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Concept Open Houses More Natural

Then the number of openings in the house, can make the home condition much healthier! Like what, the interior of the open concept residence of Tamara Wibowo?

The open concept residence owned by Tamara Wibowo, appeared very beautiful
The house, located in Semarang, uses a concept that is quite unique in its design. Uniquely the corner or corner of the house with two streets has a hilly land contour. The wooden accent is part of the design that appears on the exterior. Mango trees also adorn in his house. This tree itself is an existing state of house land which is also a benchmark in designing for the architect.

The walls of the house are filled with glass windows so that light enters the house and people inside can see the beautiful outside view. Freshness of the house is also felt with a variety of plants that grow in the yard.

The main building of his house has the form of a mass L. Each mass is connected to an inner garden so that the state merges with nature more clearly

For the dining area and pantry connected to one. Certainly makes the atmosphere of eating calmer and also fresh.

A master bedroom which is quite spacious is equipped with a bathroom and toilet and a large dressing area as well.

Houses with high ceilings and wide openings certainly greatly maximize the relationship inside and outside the home. In addition, the house has good air and light circulation.

The land of this house is quite spacious. But the overall residential landscape is well designed and wise because of the large open space in the yard surrounding the mass of the building.

It is in accordance with the name and also the concept that gives a unique appearance to the inside of the house and comfort for its residents.

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Charming Mediterranean-style Villa

But because of its beautiful and unique style, this Mediterranean design style is a style of a villa in the Nusa Penida region – Bali. Want to know, what kind and how interesting the concept of this Mediterranean-style villa?

Mediterranean-style villa in Nusa Penida-Bali, very comfortable to wear on vacation The concept of this Mediterranean-style villa can you meet in the Nusa Penida region, on the island of Bali.

Designed by Word of Mouth, this villa residence has a Mediterranean design theme that is applied according to the built environment. This villa has a very beautiful design and fits right around the beach. With an area of ​​684 square meters, the residence of a Mediterranean-style villa which is a 2018 project was built beautifully with views of the coast.

This vast land is certainly divided into various kinds of buildings, each of which has its own function. From the entrance area, there is a parking area which then visitors will be faced with a fish pond that is quite unique. The fish pond is equipped with large rocks that are designed like footpaths so that people can pass to the inside of the villa.

Around the area of ​​this villa there are two buildings, each of which consists of 2 floors but has a different shape and function.

After passing the fish pond, residents will enter the kitchen and eat area. The design of the dining room can be considered unique by the existence of a triangle table which is a distinctive look in the room. Plus the presence of wooden chairs that fit and appear to fit the table and the entire building. A cool natural atmosphere is seen in the room.

The relaxing networking area can be enjoyed from the upper floors. Residents can sleep or relax in the area. For the next room, there are indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.

The room is equipped with a fan that depends on the ceiling. In addition, the floor and also the carpet that decorate the room makes this area feel warm. Mediterranean atmosphere with natural views and the beach is very fitting in the villa.

Indoor and outdoor areas are limited by wide-spread folding glass windows.

Surely the outdoor sitting area with bamboo wicker chairs looks very authentic and distinctive. Coupled with air ventilation on the ceiling which consists of a neat bamboo arrangement.

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Long House Bandung has an Amazing Design

The problem is that the design of the house called ‘Long House’ in the city of Bandung is amazing !! Like what’s interesting, the interior design of this Long House Bandung?

Bandung Long House Design Looks Sweet and Minimalist
The design of the ‘Long House’ Bandung, which is located on 665 square meters of land, is the result of TWS & Partners’ design. It is located in the north of Bandung, able to stand out with the green design of the home environment.

Being far from the crowded streets of Bandung, of course this house is very comfortable to be inhabited with family. From the outside, this house looks magnificent because the building is fairly high. So the ‘Long House’ Bandung building looks cute and minimalist.

While the other two masses are parallel but different, thus giving a unique shape to the exterior of the building.

Looks Unique from the Outside, But Efficient Inside the Building
Because Long House Bandung stands on a large residential area and has a large green open area, then surely every guest who will come into this residence is stunned by the beautiful view that is presented.

The combination of concrete and wood material has indeed become one of the normal things in designing. But in the design of this Long House Bandung house TWS & Partners managed to execute the design to be beautiful and unique. Not only consists of buildings, but the land is also used for open parks, so that the house feels more comfortable and refreshing.

When walking into the house, there is a kind of long corridor that is designed beautifully with wooden floors and ceilings. While on the walls there are parts that are uniquely designed, some are open with support poles, but there are also those that are designed to have a unique pattern with dark brown wood accents.

On the ground floor there are public spaces such as living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, and other service areas. The number of openings in this residence provides a cool view into the interior area of ​​the room.

Even a cool and warm impression can also be a friend in the bathroom, which feels roomy with wide openings overlooking the garden.

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Balcony-style Millennial Apartment

RThe size of a compact apartment balcony is actually not difficult to arrange. But because of the compact size, it is rather tricky to arrange an apartment balcony. But take it easy, because there are 5 elements of millennial style balcony apartments that must be tried, you know! What is this millennial style balcony style model like? Come on, try to see in the following inspiration!

A millennial apartment style balcony with a white feel
Because the area of ​​the apartment balcony is not large, the use of white as a nuance of its decoration will make the apartment balcony area appear more attractive.

For example the inspiration for the balcony style above, the addition of a white mattress complete with pillows and blankets, adds to the attractive balcony of the apartment.

The use of patterned carpets to enliven the design of the balcony
Millennial style balcony balconies are certainly increasingly attractive, with decorating elements. The use of patterned carpets on the balcony floor of this apartment for example, is able to add to the attractive decoration of the balcony inside the apartment.

Extra sofa cushions make the balcony area of ​​the apartment feel cozy
Millennials are moving very fast, often makes us feel depressed and need refreshing. So it’s really important for every home to have an open area, to be able to provide a refreshing effect for homeowners.

So, this balcony area is often really made to relax by the homeowners. Therefore, to add a sense of comfort and cozy atmosphere while relaxing on the balcony, the elements of the sofa cushion must be there! So that when you are tired and stressed, fatigue can be lost when you are relaxing in the balcony area.

The addition of greenery in the balcony area, adding to the cool air
When you are relaxing on the balcony of the apartment, the heat that immediately feels sure often makes you uncomfortable right. Well, to make the discomfort disappear, it turns out the way is quite easy you know!

Just put some of your favorite greenery in the balcony area. In addition to strengthening the taste and cool air around the balcony area, the presence of green plants can also function as a decorative accent!

Decorative elements such as decorative lamps must be present
In addition to plants, there is one more decorative element that cannot be left behind, to decorate the balcony area of ​​your friend’s apartment.