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Choice of Facade Materials at Affordable Prices?

What’s more, the facade is one of the factors that determine the beauty of the building.

Moreover, the facade elements also affect the beauty of building models for homes or residences.

Of all the types of materials suitable for the facade of the house, which one is the affordable price?

Type of residential facade material that gives a strong impression This type of material is usually used as an option if you want to make the facade of the house look more sturdy and magnificent.

Although the price is not affordable or expensive, but natural granite is a type of material for a residential facade that is able to make the outer appearance of a dwelling look sturdy!

This type of glass material for home residents who like beauty Although not many people have applied this type of glass material as material for a residential facade, but in fact this glass material is quite popular also for use in a dwelling.

With the reflected effect, the impression of a spacious and also luxurious feel can be felt if you choose glass as the main ingredient of residential facades.

So this material is usually combined with aluminum composite panel material to make it more robust and durable.

Glass material is used as an option for the facade because it can give the impression of luxury and elegance to the building.

The most affordable for the facade is the ACI plastering Pli aci material, this is one of the most widely used material for building facades.

The main reason is because the aci plastering is then given a paint finish, including the easiest materials to obtain and the price is affordable.

The process of working on the facade with this material was quite easy and did not take too long.

Even so other materials such as steel, wood, brick, ceramics and others can also be selected to be a house facade material that suits your needs and the environment.

Please choose which one is the best and affordable for your wallet strength.

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