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Dry Home Garden Decoration

Dry Home Garden Decoration

The dry garden component, which consists of the dominance of coral, variety of shrubs and shrubs, makes it easy to present without the need to pay a lot of money.

Then what is the idea of ​​decorating a dry garden that can make your home’s exterior look beautiful?

What ornaments can be used to complement dry garden decor?

Decorate a dry garden using minimalist tropical ornaments The concept of tropical minimalism is indeed felt to be the right concept for dwellings in Indonesia.

So that the work of decorating a dry garden on a dwelling even if you apply the concept of minimalist tropical, will definitely look interesting.

To create the impression of a minimalist and tropical dry garden, you need ornaments such as coral, exposed cement, and bamboo fences.

Decorate a dry garden with footpaths Decorate the dry garden area of ​​the house with a path pattern, it would be more interesting.

Especially if combined with coral and ornamental plants on the left and right, then the dry garden area can look attractive.

As a decoration at night, along the dry garden in front of the house can be given garden lights that glow yellow.

So that it can create a sweet and dramatic impression at night.

However, still green plants that function as outdoor plants require more water intake so that it needs to be watered at least 2-3 times a week, friend.

Bring up the water element in the garden design Decorating a dry garden using the water element, is an extraordinary combination.

So combining it with mini fountain elements like this, is the right solution.

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