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Comfortable and Warm With Tropical Style House

Tropical-style house which has become a trend lately, can occur because the design style that blends with nature is able to give a comfortable impression for the residents. So what are the tricks that can be done to maximize the tropical style of housing?

Choose materials that are suitable for tropical style homes
Although most tropical styles are applied to villas in Bali. But in this day and age, there are already so many ordinary homes, you know, applying this tropical style. Well, so that a tropical style home can feel warm and comfortable, try friend using environmentally friendly materials.

Examples of this environmentally friendly material, for example, wood, bamboo and natural stone. The use of wood material for example that is suitable for use on the floor, you can also choose between types of parquet or vinyl floors. As for natural stone and bamboo materials, it is usually more suitable to be applied to walls and ceilings.

Tropical-style houses certainly highlight the natural elements through the placement of plants
Putting greenery in several corners of the house as an accent, is able to give the impression of a tropical and also the atmosphere of ‘life’ in the room.

Color selection
Tropical style can also be applied through the right color selection. If you have more budget, using wallpaper with textured foliage or the following gradation wallpaper, can also help to give a sweet impression in the room.

Choose furniture made from wood elements
Furniture made of wood or HPL finishing, which has a wood texture is one option that can be used.

In addition, the use of furniture that has muted colors can also be used to fill a tropical-style home.

Thick with relaxed impression
The relaxed impression reflected by the choice of tropical home style, can be obtained by adding hanging chairs, sofas and tribal accents on the terrace of the house like the following inspiration!

The addition of the sound of gurgling water and the presence of flower pots on the patio table, will further add to the impression of being relaxed you know!

Use of glass windows
Many openings have indeed become the essence of a tropical home. The aim is to regulate the circulation of air in and out of all seasons, as well as giving a broad and fresh impression when in the house.

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