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Design Inspiration From The Game

The decoration of the video game room, as if paid attention to in order to make the user comfortable also with the arrangement arranged to make it safer and not seen messy. Why gamers don’t make their own space which makes it look comfortable and as its best favorite place.

Some of these designs you can apply in your room, besides being clean and bright, the concept is also very impressive.

Well, sometimes, only a small space is available to be offered to play games, but this can be improved by adding several screens, functioning like virtual windows.

Games, audio and other equipment are neatly regulated by the use of industrial rack units, while comfortable office chairs with castors allow quick access to each component. So it’s easier right?

Room Decoration: Dominant Blues and Reds Video Games
Lighting has always been a challenge for fans of modern gaming, but this room takes advantage of this requirement by using alternative colors for illumination. Some other spaces in the house allow for cold red and blue for lighting, but in a room dedicated to playing, it can be a very effective choice.

Framed prints and replica weapons further help to reinforce the statement that this room is meant to play, while maintaining standard white overhead light providing a state other than playing games.

Use Smart Shelves
Serious gamers eventually get hundreds, or even thousands, titles, making access to these games difficult without good organization. In this photo, you can see how the use of a special wide rack helps organize games and other forms of media in an open and easily accessible format.

Video Gamers Room Inspired by Street Art
While many gamers like the symbols, characters and graphics of their favorite games to inspire the way they decorate interior spaces, one bold idea is to add imagination and energy by adapting street art to the room.

In this photo, the conventional modern game settings are well contrasted with a painted background consisting of bright primary colors that are usually only seen on an outdoor setting. Pastel pillows help add a spark of energy and freshness to the room, while generous top lighting makes the room feel bright and airy.

Green Ambient Gamer Room Lighting
Loud echo tones in order to be able to use a soundproof room like this, as a support for lighting furniture and wood panels throughout well contrasted with hidden green ambient lighting, adding unique energy to this gaming space.

Special armrests allow neat storage of control devices, while a complete sound package ensures that the game is transformed into a fully immersive experience.

Inspired by Starship Decor
While most rooms for gamers are dedicated to play, this space has instead been resembled the interior of a starship. The clever use of futuristic recessed faux windows is well inhabited by the gray furniture of the room and the use of color throughout the room.

Several framed prints from popular entertainment and theme carpets help tie this space together, with a full sized robot in the corner further adding to the futuristic concept. Special attention has been given to the design of the recessed ceiling, truly making this room look as if it is shot through space.

A Screen Mix
Really dedicated game users often find that older console models require a unique connection or screen port to function properly.

Prints and framed trinkets help tie the room together, while furniture collections allow quick access to any given screen.

Themed “New Hope”
his room made use of strong horizontal space to re-create the last popular movie scene, smartly using a printed frame from the film to simulate a window. The use of intricate gray spaces and simulated screens has strengthened the illusion of the tunnel, with the eyes inevitably drawn to the screenings that take place on the large main screen.

Several futuristic colored spotlights and simulacra add a lot of ambient lighting, with abundant furniture in place to welcome spectators and fellow players.

Simple but Beautiful Gamer Room Ideas
Not all game rooms have to be bold, with strong motives about game play. In this room, a tasteful contemporary decoration is suitable for media center accommodation, with a white coffee table allowing separate storage from the remote and controller.

Abundant seating allows space to be used for various purposes, while musical instruments on a stand indicate that the space is meant for entertainment.

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