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Create a Garden at Home with FengShui!

The existence of a garden at home can indeed make the house look more different. Beautiful, comfortable, fresh and pleasant. For example in terms of the arrangement or rules of FengShui home gardens.

Especially in the rules of Feng Shui home garden arrangement, there are some things that are recommended and prohibited relating to positive energy that can flow in the house.

Placement and Selection of Plant Types
So that the garden looks more beautiful, pleasing to the eye and pleasant, types of flowering plants or fruiting plants can be used as a choice for your home garden friends. It would be better if at home garden you have a shady garden.

So that the tree can inhibit bad energy from outside the house into the house.

Footpath Based on FengShui Garden House
In making a home garden, it’s good friends also make paths. Buddy can make a path with stepping stones in a curved and smooth shape.

So that the home garden seems fresher and more pleasant, friend, it’s a good idea to add the water element to the garden at home. For example, like making a mini fish pond or lotus pond. Because in addition to garden decoration, the water element in Feng Shui is also Chi you know!

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