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Combining Interior With Accurate Decoration Accents

Combining Interior With Accurate Decoration Accents

Creating a work of art is one way to overflow / express feelings that might not be verbally expressed. To vent your feelings by working can use a variety of media and styles / characters. This character selection must be followed by consistency in each work produced. Like the abstract illustration from Averroes, which has a unique character, and has the consistency of character in every work produced.

In addition to character selection, choosing the right media is also one way for the work to benefit the surrounding environment. One of them is with 2D media / printing artwork that can be used as wall hangings as an aesthetic accent in the room. However, to combine abstract illustration works into a room it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the room to keep it looking harmonious. One of them is by matching the color of the work with elements of color in the room, or can balance the composition of the room with artwork, for example: artwork with a busy composition can be placed in a clean room / not much accent d decoration. Here are some examples of placing abstract illustration artwork into the room:

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