expressiveness, and increase the power of concentration. This color character is suitable for a dynamic, lively, sociable, and youthful person.

After learning about the color psychology, you should also understand the types of paint based on the characteristics of the end result. There are paints that produce glossy, matte, eggshell and satin effects.

Glossy paint, for a sparkling appearance and easy to clean

Glossy paint is divided into two types, namely high gloss and semi gloss. When exposed to light, walls that use high gloss paint will look more sparkling. This paint is suitable for external walls that are often exposed to sunlight. Meanwhile, the type of semi gloss is more suitable for the kitchen or bathroom wall.  Another advantage of glossy paint is that it is easy to clean when there are stains attached.


Eggshell paint, for a finished wall that is textured and easy to clean

This type of paint is easy to clean and doesn’t reflect sunlight too much. You can apply this paint on the walls of the family room, work room, or living room. With eggshell paint, your wall will look quite artsy.

Satin paint, for a luxurious look

When touched, feels soft in the hand. This easy to clean paint can be applied to the walls of a room or living room. For those of you who have restaurants and galleries, this type of paint is the best choice.

This type of paint is usually water-based (water-based) and is easy to clean when there are stains attached.

Meanwhile, for the exterior walls of the house, you should look for a special exterior paint that is flexible or made from latex acrylic.


Home & Garden Home Improvement House Painting & Finishing

6 Tips and Tricks for Choosing Color Paint

Many factors that you must pay attention to, ranging from home design, the impression you want to look, to lighting.

So that the Toppers do not regret or bother repainting later on because they are not satisfied, let’s pay attention to some tips and tricks for choosing a good home paint color!

1. Get to know the Model House

The first step that must be done before choosing a house paint color is to recognize your own home model. Is the model minimalist?

In building or renovating a house, the basic concept of a house model has an important role because this will affect the type of furniture that will fill the house, the shape and arrangement of each room, and of course, the color of the house paint.

2. Determine the Mood You Want Formed from Home

This process requires in-depth discussion with family members. Does the house want to be painted with a palette of the same color for each room, or is it adjusted to the wishes of each room owner? What mood or impression do you want from the whole house: cheerful, simple, luxurious, elegant or warm?

So that the house gives the impression of cheerful and vibrant, a combination of bright colors like bright yellow, aqua, white, and pink is the right choice. If you want to give the impression of luxury, choose monochrome colors like black, dark blue, gray, and white.

Conversely, if the mood you want to form is a feeling of warmth, Toppers can paint the house with a cream, brown, orange, or green color.

3. Create a Color Palette

Talk to your architect or builder about the color palette that will be used as a guide to paint the house. Toppers can create a color palette of their own accord, find inspiration for color combinations from the internet, or observe trends in house paint colors that are ‘in’ now.

See and match the main color of the house with various other colors. Consider the complimentary colors, compare the colors that will be used as the main color of the house with similar shade colors, or even with contrasting colors (for example, red with blue, green with brown, yellow with white).

Don’t miss out, also think about the type of finishing you want: Matte, satin, or glossy. Mixing different types of finishing can also give different effects to the room, you know.

In essence, do not be lazy to experiment and often discuss with those who help build Toppers houses.

4. White Wall Color Tests and Experiments

The best way to test the combination of house paint colors is to paint directly on the wall. Therefore, prepare a white wall in your dream home to be used as a place of experimentation.

Buy sample size paints according to the colors that Toppers have chosen in the pre-made palette. In addition to seeing mix and match and saturation (remember, the color of paint in the catalog can be different from the original color when pinned to the wall), Toppers can also test the quality of paint in this way.

Toppers should see how the colors on the walls result in different lighting: In the morning, afternoon, or night.

6. Adjust the Accessory Room

Does Toppers plan to install accessories such as wall paintings, wall hangings, flower vases or coffee tables in the room?

Room accessories can be a good trick to enliven the atmosphere if Toppers are not too comfortable playing with challenging colors. So, even though the color of the house paint is only basic colors like white or beige, Toppers can add accents with matching colored accessories or light colors.

In choosing the color of the house paint, it is important to consider various things, from the bright color, the desired impression, the results of finishing, the appearance of various lighting, and also the quality and durability of the color itself.

Make sure you really think about it well so you don’t regret it later on.

Home & Garden Home Improvement House Painting & Finishing

A Great Way To Overcome Moist Walls!

One complaint that is often expressed by many homeowners is the damp wall of the house.

Of course there are many factors that cause the walls of the house to be damp.

So that the walls of the house are not damp, first clean the fungus that sticks to the walls of your house.

Cover the outer walls of the house with waterproof paint One tip so that the walls of the house are not damp it can also be done by friends, coating your residential walls with waterproof paint.

And those quality paint products, TAKA Paints, buddy!

The new variant of TAKA Paints, TAKA Florance, has an advantage that will form a smooth and durable coating on the area of ​​your residential walls.

TAKA Paints Florance also has a high coverage and dispersion, and is environmentally friendly!

So it is free from hazardous materials such as lead and mercury.

Equipped with Dazzling Effect Formula technology, TAKA Paints Florance is guaranteed to display the perfect white color!