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C’mon, Try Decorating The Bedroom With Leaf Decoration

Do you like to decorate the room and update the decor at any time so that the display is always beautiful and comfortable for you? This way, you can get a Tumblr-style string lights that are different from the usual designs.


Decorate a bedroom with a DIY

When confused about what else can be done to decorate the bedroom, maybe this DIY could be a solution for all of you.


The following DIY will produce a different work of art. This way, you can get a string of lights or Tumblr-style decorative lights that are different from the usual design.


DIY string lights begin immediately

Step 1

First, to decorate the room with decorative lights from this series of leaves, you have to prepare a Tumblr lamp to use. If you have a Tumblr lamp with a colorful light, it doesn’t matter to keep using it.


Choose a plastic leaf with a creeper shape, because it will make it easier for the LED lights to follow the pattern and structure of these decorative leaves. It is also easy when installed on the walls of your room.


But if you have white or black, it will be better. 

If you have difficulty in twisting leaves and lights, it is better if you cut the leaves in advance with different lengths, so that you make it easier for you to wrap around.

Don’t forget to check 

Quite easy, you can use clear color tape or if you’re not afraid of a broken wall, you can attach it with nails.

 If you like fresh green plants, you should try to decorate the bedroom like this. The method is also very easy to apply. Good luck!

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