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Designing Roof House Into Garden

Besides being able to be used for relaxing, this area can be used as a garden. Plus having a green roof can have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Well, so you can make the roof of the house an attractive and beautiful garden, follow the following tips and tricks ?!

Designing the roof of a house into a garden begins with choosing the floor material
In the process of turning the roof of a house into a garden, you must first ascertain the matter of using the floor material.

Or do you want to create a cool garden atmosphere using synthetic grass, like this?

Create a different leveling floor design
Even though it’s in the highest part of a house, the concept of a beautiful home garden must still be maintained! For example, to design different levels of flooring, so you can make the garden area of ​​the house appear more private!

Leveling differences will indirectly be a barrier between areas within the home garden.

Choose various types of plants so the home garden becomes attractive
In making the roof of a house into a garden, the most important thing is choosing the type of plant!

Designing the roof of the house so the garden must have a diversity of plant sizes in it. Some plants must be bigger, bush-type plants must be there.

In addition to adding beautiful garden on your roof and limit it to other parts outside the park, friend.

To be more comfortable, do not forget the existence of tables and chairs
If in a regular garden design there are always tables and chairs, as a relaxing lounging area, then in the garden section on the roof of the house there must also be a dong, an element of the presence of these tables and chairs!

Present the pergola roof element
Because the roof of the house is hot, let’s present the roof of the pergola in your roof garden.

So that when it’s hot, you still feel comfortable to relax in this garden area.

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