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How to Easy Cleaning and Maintaining Wooden Furniture

Furniture made of wood is considered to be very robust and gives the home a high level of cosiness and warmth, which is why it is certainly so popular and can be found in any household. It is normal for wood to darken slightly, because it is a natural material that lives and works. But to ensure that wooden furniture still looks beautiful even after years of use, you should handle it carefully and clean and maintain the furniture properly. There are various biological products for this in specialist shops.

When cleaning and maintaining solid wood furniture, it is particularly important to pay attention to the different surfaces, because wooden furniture can be painted, oiled or waxed and must therefore be treated differently.

Cleaning and care of wooden furniture
Furniture care: cleaning and maintaining wooden furniture – how?

Generally, dusting regularly with a duster, feather duster or microfiber cloth suitable for cleaning glasses is sufficient.

In contrast to lacquered wooden furniture, which requires no special care other than cleaning, the use of special care products is necessary and sensible for leached or oiled furniture and also for waxed wood surfaces.


To clean wooden furniture, you should not use chemical cleaning agents, all-purpose cleaners or dishwashing detergents, but neutral soap or core soap and a little water – i.e. only a damp cloth!

Always clean and care for furniture in the direction of the grain – not against the grain!

Tip for wood care: make cleaner for wooden furniture yourself
It is relatively easy to make a wood cleaner yourself with home remedies. Simply mix 60 ml of olive oil, 60 ml of vinegar essence and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, stir well and pour into a spray bottle. Put the required amount on a suitable cleaning cloth and use it to clean and polish the furniture.

What do you need to know about the different surfaces of wooden furniture?Because of this pretreatment, z. B. of lacquered oak or oiled beech. The cleaning and care of solid wooden furniture must therefore be coordinated with the respective surface! In order to avoid scratches, dents, dirt marks or pressure marks, you should always place a raffia mat or a felt mat under all objects such as television, radio, floor lamps, glass bowls, cake plates, etc. on all wooden surfaces.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to remove dirt, ugly stains, scratches or defects in solid wooden furniture and how to take care of the furniture!

Lacquered furniture

Wooden furniture with a lacquered surface is usually the most durable and at the same time the easiest to clean. If the lacquered piece of furniture has got a scratch despite all the precautionary measures, you can treat it with a touch-up pen from a hardware store or carpentry.

Oiled or leached wooden surfaces

Removing heavy soiling is, however, a little more difficult with oiled or leached wooden surfaces. Then clean the soiled area with a core or vegetable soap and a cloth, then rub the affected area with paraffin oil or oil obtained from natural resin – seal it, so to speak! Even for furniture that is subject to heavy wear, such as. B. at a dining table, you should occasionally re-oil the surface for furniture care.

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