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Comfortable and Mosquito Free Bedroom

Entering the rainy season, there must be many things that have to be prepared by Sobat  at home.

Especially when entering the rainy season like this, the potential for mosquitoes to appear in the bedroom is increasing!

So as to make the bedroom comfortable and free of mosquitoes, there are a number of tricks to do.

What are the right tricks to make the bedroom comfortable and free of mosquitoes?

Clean the bedroom from a clothes hanger To make a bedroom free of mosquitoes, the first thing to do is to re-check the matter of cleanliness and tidiness in the room.

Try to regularly change the sheets and blankets Efforts made to make a comfortable bedroom can also be seen from how regularly you change the sheets and blankets used.

So that the activities in the bedroom can be done comfortably and you can feel at home in the room.

Make the bedroom comfortable with mosquito nets When the rainy season arrives, the potential for mosquitoes to appear and disturb your comfort in the bedroom is indeed greater.

So to prevent that from happening, try deh, using a mosquito net on the bed.

In addition to driving mosquitoes in, this canopy or mosquito net will also give a unique and beautiful look to your bedroom, friend.

For example this inspiration above!

The nuances of the bedroom which is dominated by the white color of course has its own charisma.

A white mosquito net cloth attached to the wooden bed above, gives the impression of warm and comfortable in the rainy season.

Give the room a lavender flavoring Already many know if lavender is one type of mosquito repellent that is effective!

Therefore, giving lavender fragrance in the bedroom is one easy way for you to do it, in a step to prevent naughty mosquitoes from entering the bedroom.

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