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Christmas Decorations on the Room Wall

After finishing making and decorating the Christmas tree, it’s time for Friend Rooang to decorate the residential walls, you know !?

First, start from the living room, which is the center for gathering at Christmas.

I wonder what kinds of wall decorations for Christmas are suitable to be applied in the living room?

Various Kinds of Christmas Decorations That Have a Cheerful Aura With Christmas decorations, the atmosphere of cheerfulness and warmth of Christmas will be felt wherever and whenever they are.

And so that the atmosphere of joy and warmth reached the house of Sobat Rooang, don’t forget to decorate the residential wall area.

Like the inspiration above, this area of ​​the wall near the stairs is decorated with Santa Claus photos combined with Christmas and red decorations.

Even more cheerful with the addition of a chandelier with grass ornaments and socks on the stairs.

Very cheerful right, Christmas decorations above?

If you guys are tired of decorating Rooang Christmas tree in the shape of a tree?

Even the decoration of the Christmas tree on this wall is guaranteed to give a different feeling of joy and warmth in the living room!

It’s easy, just stick a series of Christmas tree leaves on the wall of your family room.

To make it even more cool, add a flickering decorative light at the ends of the Christmas tree, so the walls of the room feel attractive!

Also Decorate The Wall Area With Wreath Decorations Wreath decorations when Christmas arrives also become one of the kinds of Christmas decorations that will not be missed.

The presence of this wreath is usually in front of the main door of the house, friend.

But you may also, if you want to hang it on the living room wall like this!

Hopefully inspired!

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