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Sharing a room with your baby is sometimes a personal preference and sometimes a necessity due to lack of additional bedrooms. Either way, there are designing ways to include your baby in your master bedroom if they don’t have their own nursery

Sharing a room with your baby is be a wonderful experience, but naturally, it needs to be as functional as possible for a nice comfort level for both of you. Here are six tips on how sharing a room with your baby is both doable and enjoyable.

Sharing a Room with Your Baby • Tips and Tricks

The Furniture EssentialsSharing a Room with Baby in bassinet


Furniture such as a changing table is convenient, but the only furniture you truly need for your baby is a safe place for them to sleep. Perhaps you don’t have room for a full-size crib and aren’t comfortable with the idea of co-sleeping. A good solution is to invest in a cradle or a mini-crib. Moreover, a cradle might not be worth it because your baby will only be able to safely sleep there for the first few months.

On the other hand, mattresses on a mini-crib can be lowered, making them safe for older babies to sleep in. Please note that regular crib sheets won’t work in a mini-crib. You’ll need to get sheets and a mattress protector for your baby that specifically fits a smaller crib.

Create Individual Spaces

Just because your baby is sharing your room doesn’t mean the crib needs to be right next to your bed. Get creative with your space so that there is some individual space for the two of you. For instance, there might be a small nook in your room where the crib will fit nicely.

Another idea is to create some sort of physical divider using a shelf or a curtain. If you don’t have enough space for a physical divider, use a rug to distinguish what area belongs to the baby. By creating a separation, your baby will still have their own tiny nursery area that you can decorate.

Cancel Out Noises

One of the hardest parts of sharing a bedroom with a baby is that they need peace and quiet when they’re sleeping. A quick solution is to hang curtains around the crib to help reduce sounds.

Additionally, If you don’t have carpeting, then, invest in rugs so that you quietly enter and exit the room. Also, a white-noise machine is a good investment if your baby is particularly sensitive to sound. White-noise machines help create a peaceful atmosphere in which to sleep for your baby by eliminating other household noises.

Clear the Clutter

Sharing a Room Baby Changing Table

You may soon find that your once perfectly clean master bedroom is drowning in baby socks, bottles, pacifiers, and other necessary baby equipment. That’s when you need to reevaluate storage solutions in your bedroom. Use a closet organizer, cube storage unit, or wall shelves to create dedicated spaces that are just for baby.

If you use some sort of open storage unit to store baby items, such as a bookshelf, consider putting fabric up around the storage unit to hide the items. Creating dedicated spaces throughout the room allows baby to have their space and for you to have your space. That’s a win-win for you both!

Move Outside the Bedroom

Sharing the Living Room with Baby

If you’re dealing with a small bedroom, it might be hard to store all of baby’s essentials in the bedroom. Consider utilizing different areas throughout the house for different purposes. For example, maybe your baby only sleeps in the bedroom. When baby needs to be fed or changed, you can move to another room, such as the living room, and keep those essentials stored in that space.

Use storage bins to store the materials you need for changing baby, feeding baby, and playing with your baby. Those bins can then move throughout the house.

Keep it Simple

It is tempting to decorate baby’s space like a full-fledged nursery, however, you might find it more relaxing to keep the space simple. Keep decorative items at a minimum and use colors that compliment your existing decor. As long as your baby is comfortable and safe, they don’t care what their area looks like.

Sharing a Master Bedroom with Baby

Final Thoughts

Remember, having a dedicated nursery is nice, but it isn’t a requirement. Sharing a room with your baby keeps them close and saves you money because you don’t have to furnish a nursery. Until the baby is ready to move in with a sibling or until you have a larger home, rest assured that your baby will thrive while sharing a room with you.

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4 Ways to a Modern Nursery with Fresh Designs – Interior Home Design

Nursery design is the most special time for creativity within your home’s interior. It’s also is the best time of all to naturally instill the love of good design in your little one. So, let’s take a look at some fresh, modern nursery ideas.

Fresh Modern Nursery Designs

Bright White and Black

This modern nursery exudes with cheer. The clean lines and multi-textures throughout combine to create a happy vibe. The little pendant hanging industrial type lamps in a group of three is the perfect lighting touch for this room. It’s also brought down to earth with earthy light-toned wood for a Scandinavian feeling throughout.

4 Ways to a Fantastic Nursery with Great Design

Bright White and Lavender

There’s nothing that sends me to dreamland faster than a white and lavender children’s room and this nursery is no exception. A lovely combination of floral and fantasy give this room an ethereal yet earthbound quality. Notice the dual purpose desk that also serves as a toy chest. But, it’s the wall art that really makes this dreamy room come together.

4 Ways to a Fantastic Nursery with Great Design

Bright Yellow and White

This room starts with the comfy chair for feeding and snuggling your baby to sleep, which is set near the little cradle with bright yellow bows with silvery polka-dot pillows. The bright pops of yellow exude with cheerfulness throughout the room. The chalkboard wall is perfect for a little budding artist and hopefully saves your other walls from crayons.

4 Ways to a Fantastic Nursery with Great Design

Dark Yellow and Grey

This is a change of pace for a nursery! If you want a fresh modern nursery design exuding with earthly texture, try this approach. The wall hangings keep this room grounded and warm against a dark slate gray wall and the crib in the same color. Moreover, the neutral window coverings gracefully complement and lighten the room and the standing brass floor lamp is a great touch.  But, we must not forget the beautifully designed child-size mid-century modern dresser.

4 Ways to a Fantastic Nursery with Great Design

Make It Your Own

No matter what style or design you decide upon for your little one’s space, remember to build safety into everything in the room. We hope you have found some inspirations from these designs that will take you forward with your own design. We’ve also included some links below for your further enjoyment.

4 Ways to a Fantastic Nursery with Great Design

All images courtesy of Canva

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