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Choice of Capsule Hotels in Various Countries

Yep, looking for comfortable lodging accommodations would be an important thing in every traveling, especially if you want to try a backpaker-style traveling style.

A flow of traveling that focuses on finding cheap lodging places. And for this cheap lodging, you can try to stay at a capsule hotel. Which is much more affordable than an ordinary hotel. Try giving capsule hotel recommendations and inspiration in various countries!

Capsule hotel inspiration in Russia
The first capsule hotel inspiration came from the Russian state precisely in the city of Moscow.

Each room certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages in accordance with the price. For those who choose a minimalist capsule room, the bathroom is available outside the room and is equipped with a hair dryer.

Capsule hotel inspiration in Japan
The inspiration for this modern capsule hotel is not far from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The luxurious and fancy appearance makes this inn look fun. Although relatively small, this capsule room has adequate facilities. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, flat TV, Wi-Fi and of course a futon-style bed typical of Japan. A security system and lockers are also available so that it will be safe to place various items in this capsule hotel.

The capsule lodging at KLIA2 main terminal is easily accessible. As the name implies, this capsule room is formed from a container wall which is certainly a distinctive feature in this inn.

The design of capsule hotel in Thailand
Not far from the Festival area on Pattaya Beach, this inn offers a sleep experience in a rustic, modern and vintage look. The rooms available in it are also diverse so for those of you who come to Thailand with a partner, can enjoy a double bed bedroom with a more pocket-friendly budget.

Lockers are also available to be able to safely leave the goods when going around the city.

Capsule hotels in the UK
Yotelair capsule hotel in London Gatwick is beautifully designed and also comfortable for refreshing or resting. Each room has its own uniqueness that is comfortable to use.

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