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How to Easy Cleaning Fabric Sofa

Sofa is one of the most important types of furniture for the living room. And presenting a clean and comfortable sofa becomes an obligation that cannot be avoided. But because of its large size, there must be a way to clean the sofa that is often missed by Friend Rooang right ?! Approximately, is the step to clean the sofa that has been done right?

How to clean the sofa must pay attention to the material
Certainly the existence of a sofa, makes us more comfortable to gather while sitting and chatting with fun in the family room. So optimizing the function of the sofa for the living room is very important. Not only visually beautifies the living room, indirectly the existence of a sofa also makes the living room feel warmer and can give a warm impression. So that you can optimize the function of the sofa for the living room, there are things that need attention. One factor is the matter of cleanliness.

how to clean the sofa
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About the cleanliness of the sofa there is one thing you should do, Buddy Roo, pay attention to the ingredients. Usually the fabric sofa is a bit tricky, how to clean it.

Here’s how to clean the sofa properly
After getting to know the cleaned sofa material, here is the series of sofa cleaning processes that you can do at home.

First of all, before using any fabric sofa cleaning products or products, get rid of dirt and dust on the entire surface of the sofa and chair. Friend can use a cloth, feather duster, a soft bristle brush, or a vacuum cleaner with a hairy tip so as not to damage the upholstery of the sofa.

But, first test the ingredients or cleaning products that will be used in a small hidden area before using it on the entire surface of the sofa.

Then use a microfiber cloth moistened with a detergent solution to gently clean the couch cover. Just moisten a little so that the microfiber cloth is damp, yes!


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