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Clean Terrace During The Rainy Season

The terrace is an important part of the house which shows the first impression of the house.

But its presence is located in an area outside the house, often making it easier to get the terrace dirty.

Especially when the rainy season arrives.

Ensure the Existence of the Roof Covering the Terrace Having a terrace without a roof does seem exciting.

But the risk, the terrace area so easily exposed to direct exposure to heat or rain.

Therefore, so that the terrace area is more protected and does not get dirty easily, Buddy  can make a terrace house with a wider roof.

With a roof that is wider than the terrace of the house,   can minimize the possibility of the terrace area to be hit by raindrops.

Deng is not only the terrace of the house so it is not easy to get dirty, but a variety of furniture placed on the porch area of ​​the house is also likely to be more durable.

Buddy  can also make additional eaves or roofs that can be made separately from the main roof or an extension of the roof at the top of the building.

In summer, this bamboo curtain can also function to dispel the sun’s heat into the patio area.

To be safer, try to make the difference in height more than 10-15 cm.

In addition, the presence of grass and rocks in the yard also makes the house look more beautiful, attractive and cool.

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