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Decorate your room to make it look contemporary and Instagramable

In the midst of the changing times, with a variety of social media, such as Instagram, people now make the bedroom a beautiful spot to capture various moments, ranging from vlogging, photos, doing live Instagram with their followers and so on.

Now if you have the desire to change your room so that it is up-to-date and really Instagramable, you can copy some of the following room designs, guaranteed not only that you can make cool photo spots, but you also feel comfortable in your room. That way, you can freely do your various creativity.

If you have a small room or not too large, you can choose some items that are quite simple too. As in the picture above, you can use a small table and arrange some interesting items.

Not only Instagramable for this one, but makes it comfortable. You can decorate your room like this.

Is it really comfortable? You can arrange some plants in your room.

Simple but very comfortable impression. Color selection can also be a consideration for you when you want to decorate the room.

This room is not very spacious, but the right arrangement so it seems very neat and spacious.

Wow, I feel like I have a room in the middle of the forest. Very cool and calm.

If you have a room like this, surely you will never stop doing various things here, starting from vlogging, photos and so on.

Pink color can be the right choice, in addition to seem cheerful, the room looks very neat.

Room with some classic items with dark brown color can look like a really classic room.

Putting some things like this in the room you can also think of you know.

Not only beds and walls that need decorating. To beautify the room you can also choose a cupboard to store items so that it looks neat.

Now that can be your inspiration for your bedroom to be more cool.

Simple but makes it comfortable, right?
To arrange your room, you can choose unique items and arrange it in the corner of the room that you think is appropriate and can look very beautiful.

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