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Unique Workbench Decoration Based on the Zodiac

Continuing the review of work desk decoration based on the zodiac in the article part 1 ago, this time Rooang will continue for his part 2! Curious right, like what interesting workbench decoration based on the zodiac in part 2, the following?

Work desk decoration based on the Zodiac sign of Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)
The Capricorns are known to be ambitious, pragmatic and traditional. So it tends to like the choice of a classic work desk decoration.

And workbench decoration based on this Capricorn zodiac, is greatly influenced by soil elements. This zodiac is known as free spirit, generally associated with human nature, open-minded and unique.

As one of the zodiacs with an entrepreneurial spirit, it is important for Aquarius to feel special and channel their creativity through unique ornaments, handmade and limited edition.

In short, this imaginative and expressive zodiac requires graded and pearly colors. Therefore, practical work equipment needs to be on the Aries table and arranged as creatively as possible to help them complete the project more easily.

The use of bold colors like red, coupled with decorations that illustrate the strength, such as cactus is the right work desk decoration for the Aries.

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Table Decorations Based on Zodiac

Work desk decoration based on the Libra zodiac (23 September – 22 October)
Because now it has entered at the end of the end of September, it means that the inspiration for decorating work tables based on the zodiac starts first from the Libra, yeah!

Now, from the perspective of astrological glasses, the Libra tends to like things that emphasize beauty and romance, because they are said to be influenced by Venus, which does have a feminine ‘image’.

So that the arrangement of the work table filled with small and stylish decoration objects is very suitable for Libra, because it can highlight the friendly, open and intellectual impression that is Libra’s personal personality.

Work desk decoration based on the Zodiac Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
The next inspiration came from the Zodiac Scorpio who was born on October 23 to November 21. The work table decoration based on the Scorpio zodiac emphasizes a more charismatic impression and atmosphere! The use of colors like maroon, burgundy, dark brown, black and dark green, will make Scorpio more focused and on the other hand, comfortable in working.

Decoration with a bold statement impression can also make Scorpio feel better, considering the zodiac is influenced by Pluto, planet of power.

Work desk decoration based on the Sagittarius zodiac (November 22 – December 21)
The Zodiac Sagittarius is indeed known to love traveling the most, so a Sagittarius needs to always remember their experiences and feelings when traveling to be motivated to work.

Photos or souvenirs from places that have been visited and a list of places that have not been visited can be used as additional decorations on this zodiac work desk. Those who do not worry about disharmony will enjoy an eclectic work desk decoration.

Purple, red, orange, royal blue and yellow are the most encouraging colors for Sagittarius because they reflect an adventurous and curious character.

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The Concept of Stairs for Safety and Comfort

For this reason, the selection and concept of stairs for children’s comfort must be taken into account in order to be comfortable and safe. Especially when toddlers in the process of learning to crawl, walk and even run.

Give him the comfort to still be able to see and climb the stairs. For example, by making a swing under the stairs that need to be protected and up to the side of the swing he still needs someone else. Unlike the stairs that he can climb one by one if passed by the supervision of parents.

The Concept of Stairs for Children’s Comfort Create a Multifunctional Ladder
Just bypassing it without giving a functional impression on the stairs can be avoided, because it may be that children like stairs with functions that they can use as a vehicle for writing, drawing, and playing.

However, vigilance remains the responsibility of parents in the activities they do, one of which is mounting railing (handrail) stairs on the wall as a guide for children to go down or go up carefully.

Designing Stairs with Details
The commonly used concept only beautifies and pays little attention to its safety, as well as what materials are used for the stairs to make it look attractive and unique.

For parents who like small children and are surrounded by children, they are very obliged to pay attention to the concept of stairs if they want to build it comfortably, uniquely and interestingly, so they can still be seen as long as the main security function is number one.

