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Relax in Panama Kitchen and Pool

If you want to feel the atmosphere of a vacation in Santorini, you don’t need to go far and spend the budget to buy plane tickets to Greece, you know. Because on the Island of the Gods – Bali, there is a unique cafe that offers a relaxed atmosphere like being in one of the world’s popular tourist destinations, Santorini.

In the Island of the Gods – Bali there is apparently a unique cafe that offers a relaxed atmosphere like being in one of the world’s popular tourist destinations, namely Santorini.

Thick Summer Holiday Shades
The cafe which is located not far from the Canggu beach presents a relaxed atmosphere of holidaying in Santorini, which is similar to a beach house. In the central area of ​​the cafe, the owner presents a swimming pool and is equipped with a green landscape that calms the atmosphere of the cafe.

The placement of a chaise lounge by the pool accentuates the impression of relaxation in enjoying the holiday, thereby elevating the concept of the summer holiday carried by this cafe. The swimming pool is one of the features favored by visitors because they can enjoy tropical-style home-cooked dishes while bathing.

A touch of Art Deco in the 60s
The first impression that arises when entering this cafe is a classic because the owner was inspired by the Art Deco style of the 60s. In addition, the architectural style of Santorini, Greece can be felt on the exterior of the cafe’s front building because of its massive shape and painted in white and blue.

The Art Deco style can be seen on the openings which are equipped with blue wooden jalousie windows. Uniquely, the main dining area of ​​this cafe is shaded with beach house style buildings located in the back area and overlooking the swimming pool.

Placement of Open Kitchen and Bar as Attractions in Cafes
In addition to the unique architectural style, another attraction found in this cafe is the placement of the open kitchen and bar area so it is interesting for visitors to witness.

Part of the building looks, this cafe offers an open bar overlooking the street that can be directly accessed by visitors when passing in front of the cafe. This certainly makes it easy for tourists who want to quench their thirst and hunger without spending a lot of time.

The kitchen is neatly and beautifully arranged so that it becomes one of the interior decoration of the dining area. The concept of open kitchen can be one of the advantages for cafes because it can satisfy the eyes of visitors while stimulating the senses of the body such as smell and hearing arising from the process of preparing food.

Romantic Cafe Night Atmosphere
vacation in santorini
If during the day the atmosphere of the cafe feels classic and bright, then at night, the atmosphere of this cafe will turn out to be more romantic and warmer. The swimming pool and garden area in the middle are adorned with the lights of the yellow bulbs that add to the solemnity of summer holidays at this place. At night, Panama Kitchen and Pool turns into a cafe that can strengthen the atmosphere of friendship and family because the atmosphere of warmth while relaxing to enjoy a vacation is felt.

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Inspiration for Dubai’s Miracle Garden

Dubai, which has become one of the tourist destinations for travelers, apparently has a lot of interesting tourist attractions. One of them is Miracle Garden which has a beautiful view spoil the eyes. Check it out together, let’s review here.

Beautiful portrait of the charming Miracle Garden Dubai
Seeing the beautiful portrait of Miracle Garden Dubai can indeed make your eyes cooler. How not, the expanse of trees, beautiful flowers in an area of ​​72,000 square meters, it is so beautiful to spoil the eye.

Dubai Miracle Garden itself is a flower garden in Dubai which was officially opened on Valentine’s Day, precisely in 2013. Much like a flower garden in other countries, this beautiful portrait of Miracle Garden Dubai consists of 45 million original flowers you know!

Various forms of replicas are present at Miracle Garden
Because the park is outdoor, the designers and managers agreed to display various forms of replicas there. The presence of various forms of this replica is inspired by, imitations of unique objects and replicas of some of the wonders of the world.

And what will make you amazed is all these replicas, made of flowers! As a replica of this plane, which is present in the Miracle Garden area of ​​Dubai as a form of expression or a form of pride of the citizens of Dubai to one type of airline they own.

As for the giant Mickey Mouse replica, this is also one of the most sought after replica icons by tourists, to be used as a photo background.

With a total interest rate of 45 million and 60 variations of its type, making Miracle Garden Dubai one of the most unique and most complete flower gardens.