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Create a Luxurious and Warm Home

The meaning of a house we commonly know is a place where we can take shelter, rest and gather.

In the house we can also share stories and laughter with family members and other relatives.

The meaning of home is also a place to rest, relax from fatigue and fatigue after we move out all day.

So that a house must provide extra comfort for its residents, so that they can face tomorrow’s activities vigorously!

So what is the meaning that is stored in one of the following residential designs?

The meaning of a house created from the selection of material To make a sense of luxury home but still feels warm, you can start from the selection of material.

As illustrated in the inspiration above, this one dwelling house plays a lot of mirrors on the wall with semi-classical style ornaments.

This classic minimalist house has a magnificent and luxurious appearance.

Moreover, the use of wood material combined with the color brown, so it makes the meaning of the house and the atmosphere of the room to be warm.

The division of the room in the house On the first floor of this house there is a family room, dining room, living room, theater room, shoe storage area and pantry.

And in the dining area, the homeowner and the designer agreed to use a table and chairs made of solid wood, dark brown.

Giving the impression of warmth when sitting eating together with family.

Sofa with brown leather material, the more clear the impression of elegance and comfort in the room, friend.

And there is a circular coffee table to beautify the room.

With high ceilings and semi-classical style lamp ornaments, it is believed to give the impression of luxury at home.

Living room walls that use bevel glass, making the room look more spacious.

Lighting near the stairwell area is also made unique but maximum, by designing a skylight to incorporate natural lighting into the house.

The use of marble and chocolate curtains makes an interesting and attractive contrast!

Moreover, the presence of a hidden lamp in the room further strengthens the impression of the room in Mr. Yulianto’s residence.


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