Railing: as a drag on the stairs above the reinforcing poles

Rung: every step and distance to arrange the rung should be taken care of so that it is easy to pass for all people, especially for children

Housewife: as a support for the strength of the steps of each step, the strength of the housewife can guarantee security and safety if passed well.

Border: Periphery of the stairs

Make Illustrations Or Unique Images
Cute animals are sometimes feared by children when parents suggest it, to get past it they need someone else to guide and accompany it.

Therefore, the distance between balusters is one of the points in the concept of stairs for the child’s comfort that needs to be considered.

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Easy Way to Create Family Room for Children

But with the presence of children guaranteed, the atmosphere of a dwelling will feel more alive! Therefore, so that children can comfortably play in the house, especially the family room, let’s try to create a child-friendly family room. Don’t worry, buddy, give me tips and tricks!

Make a family-friendly living room decoration
It is a challenge to maintain a stylish family room, in the midst of your life with your child. But by applying the right style, creating a design and decorating a family room that is child-friendly, it’s really easy!

The first principle for making child-friendly family room decorations, just use the children’s work, to be a wall display in the family room. In addition to being a decorative decoration, displaying children’s work is also a way to foster self-confidence in children.

Putting children’s favorite toys into the next step to create a child-friendly family room
Because the world of children is close to play and games, it also doesn’t hurt if when you want to create a child-friendly family room by putting some of your favorite toys in it.

But still make it a habit in children, to always tidy up their own toys when finished playing. This must be done so that the family room is not cluttered, when there are relatives or friends come to visit.

Use sofa material that is safe for children
The activities of children who are very fond of playing must be supported by means of using decorative materials that are safe for children.

For example in the selection of a sofa in the family room, keep in mind the type of upholstery that is resistant to stains, scratch resistance, and remains soft on the skin of children who are still sensitive.

The kind of upholstery that is friendly and safe for children’s skins is slip-covered, denim, or sunbrella fabric. In addition, choosing a dark or bold color can be a good option, considering that dark colors don’t get dirty quickly.

Now, so that it does not happen, it is recommended to choose furniture and tables in chairs in the family room that does not have sharp corners to avoid unwanted events.

Just choose a coffee table design that is round, and a round bean bag style that is cute, soft and has a blunt angle.

Provides a wall of creativity for children
A house without the presence of children, may feel calm and peaceful. But that is exactly how children are.

Therefore, providing a wall of creativity for children to be creative in the family room is very important!

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Introvert Personality Decoration Tips

Especially if a homeowner is someone who has an introverted personality. Because of his lonely penchant, many thought introverts were home-based people, even though that wasn’t entirely true. They really only need a safe, comfortable and quiet space to think. Here are some comfortable dwelling tips for people who have introverted personalities:

Choose soft colors

Usually someone who has an introverted personality likes something that can make him feel calm and comfortable. So that it can provide an aura of tranquility in your home, this soft color is also very suitable to be applied to your bedroom, so that your rest becomes more restful.

2. Choose a simple decoration style

People who have introverted personalities like to be in a simple and simple room. Therefore, a suitable decoration style is a contemporary and minimalist Scandinavian style combined with neutral or pastel colors. Because the decoration lines are simple, clean, and slender so that it won’t look excessive. In addition, introverts will feel more comfortable in a softer room with many round surfaces.  By applying a simple decoration that will make you more calm and comfortable.

3. Your privacy is maintained

Usually they also really like solitude and really value their privacy. Makadari is the bedroom or work of introverts usually covered with thick trails or curtains.

4. Focus on texture, size and design
Introverts are easily distracted by items that have a lot of excessive texture or with striking colors.

5. Use artwork with the right theme to increase the comfort of the room

One of the things that can be used to build the mood of introverts is to raise them up through art. Through the right artwork, introverts will be able to feel comfortable in the room. Some tips for putting up artwork in a room are: use artwork with a size that is not too large, soft colors and images that do not have a lot of texture. When you are able to put artwork in accordance with introvert personality, it will certainly make it very comfortable.