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Choose The Best Sanitary Products

Not only must it be used for bathing and defecating, but the bathroom must also be comfortable and beautiful. Therefore it also affects the choice of sanitary products to complement the bathroom.

With the increasing variety of choices, models and quality of sanitary products, the community is also increasingly able to adjust it to their needs. Therefore the trend also develops and often changes.

So that the selected sanitary products will not only suit your needs, but also high quality, charming and not outdated, you know, some sanitary products that are predicted to be a trend later …

Nuanced Gold Sanitary Products
Since some time the concept of bathroom style bathtub and shower is indeed a trend. And the possibility of this trend will remain and be popular in 2020. Given the concept of a comfortable bathroom that can make the body more relaxed more and more in demand by many people. Therefore, to complete these needs, you must also use a bathtub faucet that is complete (mix) with shower faucets from AER.

Not only looks beautiful with a combination of gold (gold plating) and white (powder coating), the faucet design also looks modern, sleek and luxurious you know.

As you already know, shades of gold are always able to bring the impression of elegance and luxury to the interior. Therefore in addition to the bathroom, sanitary products for the kitchen must also be considered so as not to be out of date. So, friend, you definitely don’t want to miss it, do you?

Products With Minimalist Models Are Also Predicted to Keep Trending in 2020

Since the last few years, it is undeniable that the minimalist concept has become one of the housing trends. Therefore not only the interior design, you also need to complete the minimalist concept with a variety of products that will be applied. For example with this minimalist style sink.

Coupled with quality ceramic materials and contemporary models, it adds even more modern impression to the interior.

Ceramic That Is Comfortable And Elegant Is Not Too Popular
Luxury, comfortable, elegant and simple is the impression displayed by products made of ceramics. Well, what is one of the sanitary products made of ceramics that should not be missed?

Why many people like the toilet seat with ceramic material is because the toilet is easy to clean, strong, and comfortable to use. Instead of confused choosing, my friend can also get this quality toilet seat products at AER.

So as not to miss the trend, it’s better buddy get ready to buy it from now!

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