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Color Choices to Bring a Warm Impression

The color choices that will be applied to the interior always have a big influence on a room. Because not only can beautify the room, but also gives the impression and affect the mood of its inhabitants.

As with the color selection for other rooms, the choice of room in the lounge is also very important. With the right color choices, a relaxing space can feel even more comfortable, pleasant and warm.

But .. about what color choices can be applied to the lounge so that relaxing at home is more fun?

White As A Color Option For Lounge
White is always known as a neutral color for interiors. Besides the application of white color also gives the impression of relaxed and calm.

Therefore the gray color that has a relaxed impression is no less interesting as a choice of paint colors for the lounge.

If you’re afraid of being bored with less bright colors, you can combine it with brightly colored room accessories. For example with a yellow sofa cushion that has a cheerful impression.

A Sweeter Lounge with Sweet Pastels
Pastel colors are often the favorite color of many people. Not surprising considering the pastel colors do have a sweet and beautiful impression to the interior of the room.

So that it’s not monotonous, friend, don’t forget to put indoor plants in the lounge area too. So that the room seems fresher, cooler and warmer. Also equally important, you can apply your favorite color as a color for the relaxing room to make it more comfortable to linger there.

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