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Creating Bohemian Style, Colorful Interiors Reflect the Soul!

This interior design is likely to continue to be a contemporary and warmly discussed design.

Bohemian style is often referred to as an interior design boho which is intended for people who want the house to feel very lively and unusual.

Boho is inspired by people who have unconventional lives such as writers, actors, or travelers.

If you are looking for an unusual interior design that can bring out your identity, maybe this interior design is suitable for you.

Important Elements in Bohemian Style Interiors
Basic Color Bohemian Style
bohemian style
This interior design requires simple basic colors for each room.
This simple base color is intended so that the interior walls of your house become a perfect canvas for later you create yourself.
Use the neutral base colors as best you can and keep the colors dim so you can later combine them with expressive colors and patterns.
Unlike the case with the use of bright colors, later you will certainly have difficulty integrating with other boho elements.

Touch of the Botanical Elements
bohemian style
Boho interior is intended to provide comfort by creating a relaxed atmosphere.
Well, the application of botanical touch is the right thing because it can create comfort in the room.
In addition, plants are also easily available and affordable prices.
Please be creative with a variety of plants, ranging from plants in vases to hanging plants.

Game Bohemian Style Pattern
The easiest way to create a boho interior is to combine the same pattern.
You can start by combining contrasted patterned carpets to colorful pillows.
An important point in Boho interiors is the touch of the colors.
Be creative with a variety of contrasting colors, patterns, and so on.
Choose a color combination that can blend with all elements; especially darker, more luxurious colors such as burgundy, dark purple or emerald green.

You can start by using a low backrest sofa coupled with a comfortable soft pillow.
You can also use floor seating, but you must be smart to integrate it with the carpet as the base.
To strengthen the boho character, use antique and unique furniture.

Don’t Approach Minimalist Style
There is no such thing as a blank wall in a boho dictionary. The interior must look festive with a variety of bright color touches.
With this you can be more free to create, give soul to each room in accordance with your reflection.

Touch of Metal and Glass
To make the room look brighter, brighter, and wider you can add a touch of metal and glass.
Here you can also be creative, for example making your own glass mosaic.

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