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Charming Elongated House Design

Have you ever met a beautiful model or house? You must have done this a lot! But if the elongated model of the house like the following inspiration, have you ever found a charming design?

Elongated home models look attractive with exposed concrete

Occupancy in a land area of ​​422 square meters extends, from the area it looks beautiful because of the exposed concrete material applied to the facade.

With this elongated model of the house, the designer tried to bring the atmosphere of lighting and natural air to enter the house. Especially in the elongated building, of course it will be very important to have openings that make the house breathe better.

This house has three bedrooms that are nicely designed, with a warm concept.

Moreover, the design of the main bedroom in this dwelling directly connects with the back porch of the house, which will give a beautiful and cool impression to the room.

The concept of the house and the terrace are fused, of course, provide an attractive appearance between the outside and inside the house. So it looks more beautiful, this elongated dwelling!

The selected minimalist industrial style makes this residence warm
With exposed concrete material applied to the facade and residential interiors, the presence of wooden elements chosen as furniture makes the atmosphere of this elongated house look warm. Collaboration of strong industrial and minimalist impression in this residence, so it makes residents feel at home in the house for a long time.

The style of the family room in this elongated house model, for example, the choice of table furniture and TV panel walls which are thick with wooden elements, make the living room feel warmer and intimate.

For example in the middle area which has a dining room, it is designed very simple with wooden table and chair furniture and also a chandelier that looks elegant.

Moreover, there are doors in the dry garden area that is open, the living room feels spacious and fresh.

One other interesting thing, in this living room is the existence of a dry mini park. The roof consisting of neatly arranged wooden trunks gets direct lighting from the glass roof above it. Feels unique and also becomes a focal point in the living room.

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