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Use Corner Sofas in the Living Room


Family gathering to spend quality time together is very important. Because of its importance, it must be supported by the selection of a comfortable sofa model! In order to make gathering in the family room more comfortable, try to choose a corner sofa model that is said to be flexible to be placed indoors.

Let’s see what inspiration inspires the placement of the corner sofa model in the living room?

And if this happens to your family room, don’t worry because with the corner sofa model of the asymmetric part of the family room it will still feel comfortable!

The use of this corner sofa model with velvet material has divided this asymmetrical family room into two different areas. The existence of ornamental potted plants also provides its own freshness between two different areas.

This corner sofa model is suitable for those who like simplicity
Because of its simple but aesthetic shape, the shape of this corner sofa is very suitable for you who apply a minimalist or scandi-look interior style.

Just need a decorative game on the sofa cushion course, it has become a comfortable and beautiful seat in the family room.

Place a corner sofa that is bounded by two walls
If the area of ​​your family room is located within an area bounded by two walls, then placing a corner sofa in it like this is the right solution.

The problem is besides saving space, the corner sofa can also accommodate a lot of seating capacity.

And to make it look more attractive, add a patterned patterned carpet to beautify the room.

Home & Garden Home Furnishings Living Room Furniture

Room Design Shows Personality

Creating a comfortable home atmosphere is an important key of a place to live. Given indirectly the style or way of decorating the interior always reflects the character of its owner. Moreover, every person would want to have a house that can reflect itself, ranging from the architecture to the composition and design of the room.

For example, if you are a person who is simple, relaxed and likes comfort, you will likely have different desires when decorating a room with people who like luxury.

Which decoration and arrangement of the room to suit any desire is often influenced by adjustments to the composition and design of the room. Therefore furniture also plays an important role in creating the composition and design of the room, friend. 

The Composition And Design Of A Casual Room For You Who Are Relaxing And Like Comfort

If you don’t like formal things, the concept of a casual casual style will be more appropriate.

To get the right product and in accordance with your wishes, you can use this product from Supellex. Wood elements in the furniture, giving the impression of a warm and comfortable interior of the room you know.

The selection of furniture with a simple design, can reinforce the simple concept you want to apply to the interior of the room. Although the model is simple, instead of making furniture look less attractive, furniture from Supellex can make the room look more beautiful, comfortable and modern you know. What’s more, the furniture is made of the best quality material and is comfortable to use.

Room Composition And Design For The Sociable Many Friends

The sofa has become one of the important elements in the room. Not only as a complement to beautify the room, but also as a facility to gather in the room with a more comfortable atmosphere, friend. 

Especially for friends who are outgoing souls and have many friends who often visit the house, comfortable sofas and have lots of space would be the main choice.

But it will be a challenge if the size of the room is not too big even though you need a seat that can accommodate many people. Well, to work around this, my friend can arrange the sofa in a circular way using several long sofas, such as the following arrangement of room composition and design …

With a modern design and minimalist style, you can apply Massimo Sofa from Supellex in a minimalist room that requires a lot of seating. Available with fabric and leather material, it will be easier for you to choose what you want. Moreover, the type of material also does not require complicated maintenance, so it is increasingly suitable for you to have solid activity.

For those of you who are adventurous and like the atmosphere of nature, this urban room design can be made a choice

Unlike my friend who likes simple things, for those of you who are adventurous and like the natural atmosphere, you might prefer a room design that is also attached to the nuances of nature. For example, by using furniture that uses natural elements with wood material that looks quite strong.

Made from high quality materials and strong solid wood, this furniture can also last a long time. So, you don’t need to worry about using it.

To strengthen the natural elements in the composition and design of the room, you can place some ornamental plants in several locations. Not only makes it look more beautiful, the presence of ornamental plants in the room also makes the room fresher and cooler.

Of the several choices of composition and design of the room, which one is most suitable for my friend? To get the best furniture products according to your needs, don’t forget to visit Supellex!

Home & Garden Home Furnishings Living Room Furniture

Choosing a Console Table for the Living Room

Console tables are generally in the form of a small table whose size is not too large, so it is suitable to be placed in areas of the house that often look like near the entrance, for complementary elements in the living room sofa.

Stylish console table design makes it look good, even when placed in a corner of the room.

Determine the type of item to be stored in the console table
Considering the console table also has a function as a storage area, it is a good idea before buying and determining the console table design that is suitable for the living room.

This console table is perfect for storing small items, such as car keys, smartphone chargers, door locks, to nail clippers. So that these items are easier to find and not easily lost.

First determine the interior style of the house before choosing a console table design

You see, the console table is a complementary element of the living room, so the model chosen must also suit the overall interior style, right ?!

The interior design style in your living room is minimalist, so choose a minimalist style console table.

If the design used is classic, then choose a design that is also classic, friend, so the room feels harmonious!

Because the existence of this console table exists to beautify the decoration of the living room, so that the right position, is a principle that must be obeyed by friends.

Become a decorative statement in the room
Although it doesn’t have to be, the existence of a console table in the living room can be a decorative statement, you know!

A light colored console table will certainly look attractive when paired with dark wood furniture.

Home & Garden Home Furnishings Living Room Furniture

Differences Design Living Room and Family Room

Moreover, very many lately, who designed the concept of the living room as a family room.

Though there are 3 fundamental differences between the family room and living room, which makes it must be separate. So what, the difference between the family room and living room? Here, 3 answers for friends!

The striking difference between the family room and living room can be seen from its position, friend. In principle, the location of the living room must be in the front area of ​​the residence, because it makes it easy for homeowners to welcome guests.

Because that’s where family members gather and mingle to familiarize themselves, so that not just anyone can enter and be there.

The difference between the family room and living room when viewed in terms of design, you can identify from the selection of sofas that are more comfortable and soft, larger table models to the choice of thicker carpet material.

As for the living room, usually the selection of smaller tables and chairs. Where the family room serves as a place to entertain guests, while the family room functions more as a place for gathering family members.

Home & Garden Home Furnishings Living Room Furniture

Inspiration Tiny Size Living Room

Renovating a room is sometimes needed to give a new sensation to the mood of people who live in it. If you plan to renovate a room in your house, especially your living room, you need to listen to this inspiration. Because there is inspiration about an interesting living room renovation to see. Like what was the inspiration?

Although the size is not too big, in fact by presenting a striking yellow accent capable of displaying a fresh atmosphere in the room.

Yellow accents as encouragement
Because of the small and small size of the room, there is a decorative accent that is used as the main element of the room. The decoration accents are present, to complete the process of renovating the living room.

With its comfortable and soft shape, it really fits the sofa chair as a reading chair in the living room. By adding a blanket on the couch, the sitting position will become more comfortable.

In addition, also because of the decorative objects that are patterned, can create the impression and atmosphere of a more attractive room!