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Decoration Inspiration & Stylish House Decoration Ideas

At present urban dwellings are generally small in size, especially in apartments, most of which have an area of ​​under 100 square meters. As inspiration, With a land area of ​​60 square meters, the apartment is transformed into an aesthetic and comfortable residence.

In a residential area with limited area, the general function of space can be combined into one.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are designed to be fused and open to produce more airy air circulation. “These three spaces are the owners’ favorite areas because this is where eating, entertainment and ‘lounging’ activities can be enjoyed with family and friends.

In this variation, the bar that functions as a breakfast table is enhanced with stools that are designed simply and uniquely so as not to eat on the spot. As a result, the breakfast table can be utilized from the kitchen or family room.

To differentiate between space functions, in the living room a number of materials and colors are used which give a more relaxed effect. Sofa material for example, uses subtle textures without motifs and patterns.

In order for maximum living room availability, custom bookshelves are made as display areas for collection items.

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