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Easy Macrame Cords For Home Decoration

But over time, this macrame craft or decoration is even popularly used as, an element of home decoration. So here are a few tips and tricks, for all of you to know how to choose the right macrame rope?

Consider size is one way to choose macrame cords
Because macrame can be used as a container for ornamental plants or kokedama in the house, so you should know first what you want to use the size of the macrame rope.

If you want to decorate macrame decorations with beads or buttons, you should choose a large diameter rope. Also consider the length of the macrame rope size is also important! Especially if you still want to save it for friends, be creative in the future.

It is recommended, for beginners to choose macrame ropes made from nylon, because nylon ropes are easily re-parsed when you make mistakes in designing macrames.

As a suggestion, it’s good if you use a braided wrap. Although it is difficult to decompose, you will get a better tassel.

Also consider the texture of macrame cords
One more thing, how to choose a macrame rope that is good and right.

For macrame decoration that results directly in contact with the skin such as pillowcases and sleeping mats, you can use a rope made of nylon, silk, rayon, cotton, satin, and leather.

As for the decoration of the macrame that is displayed on the wall, my friend can use the type and texture of the rope that fits the display concept to be made.

Don’t forget about the strength of the rope
How to choose a macrame strap also must not forget the power of the macrame rope itself. Especially if the macrame is used to hang a potted plant, certainly requires a type of rope that has very good strength.

Special decoration that serves to support the goods, it takes a strong macrame rope.

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