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Design Paths For Home Parks

In addition to the design and layout of a beautiful garden and beautiful flowers that color the park, there is one more thing that makes your home garden more beautiful, the path.

The path that was made to connect the road to the park can be made in such a way as being in accordance with creativity so as to produce a beautiful garden. Now, to make it easier for you to determine the right path design, Rooang gives you some inspiration! Approximately, what are the forms of attractive footpath design?

Moreover, to enhance the garden area of ​​Sobat Rooang’s house, the stone footpath is believed to be able to hold water and have a denser and more sturdy structure.

Design park paths by providing coral
Of course you want your home garden to appear with an attractive aesthetic, and one way is to provide coral.

The purpose of the existence of coral stones on the edge of the trail is in addition to preventing muddy garden when it rains, these stones are also more pleasing to the eye, thus making the park clean and neat.

Wood panels can also be used as a material for garden paths

Although the treatment is rather tricky and difficult, but the charm of wood materials to fill the exterior of the house, especially in the home garden, never goes out. As long as you use the type of wood for outdoor and properly cared for, guaranteed pathways from wood panels are not easily damaged, friend!

That must be considered when designing park paths
The principles that need to be built in making this path are ideas and creativity.

Try to explore more about the park and the path you want without hesitation.

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