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Ceramic or Porcelain Tile for Kitchen Floor

Anyone who likes cooking will want a comfortable and clean kitchen throughout the day. The problem is, dream kitchen is not only thanks to complete high-tech cooking utensils. But also the condition of the kitchen room itself. As with other rooms in the house, the kitchen is also tiled. Ceramics are also embedded along the kitchen wall, especially in the cooking area, or commonly called a backsplash.  Other materials such as granite or marble can indeed be used as coatings on kitchen floors and walls. However, ceramics are still an idol for the majority of Indonesian people given the price is more affordable and easier to obtain.

On this occasion we will review about how to choose kitchen ceramics that best suits the needs of every home.

1. According to the needs and budget

We all have something to be achieved. There is no harm if the desire is to have a dream kitchen. However, this one dream requires no small cost. Conducting surveys on various types of kitchen ceramics on the market will be very helpful in making budget planning. This also applies to the replacement of old kitchen ceramics with new ones.

2. Better guaranteed ceramic kitchen

Before determining the choice of ceramic ceramics, we should ask the seller if he offers a guarantee for ceramics.

3. Adjust the color and size of kitchen ceramics with the room

It’s no secret that bright colors can help visually expand a room. Kitchens that are located in the corner of the house or do not have windows should use brightly colored kitchen tiles. The goal is that the light or sunlight that enters the kitchen can be reflected throughout the room. While wide-sized kitchen ceramics have a visual effect creating a broad and airy impression.


4. Adjust kitchen ceramics with home decoration style

Kitchen ceramics can help emphasize the interior style that homeowners want to display. Although there are many choices of ceramics on the market, kitchen ceramics chosen should suit the style of the house. For example, you want to present a natural feel, kitchen ceramics chosen should be patterned like wood, complete with wood fibers.

5. Pay attention to the surface of the ceramic floor

Tiled floors are available in various choices according to the type of surface. The best tile floors for kitchens are those that are slightly textured so they are not slippery when used for activities, but are also not too rough so as to cause a sense of comfort when stepped on. With these criteria, the ceramic flooring for the kitchen should be coarse-textured, vinyl, or natural stone.

6. Choose high-strength ceramic floor

There are a lot of strenuous activities that we do in the kitchen. Sometimes there are tragedies of broken glass, or cooking utensils that fall to the floor.  It is strongly recommended to choose the most strong and durable ceramic floor.

7. Pay attention to ceramic precision

The meaning of ceramic precision here is that the size and motif really match the look of the ceramic on the packaging. High-precision kitchen ceramics will facilitate the installation process and the results will not be disappointing. Well-known kitchen ceramic manufacturers usually offer kitchen wall tiles with high precision.

8. Ceramic walls should be light colored

The walls of the room will indeed be more beautiful when coated with ceramics. The reason is simple, so that the dirt on the wall can be seen and can be cleaned immediately.

9. More attractive with patterned kitchen walls

As a center of strenuous activity, does not mean we can not decorate the kitchen to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye. An easy way to decorate the kitchen is to coat the backsplash with colorful patterned kitchen wall tiles. Motifs can contain details but you should also consider the color composition and continuity between one part of the wall tile and the other.


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