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Change the Living Room Decoration!

When you have free time at home like this, don’t be lazy in your room, friend!

So, when the holidays have arrived like this it is time to change the decoration of the living room at the same time clean up, so that the living room can look excellent!

Here goes the tips and explanations for Friend Rooang.

Change the decoration of the living room by giving decorative accents Sometimes in the living room, friends and friends or relatives who come to visit like to linger in the living room.

Now, so that chatting activities become more comfortable, provide decorative accents made from thick comfortable, for example by presenting a faux-fur blanket in the room.

Even though the corner of the room also needs to be decorated so that the overall appearance of the living room becomes attractive!

So when Buddy Rooang decides to change the decoration of the living room, don’t forget to give a decorative touch in the corners of the room.

Buddy can give a medium sized plant pot accompanied by a console rack, complete with macrame decoration like the inspiration above.

Change sofa cushion with a new one The most important thing in a living room decoration is comfort.

Let the living room look fresh and attractive, you know!

It is also important to routinely replace sofa cushion in the living room.

Move a little, and add a little decorative ornament, it has become a new living room atmosphere.

For example the following inspiration.

With a little make-over, the living room look more attractive.

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