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Classic Art Deco Building in Singapore

The State of Singapore is known for its modern skyscrapers, which have become a reference for many of the world’s architects. But who would have thought that in the midst of the many skyscrapers, there is a classic art deco building standing firm in Singapore. Want to know what the interior design of the classic art deco building looks like?

Never thought about it, if the classic art deco building style in Singapore turns out to be a bar. Yep, the bar named Atlas Bar is one of the famous bars in Singapore. Even according to “The World 50 Best Bars” at the moment, Atlas Bar is ranked 4th out of the 50 best bars in Asia.

It cannot be denied if the Atlas Bar is the best because the building and interior look very spectacular, majestic and elegant. Can be seen from the shape of buildings and interiors such as floors, walls and ceilings in the Atlas Bar is so amazing that it amazes our eyes.

Application of classic art deco style on building interiors
Atlas Bar, which operates in the Parkview Square building looks very unique, because of the classic art deco style selection in the interior of the building.

The concept of building in the form of Classic Art Deco, actually we can immediately know through ornamentation, style and the use of elegant colors that are predominantly gold, bronze and black. The Classic Art Deco style is seen from neatly arranged and geometric shapes, doors with pilasters and pediments, magnificent decoration and intricate details.

Evidenced by the ornaments that exist in this bar is located on the ceiling (ceiling), pillars and wall decoration with great detail. The ornaments are made by carving using elegant colors like gold and bronze.

Unforgettable experience inside the classic art deco building, Atlas Bar
When entering the Atlas Bar, we will experience a new experience with the atmosphere of Classic Art Deco which is very thick with elegant yellow lighting, and the tall building will make us feel small and amazed. In addition, the decoration and ceiling of the building are carved in great detail and beauty that makes us even more amazed and amazed.

Not only the grandeur through the concept of a bar that can attract visitors, the Gin Cocktail drink at this Bar is a drink that attracts people’s interest because it is famous and has a variety of variants that cannot be felt elsewhere. What is unique from this bar is, the “fairy” who flies to the beverage cabinet up to the ceiling to take bottles of drinks. In addition to drinks, the food provided also has a variety of variants with a very beautiful appearance so we certainly capture through photos first before eating it.

This place is suitable for dining with a romantic atmosphere, also equipped with a complete meal serving namely appetizers, main and delicious desserts. So, make sure to properly dress so that you get a different atmosphere through the Atlas Bar.

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