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Creative, Office Supplies From Used Objects

So, to not be confused anymore, there is a little inspiration about some types of containers for office equipment that can take advantage of objects around us, even we can DIY! Wow, that’s great !!

Used office glass containers
Glass of jam or other food containers that have piled up at home, you can actually use it for your office supplies container, you know !!

This glass or glass jar can be a container of pencils, pens and markers scattered on your office desk, buddy! So, to be more beautiful, you can add washi tape to make the glass look more attractive!

If you have a smaller desk, compared to a desk organizer, it looks like you will need a wall organizer more. The wall organizer also functions to place various of your office supplies.

There are so many choices of materials that you can use to make office supplies on this one. The two best choices are wall organizers made of wood or leather. Both of these options are equally durable and strong to accommodate your various office supplies, friend.

Wooden office container, capable of performing artsy
The following office equipment containers look artsy!

So it is more organized right at the office desk, if you use a container to accommodate all office supplies.

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