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DIY Preserving Flowers So Potpourri, Very Easy!

Hi buddy ! Have you ever gotten a bucket of beautiful flowers either on Valentine’s Day or on your birthday? It feels like getting a pretty flower bucket on a special day is fun right?

But have you ever been confused that the pretty flower bucket should just let it turn yellow then dry and rot or separate it from the paper to put it in water to make it more durable? But .. both of them make beautiful flowers must remain discarded within 2 weeks, right?

There is another alternative for your beautiful flowers. Here, a little explanation as well as the DIY method!

Explanation of what is potpurri
Potpourri is a mixture of plants or dried fruit skins that will produce a sweet aroma to the room.

Tools, ingredients and how to make potpourri
These are super simple tools and materials that you have to prepare to make potpourri;

Thick book
Transparent place / Network place
Those who don’t have an iron, just take it. You can use thick books. Yay! Your Potpourri is ready to be put in the bathroom, study table or wherever you want.

Are you interested in experimenting making potpourri in super easy ways like the one above?

Happy experimenting, buddy!…

So that the wooden hanging stairs can make your house look minimalist but seem warm.

To create a motif on a hanging ladder, it can be tricked by the preparation of metal wires that hang it.

So the appearance of the stairs will be more artistic!

Model futuristic hanging stairs This bright red staircase model was designed by Michaelis Boyd.

So that inside we will feel like entering a mystical alley.

Well, this futuristic ladder design will be very interesting to try at your friend’s house right?

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