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Choosing a Minimalist Stair Design?

Is the concrete material always suitable for a minimalist staircase design concept?

Which is better for a minimalist design concept With the popularity of trends or minimalist residential design concepts, it is also popular forms or models of minimalist stair designs.

Simple without a lot of ornaments, but still functional as a path of movement in the house.

Then, which ladder material is better and most suitable and suitable for a modern minimalist home?

Especially for minimalist style houses, among concrete, steel and wood materials, which one is better and more suitable?

Minimalist concrete stairs Concrete ladder material does have strong, durable advantages.

So if you are a person who likes strong, sturdy and durable materials, then concrete can be your choice.

Especially when applying it with a minimalist feel, the addition of handrails in the form of small pipes like the inspiration above, will be very beautiful for the interior of your dwelling, friend.

Minimalist steel stairs Well, this steel ladder material has begun to glance a lot, its advantages with fast work, but also from aesthetics also remain competitive after being given the finishing paint.

In terms of the strength of the steel ladder, there is no doubt about it, especially for the far future planning of steel stairs material is highly recommended.

Minimalist staircase from wood One excess value of a wooden ladder is its classy aesthetic value, which makes the price also quite high.

So to outsmart, the use of plywood and parquet wood is more often a solution when wanting to present a minimalist wooden ladder.

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