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Create a Minimalist Design

You know, buddy Rooang, if it turns out that the minimalist design style for the room in the house can be applied with various accent styles, you know. With a little accent or different ornaments, definitely a house with a minimalist design style will feel fresher! Then what kind of ornaments or accents can change the nuances of minimalist dwelling?

Minimalist design style using bohemian accents
A room with a bohemian accent will definitely feel more modern and simple, if also given a choice of colors or minimalist furniture models.

Like the inspiration above, Friend Rooang. The minimalist style of the selected furniture turns out to be a sweet and harmonious blend, with accents of rugs and pillows that are bohemian in style.

Minimalist style with industrial accents
The next accent that can be applied in a minimalist design style is an industrial feel, friend. Masculine appearance in the style of black steel pipes, glass frames and exposed brick walls which are the main points of industrial style, in fact can also be applied in a minimalist style room you know.

And the combination of minimalist nuances with industrial accents is very suitable to be applied in an apartment, or the residence of singles who have a simpler life routine.

Minimalist style in a modern concept
If the combination of this one design style, must have been very often seen by enthusiasts of the interior world. Yep, the combination of minimalism and modernity becomes a blend of unique and interesting styles that are often applied to homes today.

minimalist design style
Source: Freshome
Modern accents in a minimalist room can be presented in the form of a symmetrical and monochrome color arrangement, friend.

The use of plant accents as a room freshener
If you want to give accent in a minimalist room that is simple but feels beautiful, presenting plants is the solution! Plants that are presented can be various kinds of friends, Rooang. Starting from funny plants such as succulent, cactus and terrarium types.

By presenting plants in a minimalist room, surely you will be able to feel the impression of cool and beautiful inside the house in the hustle and bustle of the city crowd.

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